Tokens of Light” (Publisher: Kabbalah Insights) by artist Orna Ben-Shoshan has become one of my favorite tools for spiritual guidance.  Normally I read strictly tarot but I am known to favor oracle decks – especially when I am reading for myself.  Sometimes it is good to get out of my “tarot brain” and into an entirely different way of thinking, especially when I need impartial guidance on life’s dilemmas.  “Tokens of Light” is the perfect tool for that purpose.  


The kit comes with 68 double sided “coins” which are packed in a lovely lavender box.  A pretty, sheer bag to hold the tokens is included as well as a very thorough interpretation booklet.  66 of the coins are used for reading and there are two extra amulet coins for blessing and protection. The author says that you should take these amulets out of the set and carry them with you at all times.  (I’m a big fan of talismans and good luck charms so this was REALLY appealing to me!)


The “Tokens of Light” system is based on the Kabbalah – specifically the 22 Hebrew letters which she states “are the principle forces that compose the universe.”  Each letter is believed to have powerful energy that can create a connection to higher spiritual realms.  Through this connection, we can access wisdom that can guide us in our day to day affairs – and more.  


The author gives some suggested questions that you can ask the Tokens such as “Why is this happening to me and what should I do in order to improve the situation?” but I have found that I was able to create other questions that really helped me to get effective readings.

The system is simple to use:  you simply focus on your question and reach into the bag.  Mix the coins inside the bag and when you feel as if you have the right coin, take it out of the bag.  The coin has a number with a Hebrew letter underneath on one side.  On the other is an illustration that reflects the meaning of the message.  The art work is fantastic – almost whimsical and charming but meaningful at the same time.  


You then consult the interpretation book and find the paragraph that matches the number on the coin.  There are instructions for single coin readings as well as Two Coin, Three Coin and Four Coin spreads. I found the single ones to be the most effective so that is the one I have been sticking with the most.  Information about dates and timing, yes/no answers and asking for other people is also provided. Correlations to tarot cards are also provided for some of the tokens!  (That makes this tarotist happy – it’s nice to be able to see how this system can complement my tarot readings.)

The first reading I did for myself blew me away and convinced me that these little tokens pack a very powerful punch.  The advice I received about that situation was so uncanny, I was stunned.  After reflecting on the message, I felt as if I had a clear answer from the universe on how I needed to proceed.

As an example, if you pulled token 26 (Teth-II) for your question you get this interpretation (this is only a short portion): “Release from a stuck situation.  Put your highest goal as a lighthouse on the beach where you sail.  Optimism and faith in goodness will help you get out of the dense swamp into a bright spiritual reality.” 

I’ve also used this system with other people and we’ve been astounded by the accuracy.  In fact, just this morning I was doing readings for my son with the tarot but decided to use “Tokens of Light” in addition.  When he read the interpretation, he was impressed and said to me that these coins correctly reflected his situation and he felt the advice was sounder than any offered by the other cards we were using!

You do not have to understand Kabbalah or Hebrew to work with the Tokens – this kit is suitable for anyone who is seeking spiritual guidance.  And that’s the wonderful thing about this system – it’s easy to use but lends to very profound readings.  It’s like having a trusted spiritual ally by your side whenever you are stumped.  

I will turn to the “Tokens of Light” again and again in times of need.  They are a powerful and wise friend.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2011

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