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Curious about all the different tarot spreads out there? Wondering if they’re a keeper – or a lemon? Me too. Let’s take them for a test drive and find out!

Each month, I’ll pick an interesting tarot spread (from a book or around the web) – and give it a spin. I’ll look under the hood, kick the tires – and show you exactly how it works…or doesn’t. No haggling necessary. Ready to roll? Let’s go!

This month’s tarot spread: Tarot Seed’s Two Card “Bad Mood” Spread

Tarot Spread Test Drive: Tarot Seed's Two Card Bad Mood Spread

I was intrigued with Tarot Seed’s 2-Card “Bad Mood” Spread because I’m a fan of simple spreads.  I like things that get right to the point rather than elaborate, time-wasting noodling around. It’s why I preferred The Ramones over Yes.

My theory: succinct equals impact.

Would this little spread offer insights?  Or do I really need something bigger to dig into emotional stuff?

Time for a test drive!

I’m rarely, if ever, in a bad mood. Although I have a ferocious temper, I tend to be happy-go-lucky.  People who know me well would probably describe me as playful rather than moody.

So I knew that test driving Tarot Seed’s 2 Card “Bad Mood” Spread would be a challenge for me!  What might get me pissy?

The presidential debates! Eureka!

So I hunkered down with a bottle of wine and sat in front of my television.  Needless to say, it didn’t take long before some aggravating shizz went down between the candidates.  Not necessarily enough to get me aggro but certainly enough to feel stressed out.

Tarot Spread Test Drive - Tarot Seed's 2 Card Bad Mood Spread

My interpretation:

The cardslinger behind Tarot Seed is Jess Rollar. She said she created this spread when she was having one of those days when nothing went right.

Here are the positions:

Card positions:

What is causing my bad mood? This card reveals the heart of the matter, what’s eating you.

How can I shift out of this mood?  Jess says to “treat this like an action you can take.”

My cards:

What is causing my bad mood: Three of Wands

How can I shift out of this mood: Justice

Now the interps:

What is causing my bad mood: Three of Wands – The Three of Wands symbolizes a bright future.  Which may mean that what’s causing me to feel uptight around this debate is fear for the future.  Makes sense.

How can I shift out of this mood: Justice – To me, this card symbolizes being neutral and present, not letting my fear about the future dictate the present moment.  In other words, best for me to stay fair ‘n balanced at this time and perhaps trust that this will get sorted out or kept in balance somehow.

‘Nuff said!

I went to bed and felt satisfied. Until that morning when I discovered the one thing that makes me go ballistic: the internet wasn’t working.  It was totally on the fritz, I had a massive deadline, and the cat decided to get on my case as I was trying to get my modem to work.  Needless to say, I found my bad mood!  Ha ha!

With my jagged nerves and a clenched jaw, I grabbed my tarot and got to stepping with the Bad Mood Spread again!

Tarot Spread Test Drive - Tarot Seed 2-Card Bad Mood Spread

Here are the cards:

What is causing my bad mood: The Devil – I’m feeling stuck, unable to move, and as if I have too much pressure on me. There is NOTHING worse than a Gemini feeling stuck!  In fact, the feeling of being trapped makes me insta-insane! Nothing is working and now I can’t get jack done!

How can I shift out of this mood: Three of Pentacles – Seek help or immerse myself in other tasks.  I reached out to my cable company to address the issue (found out that they were also ripping me off for a year – got a sweet refund!) I Also got busy with a few other things that did not require the internet. Soon enough, my modem started blinking and my router light turned green.  Hot dog!  I was back in business again…and in a better mood.


My ratings:

Like I said, I like succinct readings and Jess’ spread got right to the heart of the matter lickety-split!  My kinda spread, peeps.

Jess has a way to add more details on a card but I’ll let you play around with that yourself.  Get to her site and find out more about this reading and how to get those extra deets at: The 2-Card Bad Mood Spread.

I hope you enjoyed the latest Tarot Spread Test Drive. I’ll be taking the tarot wheel and hittin’ the road with a new spread next month. If you want to ride along with me, keep an eye on my blog. Happy tarot trails!


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2016

images from The Fountain Tarot 

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