The Hit List - Baked

When things get stressful, I retreat to my kitchen.  It’s my ashram, the one place where I am totally at peace.

Yes, even more so than my yoga mat.

The chopping, stirring, sizzling, searing, whirring, and bubbling instantly chills me the hell out. In an instant, all is well again, no matter what.

Last weekend, the looming eclipse brought energy vampires and strong-arm pushes up against my boundaries. It took everything in my power to keep that vibe outta my aura. But even with the best protective measures, I found myself feeling frustrated, scared, and a little sad.

It was time to get baked. Er…baking.

So I gathered my ingredients and began to cook a weekend feast. Vegetarian bibimbap. Roasted vegetable lasagna. Tiramisu. And the kicker: Black Sabbath Cookies (from Mindy Segal’s Cookie Love).

I had been eyeing these cookies up for weeks. In fact, I intended to make them almost a month ago. A nasty cold, broken stove, and life got in the way so the ingredients sat. But last week, I carved out the time and got to work on those suckers.

These are labor intensive and the fanciest cookies I’ve ever made. They are black chocolate shortbread cookies filled with creamy peppermint white chocolate frosting, dipped in dark chocolate ganache with a tiny sliver of homemade peppermint bark for garnish.

It took two days to complete.

But oh it was worth it!

The cookies were buttery, salty, deep, creamy, minty, lush and rich. Sophisticated. I’ve never had a cookie like that…ever.

Oreos for adults.

Suddenly, the world was right again.

Piping the peppermint filling.

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What I’m Grateful For:


The ability to find exotic ingredients at the click of a mouse

Time to cook

Deep sleep



Soundtrack for 2/18/17:

We The People – A Tribe Called Quest


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

images from stock photography and personal collection

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