When we have been hurt, often we tend to focus on the pain and anger.  It’s hard to move past that.  I’m a brooder by nature (Moon in Scorpio!) and in the past, I would often stew (some times for YEARS) on an issue.

Did this solve the problem?  No.  I made me sick to my stomach and wasted time that could have been used more productively.

I had to learn to turn that destructive energy around or risk being a stressed out and miserable gal (I prefer to be giddy and joyous).  I was able to work my way through negative thought patterns by developing a “gratitude practice”.  

Not only did I start journaling a “gratitude list” every night but I also began to actively look for the good even in the most painful life lessons.  This was not an easy mindset shift but once I started practicing regularly, miracles began to happen in my life.

I started to experience deep inner peace, a newfound sense of happiness + abundance in every area of my life.  If you have not begun a gratitude practice, I highly recommend it.  Not only will it help to heal heartaches, but others areas in your life may begin to improve as well.  

Do you have trouble finding the good in the bad?  Here’s a simple little tarot spread that may help you see things differently: The Hateful to Grateful Tarot Spread

First, pick a card to represent the situation you are struggling with (I consciously choose one – you may prefer to pick a random card but I have found the other method to work better for me).  This will be the “hateful” part.  

Now, shuffle the rest of the cards, fan them out face down, and focus on “where can I find gratitude in this situation?” – then choose one.  This will be the “grateful” part.  Now, focus on the second card and see the positive lessons that the situation has offered you.  

Using myself as an example, I experienced a betrayal from a loved one. This lead to a painful separation that lasted for years.  I chose the 3 of Swords as the “hateful” part.  The card I drew for  the “grateful” position: Knight of Pentacles.


Picking the 3 of Swords to represent my situation felt easy – this is the card of pain, hurt, sorrow and separation.  When I looked at the Knight of Pentacles, it took me a moment to figure out the gratitude part but after reflecting for a bit, I clearly saw it: through this situation, I learned to stand my own ground. I’ve always had an issue with boundaries but in this situation, I said a resounding and healthy no.  And meant it.  Teaching others to respect me was important for my evolution – the other path was to be a doormat (not a good look on me or on anyone).

Once you have completed the reading, I recommend sending a little thank you to the Universe.  You can do this through prayer, meditation or journaling.  By putting that energy forward, you can start the process of changing the vibration.  

(For the record, my situation above has been transformed – I’ve been actively healing the relationship.)

“The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.” ~Neale Donald Walsch

Here’s to a healthy + happy you,



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2012

What are you grateful for?  How have you found gratitude in difficult times?  Please share your stories (or if you try the reading above, the results) in the comment section below:

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