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This week’s chat topic: 11/21/17: Tarot + Health

Q1: Do you think it’s ethical to read tarot on health?
Q2: What if the client has a specific condition and wants you to look at the energy around that? How might you handle it?
Q3: Is it ever okay to inquire about the health of someone who isn’t present at the time of the reading?
Q4: How might a tarot reading about health help a client?
Q5: How might a tarot reading about health harm a client?
Q6: What is the best way to ask tarot a question about health?
Q7: Are their any guidelines you follow when a client is inquiring about mental health?
Q8: How might tarot a client who is struggling with mental illness such as depression?
Q9: Which tarot cards might indicate good health?
Q10: Which tarot cards might serve as a warning about health?

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