#TarotRap - A Twitter chat for tarot lovers every Tuesday at 7PM CT.

What is #TarotRap?

Do you love Twitter and Tarot?

Wanna talk about Tarot with fellow fanatics?

If so, you’re going to want to tune in to Twitter and #TarotRap on Tuesday nights at 7PM  CT and get tweeting!

#TarotRap is a weekly TwitterChat community of tarot readers and fans who LOVE to talk about all things Tarot – 140 characters at a time.

Each week, we’re rapping about a different Tarot-related subject – Tarot techniques, cool new decks, Tarot business, Tarot spreads, and more!

This is NOT for getting or giving Tarot readings – it’s for learning, sharing, and exploring.

Here’s how this works:

Every Tuesday at 7PM CT, log on to Twitter and look for the #TarotRap hashtag.  I highly recommend that you head to TweetChat and put in the hashtag so you can  easily follow along (I love this site – it keeps the chats organized).

I’ll be moderating the chat.  I’ll post a question with this format:

Q1: what is your favorite tarot deck. #TarotRap

You’ll respond like this:

A1: I love the Fountain Tarot!  #TarotRap

Simple as pie!

Join in and let’s tweet some tarot!


This week’s chat topic: 10/3/17: Body Language in the Tarot

Q1: When you look at the Magician’s posture, what does it say to you?
Q2: What interpretations might you glean from the postures of the horses in the Knights cards?
Q3: What do the crossed arms of the Nine of Cups, Two of Swords, and Four of Cups indicate?
Q4: What is the difference between the seated postures of the Empress and the Emperor?
Q5: Which figure in the tarot deck shows fearful body language?
Q6: When you think of a tarot card figure that emanates confidence through the body language, which one comes to mind?
Q7: What might the body language of the figures in the Five of Pentacles tell you?
Q8: What might the body language of the figures in the Six of Pentacles convey?
Q9: What do the gestures of the hands in the Aces tell you?
Q10: Which figure in tarot has the most relaxed body language? Which is most tense?
Q11: What tarot card best describes how you feel in your body right now?

Recaps galore!

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