Tarot for Troubled Times

Every day, the media seems to deliver more bad news.

The daily dose of violence, racism, tragedy, and economic woes keeps us all in a state of quiet panic and wears us down. With a political climate that seems to be heading towards a dark and divisive direction, it’s hard to see anything good down the road.

The world is in pain.

People are suffering – and we’re all scared about the future.

What can you do when everything seems to be so scary?

How can you remain positive when the world appears to be falling apart at the seams?

And, more importantly, what can you do to help promote healing + positivity for yourself, your loved ones, and the world?

It begins by going right into those dark places and facing those fears through exploring and healing the shadow side, both personally and in the collective conscious.

Welcome to Tarot for Troubled Times.

In this two-part workshop, tarot readers Shaheen Miro and Theresa Reed will share tarot methods and other modalities to help you find light in the dark.

We’ll be discussing shadow work, healing + activism – and how we can use dark times as a catalyst for personal and global change.

Part one will focus on The Personal:

We’ll dig into our personal fears and shadows so that we can find courage no matter what. Using the Major Arcana, we’ll see how we can show up as our very best and make a difference, no matter what.

::Fear + the shadow: how to make peace with the dark and befriend your shadow…using the Major Arcana.

::How to heal ourselves so that we can begin our greater work in the world.

::The fine line between anger and acceptance – how we can honor our rage and express our pain but still find a way to listen to the other side.

::Finding your voice + speaking out – even though you may feel afraid.

::Tarot prescriptions, affirmations, meditation, and other healing modalities that will help you to find balance, no matter what is happening in the world.

::A fabulous secret Facebook group where you can interact with us before the class and during!

Part two will focus on The Collective:

We’ll begin by exploring this question: how does activism play into the life you want?

From there, we’ll examine the energy for the year using the Major Arcana – and how to work with the archetypes we’ve discovered in Part one.

We’ll also cover:

::Positive activism that makes a difference and how to be inclusive.

::Shaping policies by making your voice heard through radical gestures of self-expression.

::Stepping into the role of leadership – even though you may feel nervous.

::Tarot prescriptions, affirmations, meditation, and healing modalities that will help you to stand strong and be a force for good in the world.

If you’re ready to face your transform your fears – and the world – sign up for this workshop today!

Cost is $40.

The doors are closed!

Fee includes both webinars plus any handouts and a recording of the classes.

These will be live two-hour workshops – with time for Q&A (if you cannot make the classes live, no worries – we will have recordings!)

Part One is scheduled: Sunday August 13th at 2PM CT.

Part Two is scheduled: Sunday August 20th at 2PM CT.

You’ll also be part of a secret Facebook group, where you can interact with Shaheen, Theresa and other participants before and throughout the class.

What you’ll need for the class: an internet connection, journal for taking notes, pen, the tarot deck of your choice.

Now, more than ever, the world needs us to be brave, united, and ready to take action.

If you’re ready for that, sign up for Tarot For Troubled Times.

The doors are closed!

*Special note: there are no refunds for this class.  Please make sure you really want to sign up before you hit the buy button!


Shaheen and Theresa

Shaheen Miro Theresa Reed The Tarot Lady

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