The Hit List - I solemnly swear
“Ooh woo, I’m a rebel just for kicks, now
I been feeling it since 1966, now” ~ Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man.

Those lyrics might as well have been written for me. I had rebellious streak early on and plenty of “controversial” ideas. Like the time I staged an anti-church protest…at four years old. Or my refusal to wear frilly dresses to kindergarten (which pissed my mother off to no end). And let’s not forget the time I decided that I needed to play priest and hand out peanuts for communion because I didn’t think it was fair that the dudes got to wear the cool clothes and boss people around. 

Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t a “bad” kid per se. I just wasn’t a fan of rules and I was nosy about taboos.

When I was about eight, I got it in my head that I needed to swear. Out loud. But I knew I had to be clever about this idea to avoid trouble. I don’t why this idea became so important to me but I felt it had to be done, one way or another. 

This became a serious fixation that went on for a few days. It seemed like there was never a good “reason” to swear so I had to sit on it and quell my anxiety by trying to figure out which swear words might be the most enjoyable to say. In other words: which ones might have the most shock value. I finally settled on one and waited like a snake in the weeds for the right moment. 

The opportunity arrived. My little sis, who was five, came running into the dining room, waving a piece of paper. At that time, I was curled up in the old Morris chair, reading a book so I barely glanced up. I did not want to be pestered.

“Look at this picture I drew!” she said, as she pushed her childlike scrawl into my face (yes, I was an art snob at eight). I took a peek and saw her earnest attempt at an elephant. “Yeah, that’s great,” I replied.

“What should I name him?” The moment was here – and I was gonna seize it.

I looked into her big, innocent eyes and felt the faint flicker of a smirk beginning to form at the corners of my mouth. And then the words tumbled out as I tried to maintain my composure: “Why don’t you name him Harry Dick?”

As soon as I said that, I felt the rush of excitement that only comes with a job well done or a successfully executed crime. For a minute, I thought she would be too dumb to get it, which meant I could absolutely relish in the feeling of my first public swear word and perhaps celebrate privately with a can of Mountain Dew I had saved in the back of the fridge for special occasions like this. 

But this high was quickly interrupted by the dreaded words: “I’m telling.”

It turns out that she wasn’t quite as naive as I thought. She knew from the kids at school that “dick” was a dirty word even though she wasn’t sure what it meant. As she ran off to tell mom, I knew my goose was gonna get fried. But frankly…I didn’t care. I did the deed that I set out to do and in my eight-year-old mind, I succeeded.

Although I did get in trouble for this incident, it didn’t stop me. It was only the beginning.

The Hit List - I solemnly swear

Some other smart ass kid decided to put this on a fence in my hood. That poor fence has been vandalized again and again. Proof that all kids have dirty minds!

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Join photographer Danielle Cohen and yours truly for this amazing Tarot + Shadow Work + Photography workshop: Through a Tarot Lens. Date: March 9th. Location: Costa Mesa, California.

I’m teaching at New Renaissance Books in Portland, Oregon on July 2nd at 6:30. Tarot Cards for Shadow Work – Together we’ll explore shadow work, Tarot archetypes, Birth Cards, finding the good in “bad” cards – and the dark side in the “good” ones. You’ll come away with knowledge about your Tarot Birth Card and some suggestions for making peace with your shadow.

If you’re in the Bay Area, join Chris Zydel and me on July 7th for Brushes + Cards + Shadows An Intuitive Painting and Tarot Workshop. It will be EPIC!

What I’m Grateful For:

Naughty words

Silly ideas

Funny childhood memories

More hot tea, please

An end to winter looming

Travel soon


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The Barrel by Aldous Harding



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