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My husband is out of town until tomorrow. He’s been gone a few days, off to paint and view various art-house films. I suppose I should be missing him.  In a way, I do. But I must confess: I love having the whole house to myself.

It’s as still as can be, quiet and calm. To be honest, it’s usually pretty chill around here.  But this solitude stuff…it feels like a monastery and I love it.

It’s because I need space.

Loads of it.

I’m a space hog.  A space case because I make a case about needing space.

The more time I have to be alone, the happier I am. It’s why I get up way early, long before he does. I steal those precious few hours for myself. Nobody gets in.  That time is mine and it’s jealously guarded.

I’ve always been like this.  You might blame my astrology chart for this tendency.  With a privacy-loving Scorpio Moon, it’s a given that I dig that solo stuff.

But there’s something more to this.

It’s from growing up in a boisterous household with too many people crammed into a small dwelling.  That type of environment meant no boundaries and zero privacy.  I shared a small room with my sister and grandmother.  My parents barged in whenever they wanted, to see if I was “up to something.”  (I was usually reading.)  My diary was read and I got in trouble for daring to write down my thoughts.  The piggy bank that sat on my shelf was regularly raided by my brothers and I never got justice because I “had no proof.”

When you grow up in a situation like that, you either crave the noise….or, like me, the opposite.

My siblings are extroverted and enjoy being up in each other’s business. I’m different. Detached and cool, I rarely bother to pick up the phone to check in with them. It’s not that I don’t care – it’s just that I need to be in my own business.  Quiet.  Unobstructed.  Unbothered.


For my spouse and children, this has been a dance of sorts. They have had to learn to adjust to my need for space without taking offense.  It’s not them…it’s me.  They get it.

The cats, on the other hand, don’t.  It doesn’t matter if I tell them to piss off, they are there, starting at me, waiting, wanting that attention.  Relentlessly guilt tripping me until  have no choice but to let them leap into my lap and settle in for a good nuzzle.  These session last for anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour.

And then…they go away to be alone and nap for hours at a time.

Perhaps that’s why I like these felines. They are okay with a little bit of love and plenty of space to stretch, to nap, to dream of chasing mice in fields.  Yes, I am like that.

Cats get it and I get them.


That’s my boy, Monkey – up close and in my grill.


Fall beauty.

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I’m heading out for a mini book tour soon!  Join me at one of these fine Midwest venues for wee talks or full on classes – plus book signings!

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Alone Again, Or by The Damned


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