The Hit List - Happily Ever After?

When people come to a tarot reading, they often want to know about love. Will I meet “the one?” Is he going to ask me to marry him? Will my ex come back? Are we “twin flames?”

They want to see the promise of “happily ever after” in the cards.

Many times the tarot does show a promising future – a loved one returns, a new flame catches fire, the ring arrives, the perfect wedding day….all of that. Life is complete and groovy once you have a partner, right? But what about after happily ever after?

We don’t always think about what might happen once you’ve snagged that relationship. Situations such as: the old problems that tore you apart in the first place aren’t resolved so you break up again. Or you marry the perfect person – but they get sick and now you’re a caretaker. You grow bored. Your partner decides they want to be single. In-laws stir up trouble. And so on…

There are no guarantees that a relationship will bring lasting happiness. Happily ever after is a fairytale. While fairytales often have lovely endings, they also have drama and monsters.

For example, my marriage is great, don’t think for one minute it has always been easy. We’ve had times when we’ve been broke AF and there has been illness. Through it all, we’ve stuck together. I think it’s commitment but also a bit of luck.

Never assume that your life will be perfect once “the one” comes along (psst…there are many ones). Do not think that life will be easy when you’re in a relationship. And please don’t consider for one moment that you need someone to have a great life (you don’t).

Life (and tarot) will never give you a guarantee of happiness. Neither will someone else. The only person responsible for that is YOU.

Live your best life now, partner or not. Be in the moment, this moment – and enjoy the hell out of it. Your happily ever after doesn’t depend on a future situation (or person) but on what you’re doing now.

Look at this little sweetie in our yard!

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