I love reading about the experiences of my fellow tarot readers.  It’s interesting to learn how others deal with this work as well as how they found their way into the industry.  So I was delighted when Raven Mardirosian gave me a copy of her latest ebook, “The Reluctant Tarot Reader”.

Part autobiography and part essays and poetry, Mardirosian delivers a beautiful and heartfelt story that grabs you immediately.  She starts off by taking the reader on her own personal journey into the world of healing and tarot.  With a strong Christian background, this path was not one that she met with ease.  In fact, the author was extremely resistant.

But the path kept calling her….pushing her…until she had no choice but to heed the call.  (The tarot world is lucky that she finally gave in!)  The author’s tone vacillates between being surly and rebellious to soft and wise.  I found her writing style to be poetic and personal.  

The main chapters comprise of essays about tarot, healing, magic, age, reiki and more.  The stories are raw, beautiful and extremely honest.  You almost get the feeling as if you are peeking into the author’s soul.  A soul that is ancient and intense.  (And very funny at times as well.)

My favorite essays were “Tips From A Sucky Meditator”, “Steps To Being A Powerful Woman” and “Where I’ve Done It”.  (When I started reading the last one, I thought she was writing about sex and thought she was some sort of exhibitionist.  I quickly realized that this was actually about the different places she read tarot instead.  Whoops.)

 This ebook could have been a quick read for me but instead I savored it. Took my time and really soaked it up.  I found a lot of great advice here as well as superb story telling. If you are looking for a unique tale of a tarot reader and healer who marches to the beat of her own drummer, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

In my opinion, Raven Mardirosian is a rebel with a true cause.  

You can purchase your copy of The Reluctant Tarot Reader at http://shivayawellness.com/the-reluctant-tarot-reader/






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