The Kindness Hustle

Are you tired of constant snark and hostility, both online and off?

Turned off by “hate blogging” or “hate reading” (yes, there is such a thing)? Not a fan of humiliation, cruelty, or negativity?

I’m not either. In fact, that stuff gets under my skin and brings me down like a sad, little lead balloon.

So I have decided to opt out of that energy. I refuse to join in and drink the Cruel- Aid.

It’s because I believe in kindness.


I believe that civility, courtesy, and decency are not lost arts.

And I want to live in a world where mutual respect is the norm, and bigotry, rudeness, and cruelty are isolated to rare events (or better yet – never heard of again).

That world may be hard to visualize when so much of the background noise is belligerent, mean spirited, and “in your face”.

Here’s what I’m done with: boorish behavior – on the Internet and in real life. Bullies. Griping. Public humiliation (even to those whom we believe “deserve it”). Snide remarks. Cruelty as entertainment. Constant snark. Haterade. Blogs devoted to tearing people down. Trolls.

Here’s what I know to be true: simple, mindful actions, rooted in compassion, can change the world.

I want to be a hustler for kindness.

That’s why I created The Kindness Hustle, a 30-day e-course designed to help spread an epidemic of loving kindness. The mission: start changing the vibration and energy through small, everyday actions.

Why did I create this? It’s because gentle reminders and actions build upon each other. When everyday kindness becomes a habit, it’s contagious. And when you treat people with respect and good will, they feel good, and then, in turn, they pass that on.

It’s a pay it forward vibe that keeps on giving.

What inspired me: this one simple statement from the Dalai Lama: “Kindness is my religion.” That is how I’d like to live my life: rooted in the spirit of my heart.

I’m all about passing that kindness on in as many ways as possible – and in that spirit, 100% donations will be going to Hunger Task Force, Milwaukee’s Free & Local food bank and Wisconsin’s leading anti-hunger organization.

Ready to spread the vibe and become a hustler for kindness? Here is how The Kindness Hustle works:

Make your donation – any amount that feels right to you (I’m serious – anything) to Hunger Task Force (I’m putting this out to the universe with total trust that you’ll do the right thing. Being on the up and up is your first kind move, playa).



Next: add your name and email to the list below and then watch for an email with a confirmation link. Click on it and we’re ready to roll this kindness thang out for 30 loving days:


We respect your email privacy

Help spread this mojo by adding this snazzy badge to your site:


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Are you ready to bust a kindness move?

Let’s change the meme from mean to meaningful. We can do this.

The Kindness Hustler in Charge,



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