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One of the things that astrology teaches is that history repeats. It may not always look the same but there are cycles and themes that show up again…and again. Not just in our lives but the world at large.

I found myself pondering this recently when dealing with a stressful personal situation. Some things were imploding and exploding around me all at once – and as I looked at the planets trying to make sense out of it all, I realized that Jupiter wasn’t playing nice with me. 

Then it dawned on me – about twelve years ago, my life went through a similar crisis point when my mother died suddenly. Jupiter takes about twelve years to circle back around – could I be under the same aspects? Was Jupiter acting up in the same way again?

Curious, I went back to see what was up in the cosmos all that time ago and sure enough…I had some of the same planetary shitastic transit stuff happening then. 


History was trying to give me a repeat performance. I’m not having that though. Because I refuse to go back to that unhappy time. I’m aware of how that scenario put a damper on my enthusiasm for life. My mother’s death set off a chain reaction of events that brought things down around me like dominoes. Not again. No sir, no matter what those rocks in space are trying to do.

Patterns can repeat but we don’t have to stand up and encourage an encore performance. We can choose differently. That may mean acting in a new way or making choices that steer the show in a better direction. It can also mean sitting it out entirely or focusing on something else.

When you find yourself in a loop, whether that be through the cosmos or choices you keep making, know that history can be changed too. While we cannot control everything around us, we can learn from the past – and create a better future.

TaoZen is enjoying the heck out of his new fake fur blanket!

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What I’m Grateful For:

My support system

Debra Smouse

The ability to learn from the past

New blankets for old cats

A spring-like day in the middle of winter

No urgency


Soundtrack for 1/5/19:

New Moon by Cigarettes After Sex


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