The Hit List - Broken Wings

A brisk rainstorm pummeled the house and brought relief to the stale summer air. Once it eased up, I opened up the window to clear the stuffiness out of the room. There it was – a bird, splayed out on the porch, one gray and orange wing extended out the side. 

I went upstairs and informed my husband that he would need to remove it because I’m squeamish around any sort of dead animal type situation. He donned rubber gloves, gathered a dustpan, and headed off to do the deed. A few minutes later, he informed me that the bird was still very much alive – and probably had a broken wing.

Off we went to the Humane Society Wildlife Rescue with the bird in a box. By this time, we had a minute to examine him and couldn’t figure out what kind of bird this was. We had never seen anything like it before in our hood. So we named him Kip Winger and dropped him off, knowing he’d have a good chance of making it in the proper hands.

Once home, I posted a pic of the bird on Twitter and learned that we had rescued a rare yellow-billed cuckoo, something that’s not seen around these parts much. You can imagine how exciting this news was!

But at the same time, I found myself musing about poor Kip. All it took was a fierce storm to slam that little guy into our house and break his wing. He was vulnerable against Mother Nature – and in our hands too. 

I often think about how vulnerable we are as well. The rainy, humid weather aggravates my arthritis, making it hard to type these words. A stiff knee reminds me that I’m no longer a young chickadee. Physically, all it takes is one fall and everything changes in an instant.

Emotions are another place we humans get hurt too. This past week, I was in tears twice. Once while working with a business coach who got to the bottom of some serious stuff I needed to address. The second set of tears came when a friend and colleague I respected decided to unfriend me because she didn’t like my beliefs. I didn’t want that to get under my skin…but it did.

It’s too easy to break our bodies and hearts. Humans are fragile like that. But even when pain comes, we must trust that there are healing and growth on the other side of it. With help, we can go on, good as new (or close enough). We can fly again.

I have left a few messages at the Humane Society, hoping to get an update on Kip. So far, nothing. I’m trusting this is a good sign and soon his broken wings will be fully mended, and he’ll be flying around our neighborhood like the majestic, mysterious bird he is. 

The Hit List - Broken Wings

Kip Winger on his way to the bird hospital.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Animal rescues


Helpful husbands

Tender hearts

Tanya Geisler

Time to do the little things


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Seventeen by Kip Winger


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