eight things I know for sure

The older I get, the more random things I know.  Such as: 

  1. I could wear a lot more makeup when I was younger and it somehow looked cool.  These days, my middle aged face prefers a lighter hand (I quickly go into “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” when I get bold with blusher).  
  2. Television is getting WAY better (and darker) than it used to be.  With killer shows like “Breaking Bad”, “Game of Thrones” and “True Detective”, I have something to groove on every single night.  Who needs night clubs?
  3. New York is still the greatest city ever (although San Francisco is a close second).  I lived there many moons ago and I fall in love  all over again every time I’m there.  (That being said, I miss the grittiness from the old days.  It’s eerily safe now.)  See ya in a few weeks, Big Apple. 
  4. Honesty will tick people off but it will lead to self respect.  Always tell the truth, even if the repercussions suck.  Intregrity is everything. 
  5. Flip flops and high heels are going to mess your body up in the long run. Yeah, they look cute but keep it up and you’ll need more than yoga to get your back right.  (Memo to young men who wear their pants low: you are not walking properly either.  I see you.  Give it ten years and you’re going to be looking at hip or knee replacement  too, yo.)
  6. You can be the most beautiful, wealthy, talented, and successful person in the world but it doesn’t matter one iota if you are unkind.  Always be nice.  Kindness is a good look on everyone.
  7. One of my favorite mantras:  what other people think of you is none of your business. The less I worry about what other people think, the more free head space for me to be creative. 
  8. Youth may be king but age is doing Matthew McConaughey quite well.  Yum.


One more thing I know for sure: doing yoga with cats is annoying as hell.  TaoZen demos his best lickasana above.  

Other stuff:

As you probably guessed from my swanky new head shots, I’m all about my gray pride.  Big love for this post on the most common gray hair myths.  

Love cats and anarchy?  There’s a Facebook group just for you.

I’m curious about who the heck ever got the idea to make bread in the first place.  I mean really….the idea of pounding wheat, adding yeast and then baking that stuff?  Where did the idea originate?  I started investigating and found this looooonnnnngggg post on bread history. 

This post on being gay in Nigeria is alarming.  I cannot imagine how horrible it must be living under the Nigerian anti-gay crackdown. MUST read. 

From the Ms. blog: fake magazines that expose real inequality (and yes, that inequality is happening NOW – we have a long way to go, friends).

I’m constantly hearing about “Paleo”.  This cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans, is so damn cute, I may have to give it a whirl.  

Yoga demonic?  Someone must have been watching my cat on my mat. Seriously though – really?

Listen up, biz fanatics: two blogs that I think are smarter than all get out are: Oh My Handmade Goodness and The Yogiprenuer.  These are on my top list of trusted biz advice.  Both sites are doing business in a creative, genuine way.  No gimmicks, no slick bullshit.  If you want to learn how to create a business that marches to your beat and makes a happy profit, then you need to keep your eyes trained there.  Both blogs recently wrote superb posts on “list building” (I loathe that term because most common advice revolves around dubious tactics.).  Learn how to build your list without being a skeeve:  Oh My Handmade Goodness’ post on Your Mailing List and the Yogipreneur’s post on 5 Reasons Your List Building Plan Just Isn’t Working Out.  Read ’em both and do it right. 

I’m trying to butter my husband up and convince him that I need this purse.  So far, he ain’t buying it (or my schtick). 


What I’m Grateful For:


Citron hand sanitizer

Opportunities out of the blue

Technology + those who continue to improve it

A little Rick Ross in the morning

Friendly locals

Unexpected gorgeous flowers from a dear client (I love my clients like family – they are the best!)


Soundtrack for 3/22/14: “Come A Little Closer” by Cage the Elephant – catchy and stuck in my darn skull for a day now.  Major ear worm!

Happy Saturday!


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014 

photos from stock photography and my own collection

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