Tarot Lady Gift Guide: Magical, mystical, healing gifts for moms, dads, and parents-to-be.

A friend recently asked me, “Can you recommend a great gift for a parent or parent-to-be?” 

For a hot second, my mind went blank. But then, after a few refreshing sips of a chilled, caffeinated beverage…ideas came pouring in!

If you’re shopping for a parent or parent-to-be—perhaps a baby shower gift, birthday gift, holiday prezzie, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, or just-because-you’re-awesome gift—here are my top picks.

These gifts would be especially perfect for someone who loves natural wellness, all things mystical, magical, intuitive, and metaphysical, or who needs a little extra self-care.

Rose Quartz to keep the loving vibes flowing in the household—and for self-care, too Parents, we gotta remember to give care to ourselves just as much as we give to the kids. Keep this gemstone in your home and let it remind you to slow down and breathe.

Gua Sha is a relaxing, pampering ritual and lifesaver for your skin. Pro tip: put it in the freezer, pull it out in the morning, and gently roll over your face and neck to soothe puffy, tired skin. New parents, after a sleepless night of feeding and soothing a crying newborn, this will be your savior. 

Dr. Teal’s Lavender Balt Salts. Perfect for the end of a long day! Soak tired muscles and get ready for bedtime. 

Hatch Mama Belly Oil is wonderful for the mom-to-be in your life. Nourishing, calming, and helps to prevent stretch marks. (Not that there’s anything wrong with stretch marks, ladies. Wear those with pride.)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the New Parent Pamper Kit from Seagrape Apothecary. All sorts of witchy potions from bath bombs to nipple salve. They also stock Fat and the Moon’s Calm Kid Mist. Spray on yourself (or your child) and inhale deeply for instant calm. Includes lavender, lemon balm, and other essential oils.

Astrological oils, sprays, and more can be found at Eye Love Love, one of my fave shops for mystical products. Spiritual Sidekick is my go-to spritz to cleanse and recharge!

The Fish Who Found the Sea. A precious book. Read aloud to your kids while snuggling under a cozy blanket. 

Another book that parents and kids will love: the Buddha’s Apprentice at Bedtime book series. 

With the holidays just around the corner, The Secret Society Of Saint Nicholas by Katherine North is the perfect prezzie!

The Junior Astrologer’s Handbook. I love this book for teens. Moms and dads, read this book (you’ll learn a ton) and then pass it along to your teenager. Instantly become the coolest parent on the block.

And let’s not forget the uh-may-zing Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology from my bestie, Briana Saussy. It’s so good!

This is another book a parent might want: Social Justice Parenting How to Raise Compassionate Anti Racist Justice Minded Kids in an Unjust World by Dr. Traci Baxley.

One more book that’s wonderful for parents, or anyone who’s thinking about expanding their family: Raising Children Compassionately. I love Marshall Rosenberg’s work. A book on nonviolent communication and parenting. Another great one to add to your collection.

An astrology reading with Mecca Woods. She’s the bomb. She is compassionate, down-to-earth, and a parent too—plus she offers gift certificates, too. Get one for a mom or dad in your life. 

Excellent questions to ask an astrologer during your session: “What’s the ideal time to begin trying to conceive?” “Any astrological ‘red flags’ coming up this year that I should know about?” “What’s the ideal day to throw a baby shower, family reunion, or take a vacation?” “What are the big things I need to remember this year?”

Lastly (cough cough, shameless self-promotion) Tarot for Kids—my newest deck. A Tarot deck that’s fantastic for kids and grown-ups, too. 

Tarot for Kids features all the traditional Tarot themes but with age-appropriate language and artwork that’s suitable for little ones.

Give your kid this Tarot deck and they’ll be happily occupied (and quiet) for hours—or at least, ten or twenty minutes. Snatch that window of time, put up your feet, and relax in peace. The ultimate gift! (Psst…wanna make this present extra nifty? Get a gorgeous Tarot bag from Moonlit Faye. Her Tarot clutches are THE BEST.)

. . . 

Those are my gift recommendations for moms, dads, and parents-to-be. 

Text this blog post to someone you love to give them a *hint hint* about something you’d love to receive. 

Or, purchase something from this list for someone special in your life. Most of the items I mentioned come from small businesses and independent artisans. Shop small to make a big difference. 

To all the parents, grandparents, caregivers, guardians, and allies (aunties, uncles, and friends who provide support)…go treat yourself to something beautiful today, whether it’s a gift or a nap, or a moment of blissful quiet. (Yes, locking the bathroom door and taking a shower totally counts.)

You bust your ass to keep those kids fed, clothed, educated, and to make sure they grow up kind and considerate instead of turning into bratty little monsters. 

It’s hard work to cultivate a young human. I know. I’ve done it. I salute you. 

Please try to give yourself the same love and care that you pour so generously into your child. Your child wants you to be happy and healthy, just as much as you want the same for them.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2021

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