Tarot Journaling: Picking the right tarot journal

If you’re new to tarot journaling, you might wonder what kind of journal you should use. Over the years, I’ve kept many types, from simple notebooks to fancier options. Some have been purely functional, while others have been cumbersome or low-quality. I’ve encountered few journals specific to tarot, but that has changed recently. Publishers have taken notice and begun producing beautiful, useful books.

The good news: you have many choices.
The bad news: you have many choices.

So which is best? Well, that depends on you. Your tastes, budget, and goals will influence your decision.

Here are my suggestions.

A regular composition notebook might work fine for you. I started with this back in the day because it was my only choice. These are cheap, sturdy, and readily available. You don’t have to be too precious with them. Instead, you can go buck wild marking them up without feeling guilty.

Stationery and bookstores stock plenty of beautiful journals. You might find unlined, lined, dotted options in every shape and size. Many have gorgeous covers that range from crushed velvet to images of fantastical creatures. I’ve also seen some with handmade paper or tooled leather jackets that are stunning. My favorites are from Moleskine and Nuuna.

Many years ago, I purchased a tarot journal from Ari Stone. I loved it, although the spiral binding wasn’t my fave. It came with blank stickers you could label and paste on the pages. You can still find copies of her journals online, but I am unsure if she is making them any longer.

Thankfully, there are now many fabulous journals specifically for tarot.

The Complete Tarot and Oracle Journal by Selena Moon is big, beautiful, and has a lock! It has lots of room to record your readings and is built to last.

Illuminated: A Journal for Your Tarot Practice by Caitlin Keegan includes tarot information and dotted writing pages. It’s like a little manual and bullet journal all in one.

Modern Witch Tarot Journal by Lisa Sterle. This gorgeously illustrated book is the perfect journal for fans of the Modern Witch Tarot. But you can use it for any deck.

Tarot Tracker: A Year-Long Journey by Angelo Nasios is a favorite among tarot readers. It has a simple format with an annual calendar, a smart way to keep track of your growth.

Weiser Tarot Journal by Theresa Reed. This is the newest journal on the block, and I love it. I’m biased because I had a hand in writing the intro and making suggestions. This journal is the perfect size to toss right in your backpack. It has a lovely hardcover, gilded edges, a ribbon bookmark, and, best of all, tarot stickers! This allows you to easily recreate your spreads. There is plenty of room for writing, sturdy paper, journaling instructions, a quick-start interpretation guide, and various spreads to try. (Psst…you can order sticker refills – genius!) Hands down, this is the kind of journal I always wanted.

You might want to try a few different journals. Or maybe you’ll find a fave you purchase over and over again as you fill in the others. Whatever you choose, the key is to keep a regular practice. We’ll discuss that in the next post in this series.


PS For you astrology lovers, might I suggest The Astrology Journal: A Celestial Guide to Recording Your Cosmic Journey by Mecca Woods? It’s an excellent book for deepening your astrology journey.

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