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The other week, I was feeling blue. Was it the planets? Maybe. Or perhaps it was the state of the world. After all, the news has been pretty tense these days.

I really couldn’t pinpoint what was “wrong.”

But then again: sometimes there is no reason at all. Life happens and emotions do too.

My usual tendency is to get quiet and keep it to myself. Most of the time, my sour moods and sad moments go directly into my journal. This is partly due to my private nature, but also to my upbringing. Being a “crybaby,” something I got called regularly, was frowned upon. Instead, you were supposed to plaster on a smile, grin and bear it while being thankful because “others have it worse.”

What’s ironic about this is my mother struggled with mental health. She had medication to help her cope, but as a little girl, I didn’t have anything at all. I didn’t even have a journal because my parents read my private writings and I got in trouble for expressing thoughts they didn’t like. I had to become stoic.

So I did.

Many others in my generation can relate to this. Topics like mental health weren’t talked about and depression was treated as something to avoid at all costs. If you were unhappy, there was something “wrong” with you. It was no surprise when three boys I went to school with took their own lives. When you cannot talk about your emotions, they become too hard to bear.

This is one of the reasons why I now talk openly about my feelings, not just with my loved ones but also with the public. This helps me to let go of the stigma – and perhaps inspire others to do the same. It can be uncomfortable but the alternative is far more dangerous. We must never feel hesitant to talk about our emotions, even if it feels awkward. An open discussion can be the first step to mending a hurting heart.

Today or any day for that matter, if you feel unhappy, don’t bottle that up inside. Share it with someone. Feelings can be healing when they are expressed freely.

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If you need an ear now, 7 Cups offers free 24/7 text chats.

The National Suicide Hotline has a new number: 988.


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