What You Need to Know About the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction In Taurus

On Saturday, April 20th at 10:27 PM ET, Jupiter will align with Uranus in the earthy sign of Taurus at 21º. This cosmic connection is rare; it only happens every fourteen years or so, which means it’s important – and impactful. This might be the most significant transit of 2024.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Wherever Jupiter goes is where we grow. Uranus is associated with revolution, sudden change, and innovation. When you put these two powerhouses together, it’s a recipe for epic shifts.

So what can we expect seeing as these planetary heavyweights are sitting pretty in the sign of the Bull? Taurus rules money, creativity, and values. These are the areas that will be most impacted.

For example, the economy is on people’s minds right now. This conjunction could bring sudden changes in the stock market. Surprising news about the job market or GDP is also possible. But there may also be an uprising against corporate greed, wealth inequality, and the housing crisis (Uranus loves a good revolution). When you consider that Pluto is in Aquarius, it’s even more likely the collective is ready to confront the powers that be. (Fun fact: the last time Pluto was in Aquarius the French Revolution happened! The CEO of Kellogg’s might be our new Marie Antoinette!)

Because values are part of Taurus’s realm, the collective also has an opportunity to rally around shared values. However, Taurus is fixed. This adds an element of inflexibility into the mix. Sides could be taken, stubbornness could set in, and moving past that division could take time. If we want to get past this, it’s important to listen, even if you don’t agree. 

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction can bring innovation in technology, especially for earth sciences. Could solutions for climate change be at hand? Possibly. Advances in medicine, mining, and accessing resources (oil, natural gas, precious minerals, etc) might be on the way. Add that Pluto in Aquarius vibe and the Star Trek era isn’t too far off.

This conjunction can be excellent for artists. Creativity can go into exciting new directions. Artists might find new mediums or ways to express their work. Unique voices may emerge this year, so keep an eye out for the next generation of musicians, writers, poets, and other artsy folks.

On an individual level, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction might deliver surprises such as windfalls, cash upgrades, twists of fate, or sudden luck. Friendships, groups, and associations may suddenly end or you might discover a new social circle. A breakthrough or breakdown could arrive, changing the game in exciting new ways. Even if it feels upsetting, roll with it. You might be shocked to see how events play out later on.

To find where this conjunction will impact you, look at where Taurus 21º sits in your chart. This will show where you might experience an expansive cosmic surprise. For example, it will land in my 7th house, which means new relationships could turn out to be beneficial. 

Here are some mini Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus conjunction horoscopes for each sign (you can read for your Sun sign and Ascendant):

Aries: Something changes around your financial situation. Be ready to level up – or close your wallet. Don’t gamble or take unnecessary risks. 

Taurus: The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction delivers a direct hit! The universe smiles on you. A dose of luck arrives in the nick of time. Don’t squander this moment – say yes to opportunity!

Gemini: A truth emerges. Suddenly, you see the light about a person or situation (or maybe yourself). This could be your breakthrough moment.

Cancer: After a long winter, you’re ready for new adventures. New friends may enter your orbit soon. A bigger social circle will keep you out of the house more than ever.

Leo: The main stage is calling! Your professional life is about to get an exciting change. Fame is possible. But don’t push your luck – you could get exposure you don’t like if you’re careless.

Virgo: Sudden opportunities to trot the globe may show up. See the world, broaden your horizons. It’s the right time to apply for universities or to begin working on that novel.

Libra: A tax break, inheritance, royalty, or new business venture might land in your lap. If your sex life has been dry as a bone, a surprise turn of events could add new sizzle.

Scorpio: You might elope, commit, or cut ties with toxic folks. As you clean out the partnership closet, new people begin to arrive. Some of these connections could have an element of fate and luck.

Sagittarius: A sudden change in employment is possible. This could be a new position, promotion, or job loss. If your job comes to a close, a surprising opportunity puts you on a new path.

Capricorn: Love, children, and creativity are up for change. A relationship could deepen, or you may find new inspiration for your art. Of course, this could also mean a surprise pregnancy!

Aquarius: A change in your living situation is possible. You might move, renovate, or sell. A family member may have a shocking announcement.

Pisces: Be ready for exciting news and intriguing gossip. Ideas are also plentiful now. Jot them down. An opportunity for a road trip shows up. Sally forth!

Do not underestimate random events or occurrences around this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. What seems to be much ado about nothing could be the twist of fate that sets the tone for a long time to come. Again, these are slow moving planets, so the effects could linger. It’s a cosmic reset and how it plays out may surprise us all. 

Historical fun fact: The last time Jupiter was conjunct with Uranus in Taurus was May 9th, 1941, a period where the world was at war and powers were shifting. On this day, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn were also involved in a massive stellium! According to Wikipedia, on that day “German submarine U-110 is captured by the British Royal Navy. On board is the latest Enigma cryptography machine, which Allied cryptographers later use to break coded German messages.” WOW.  Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1941

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