The Hit List - All the things I’m looking forward to in 2022

Welp, 2021 has come and gone. Truth be told, this was one of the hardest years I’ve experienced in a long time. I won’t go into all the dirty details because it’s boring and plenty of other people had it much, much worse. Plus, it seems we’re all sick of bitching about last year.

As I scan the news this morning, it’s hard to feel optimistic about 2022. It’s so easy to get stuck in that doom ’n gloom when that’s all they seem to focus on. Blech.

In the past year, I’ve dialed back on social media and I no longer watch the news. I’ll read the news because at least I don’t have to hear the newscaster’s voice or tone, which always tends to be snarky or alarmist. I can make things anxious just fine on my own without that in the background.

Despite all the reasons they’re giving me to be future-tripping, I’m an optimist at heart. I like to find the good or humorous around me, even when I’m being handed a crusty piece of life lesson pie. (Did you know I actually hate pie? True story!)

So I’m looking ahead, counting my blessings, and getting excited about some things on the horizon. Here are all the things I’m looking forward to in 2022:

1. I will have two more books under my belt, bringing the total to eight! The newest babies: Twist Your Fate and Create Your Own Tarot Cards, which is a joint project with artist Adrianne Hawthorne of Ponnopozz!

2. A small event in May. I’m not traveling at all next year but Chicago is close – so this wee gathering will be fun and less risky. Details coming soon!

3. More time off. I cleared space in my calendar last year and it did me good. This year, I’m making more spaciousness in my life so I can write and create.

4. More quality time with the family. This is so, so important to me. One of my loved ones is dealing with a life-threatening illness, which means our time together is precious. Every moment counts.

5. New classes. I’m teaching my face off on Patreon but also partnering up with Hierophant Publishing for two more specials for beginners. You can learn about the tarot class here. Other details coming later.

6. Home renovation. We have some long-overdue projects around here and that will become my main focus for the next year (perfect since Saturn is hanging in my 4th house!).

7. Reading all the books. I have an ever-changing stack of books by my side. I read more books in 2021 than I have in eons. I want to keep this up!

8. Cooking new things. I love trying new recipes – and there are a bunch I’m eyeing up.

9. Photography hobby. I’ve always loved photography and I’m too bad at it. I want to make more time for this – and learn how to work my camera better. With more time in my calendar, perhaps I can get serious.

Those are the things getting me excited at the moment. What about you? Is there anything you’re grooving on?

Oh – and Happy New Year!

grasses blowing in the wind


Grasses in the wind.

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Calling all Tarot beginners! If you’re a newbie—and barely know anything about Tarot—this class is for you: Tarot For Beginners Live Video Workshop. A four-part series to get you started reading with confidence!

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What I’m Grateful For:

New perspectives

Fresh chances

True friends

More time for love

Support when you need it most


Soundtrack for 1/1/22

Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa (thanks Lisa!)


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