The Hit List – The heat is on

by Theresa Reed on January 7, 2017

The Hit List - The heat is on

It’s 6º outside. Crisp, cold, glorious winter. Yet here I am, sweating like some burly blacksmith pounding away at a forge.

Sweating is probably the thing I hate the most.

My mother was the opposite. She couldn’t sweat. There was something wrong with her pores. Or so she said.

Perhaps she passed all those sweat glands down to me. Because this ain’t just midlife stuff. My husband likes to declare menopause any time I mention feeling warm. Truth is, I’ve always run hot.

Ironically, the bedroom and my office – two places I spend a lot of time in – are the hottest rooms in the house. If I turn down the heat, all of the other rooms in the house turn frigid.  If I turn it up to make those rooms comfortable, I’m in a sauna down here.

At night, I kick the covers off and have had to resort to sleeping naked, my other least favorite thing to do.

So while everyone else bitches about the cold, I’m waiting for spring to arrive. Spring means I can turn the furnace off and enjoy a brief period of being perfectly temperate.  Sleeping like a baby without a drop of sweat to be seen.

It’s a tiny slice of perfection before summer kicks in and the heat is on…once again.

Go, squirrely, go!

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What I’m Grateful For

Children’s cold medicine

Extra salty greasy potato chips

Warm layers

Tissues with lotion

New planners

Purple tweezers


Soundtrack for 1/7/17

Bad and Boujee by Migos


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