Richard Shadowfox’s new creation, The Deck of Heroes (Schiffer ISBN: 9780764340246 ) was designed with the ladies in mind.  The author writes on the box: “Every fair maid’s fantasy, the dreamy men like those of romance novels come to life in this breathtaking 78 card Tarot deck”.  If you are a fan of romance novels and Fabio look a likes, you’re going to love the art on this deck (personal note: I’m not into Chippendale types – I crush on tall, lanky musicians and bad boy rappers – when someone creates a deck that features Tommy Lee and Slim Thug, I’ll be swooning).  


Created with digital art, The Deck of Heroes is colorful and lush with rich images and strong symbolism.  Some of the colors get a bit murky and dark such as in the Devil but for the most part, the author kept the cards bright.


Based on traditional Rider Waite symbolism, the deck has the usual Majors and Minors.  The suits are Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Wands and the court cards are Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages.  The author keeps good on his promise to make this deck aimed at women – every card prominently features a male figure – even the Queens have males on them (not as Queens, mind you – but accompanying the female figures).  The males are typical romance heroes – princes, servants, knights, highwaymen and rogues.  


The deck is solidly made with sturdy, durable cards, lovingly packed into a well constructed box with magnetic closure and ribbon pull (this type of quality is standard m.o. for Schiffer).  The Deck of Heroes also comes with a well written book that covers the inspiration behind the deck (romance), interpretations (including reversals), how to perform a reading, and a few spreads.  Shadowfox’s writing is his strong suit – I especially enjoyed reading his detailed interpretations.

Because this deck is aimed so strongly on women who like romance novels, it does have a limited appeal.  Dudes are probably not going to resonate with this deck but seeing as that is not the author’s intended audience, I guess that is not a problem.  


I’ve been able to do some great readings with this deck.  The imagery and symbolism is so strong, even beginners can get a feel for the author’s interpretations.  I would recommend Deck of Heroes for anyone who is looking for a clear, easy to read deck – or for women who happen to fancy romantic fantasy novels and chiseled, bare chested muscle heads.  

I sure hope that the next time someone creates a deck with “eye candy” for women, they’ll consider that some of us have different opinions on what is “hot”.  



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2012

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