Tarot Masterclass

The Tarot Masterclass with Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady

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with Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady

Curious about Tarot?

Feeling a bit intimidated by the deck?

Not sure where to begin or how to start practicing?

Worried you’re going to do something wrong and deliver an inaccurate reading?

Prefer audio versus bumbling your way through a book?

You’re in the right place. The Tarot Masterclass was created for you!

Go from “Tarot rookie” to “confident reader” with this fun, entertaining series of audio classes created by Theresa Reed—aka, The Tarot Lady—a world-renowned Tarot expert with over 30 years of experience, whose classes have been called “fun” and “practical.”

These classes are ideal for Tarot beginners as well as intermediate readers.

You can purchase classes individually or get the whole series.

All you need to get started is an Internet connection and the Tarot deck of your choice!

. . .

Class 1. Get familiar with your deck. 

Listen to Theresa Reed, author of The Tarot Coloring Book, guide you through the entire Tarot deck, in her down-to-earth way.

This is a perfect introduction to Tarot, suitable for total beginners, even if you’ve never even laid eyes on a Tarot deck before.

– Learn basic meanings of each card in the deck.

– Learn a few tidbits of fascinating Tarot history and lore.

– Listen as Theresa shares simple instructions to get you shuffling and doing Tarot readings right away.

By the time you’ve reached the end of this introductory class, you’ll be nicely acquainted with your deck—and well on your way to becoming a confident Tarot reader!

Cost: $9.99

Includes: 45-minute audio class, delivered instantly to your inbox.

Materials you will need for this class: An Internet connection, a copy of The Tarot Coloring Book, pens, pencils or crayons for coloring, and the Rider Waite Tarot deck, or another Tarot deck of your choice.

. . .

Class 2. Gain confidence and speed.

After getting familiar with your Tarot deck in Class 1, now it’s time for you to gain more confidence and speed!

– You’ll learn how to get your mind into a relaxed space where card interpretations come through quickly and clearly.

– You’ll learn how to do Tarot with more confidence and self-assuredness, relying on your hunches and instincts, instead of referring back to a “guidebook” or a “manual” for card interpretations every time.

– You’ll do fun “speed drills” to help you pick up the pace even more, and you’ll get tips on what to do when you’re feeling unfocused, stuck, or just not getting a clear reading.

Soon, you’ll be able to perform Tarot readings quickly and confidently, using any deck, with any design, even if it’s a new and unfamiliar deck for you.

Cost: $9.99

Includes: 40-minute audio class + How to do Tarot – Even If You’re Not Psychic e-book delivered instantly to your inbox.

Materials you will need for this class: An Internet connection and the Tarot deck of your choice.

. . .

Class 3. Spread ‘em!

After taking Classes 1 and 2, you are well acquainted with your deck, and you’re building confidence and speed as a reader.

Now the real fun begins! In Class 3, you’ll learn all kinds of fun card combinations—called “spreads”—that you can use to do a variety of different types of Tarot readings.

You’ll learn…

– Spreads that can help you to compare options side by side, seeing the pros and cons.

– Spreads that can help you to see why certain patterns keep re-emerging in your life—or someone else’s.

– Spreads that can reveal people’s true motives and intentions, and spreads that can show you the best way to communicate with people who never seem to “get” you.

– You’ll also learn how to design your own spreads—so fun!—for a unique question or situation that’s on your mind.

This class comes with a helpful e-book with visual layouts of each spread that we cover, making it super easy to follow along at home with the deck of your choice.

Cost: $9.99

Includes: 50-minute audio class + Spread ‘Em – Tarot Spreads e-book delivered instantly to your inbox.

Materials you will need for this class: An Internet connection and the Tarot deck of your choice.

. . .

Class 4. Going pro.

Curious about reading Tarot professionally or teaching Tarot to others?

If you’re interested in going pro, Class 4 is packed with valuable info for you.

– Listen along for tips on how to become a clear, engaging Tarot teacher who can hold a classroom’s attention and make all types of students feel welcome.

– Learn about the basics of setting up your biz – and how to set strong boundaries

– Get expert pointers from a Tarot reader with 30+ years of experience on how to find clients, what to charge for your services, how to handle icky clients and drama-cases, and how to keep your intuitive channels clear so that you can deliver a top-notch reading every time.

This class includes a complimentary copy of Theresa’s e-book for Tarot professionals, How To Read Tarot Under Any Circumstance. 

Cost: $9.99

Includes: 55 minute audio class + How To Read Tarot Under Any Circumstance e-book delivered instantly to your inbox.

Materials you will need for this class: An Internet connection and a notepad.

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Tarot Masterclass – The Whole Enchilada!

Get all four audios and three e-books for the low price of: $29.99.  Save some dough and treat yourself to a new tarot deck!  Ha ha!

Cost: $29.99

Includes: all four audios and three e-books: How to do Tarot – Even If You’re Not Psychic, Spread ‘Em – Tarot Spreads, How To Read Tarot Under Any Circumstance. 

Materials you will need for these classes: An Internet connection, tarot deck of your choice, The Tarot Coloring Book, and a notepad.

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About Theresa Reed, creator of The Tarot Masterclass

Theresa Reed is a world-renowned Tarot reader and expert who has been reading Tarot—and teaching Tarot to curious students—for close to 30 years.

Theresa picked up her first deck at age 15, started doing readings for herself and her sister (primary topic: cute boys!) and has been Tarot-obsessed ever since.

She is the author of The Tarot Coloring Book and the creator of several e-courses for Tarot newbies, including The Tarot Masterclass. 

She loves helping beginners to get confidently acquainted with the deck and her straightforward teaching style helps students to feel empowered right away. Students call her lessons “fun” and “straightforward” and Mary Greer, one of the world’s foremost Tarot scholars, calls her “modern, no-nonsense, street-savvy with a generous and soulful heart.”.”

In addition to doing private Tarot readings, teaching courses, and speaking at Tarot conferences and workshops, Theresa also runs a popular website and blog—TheTarotLady.com—where she dishes out advice, inspiration and tips for Tarot lovers of all experience levels.

For Theresa, Tarot is a tool for self-empowerment, reminding you that you are always in charge of your decision-making and your destiny. The cards tell a story—but you write the ending.

Got a question about The Tarot Masterclass—or any of Theresa’s other courses and projects? Pop an email to theresa@thetarotlady.com anytime.

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“Theresa is magnificent. Her readings are spot on and her passion for Tarot is infectious. I have been wanting to learn more about Tarot for some time and so I knew I needed to learn from the best. When I was finally ready, I purchased Theresa’s Masterclass program. It is affordable and comprehensive. Her eBooks are easy-to-follow and her audio recordings made me feel like she was with me in the room as I learned and explored. Thank you, Theresa, for sharing your passion with all of us and for making learning Tarot so fun and affordable.” —Jessica Steward, Steward Coaching