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I read a post a few weeks back from Tanya Geisler that seemed to circle around in my head again and again. (Brilliant lady, by the way. If you’re not following her work, you should.)

Tanya shared a story about prematurely judging a metal-loving store clerk who loved to sit home and watch television. Then the clerk delivered this line: “Sweetie, I was in an abusive relationship for 19 years. Never again am I wasting time on anything that doesn’t feel good or right for me.”

Impact made.

Not just on Tanya but on me.

I’ve seen both sides of that judgement counter. I’ve been harshly critiqued for my television-loving ways from my oh-so-spiritual friends who piously smirked at how much more “enlightened” they were since they gave up television but I’ve also been equally quick to shoot down someone else’s idea of what is deep and soul-stirring to them (ex: I’ll never understand the lure of country music).

When I catch myself moving into elitist mode, I have to remind myself this truth: what is meaningful for one person may not be meaningful to another.

For example, some people love getting off the grid and spending time in nature. It’s their idea of Zen. My husband is one of those people. Put him in the woods and it’s hippie heaven. Me…not so much. I get itchy and bored. It’s so not my happy zone.

For people like myself, being in the midst of a noisy urban setting, elbow-to-elbow with strangers, is as rich as it gets. This makes me feel alive and connected. I grew up in a rural area and had my fill of all that nature business.  The pace of city life feels like a god’s pulse and I throb to that rhythm. Throw in some tarot cards, good restaurants, and a little hip hop and my soul feels plugged in.

My son gets his spiritual groove on behind the drums in a jazz club. My daughter finds salvation in traveling the world alone and writing in coffee shops.

We all have our thing. Our raison d’être. We move to our own groove. And it’s good to let others do that too.

That starts with recognizing that one person’s thang is perfectly fine and we don’t need to judge it and they don’t need to justify it. For example, if you feel that technology is adding too much “noise pollution” to the world, unplug with relish. But understand that for a child growing up in dire poverty, a cell phone with internet access means something entirely different – it adds connectivity to a bigger world that they want to be part of.

You find meaning where you choose to. (And in some cases, where you have to.)

So plug in or pull the plug. Go outside or inside. Read a book, listen to the sounds of nothingness, or put Maury on full-blast.

It’s your life. Find your own damn meaning. No apologies necessary. Not even for country music.



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What I’m Grateful For:

My children’s travels

Good lip balm

Sweater weather

Reading glasses

A schedule filled with clients who delight me

Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bars


Soundtrack for 9/5/15: The Hills by The Weeknd <-loving this guy!

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