Ever have a gut feeling that turned out to be oh-so-wrong?  For example:

  • You got a great vibe from that cute gal in chemistry class.  But after a few weeks, you discover she’s an obsessive, jealous nutjob.  Years later, she’s still stalking you on Facebook.
  • You aced the job interview and could tell that your future boss really was impressed with your credentials.  You’re sure by his body language that you got the job.  Except you didn’t.
  • You don’t think you’re going to like that woman at work with the bitchy resting face.  You just know you will hate her guts.  But lo and behold, you become best friends.
  • You had a dream that you would marry your current boyfriend.  It feels so real.  But then, seemingly out of the blue, he ditches you for that skank down the road.

Even the most intuitive person can mix up the signals and get it all wrong.  (Hey, the weatherman isn’t always right – why do you expect you’ll always nail every vibe you get?)

Many things can affect your ability to accurately judge a situation:

  • Emotions – if you are too emotionally invested in the outcome, it’s harder to see the truth.
  • Judgments and projecting – if you have an attitude/opinion, it may color your intuition.
  • Impaired – substances, even medication, can throw you off.
  • Dishonesty – in some cases, a skilled liar or evasive person can mess the signals, making it harder to read a situation accurately.
  • Lust – sometimes sexual chemistry can put your instincts and common sense on hold.

And sometimes there is no “reason”.  You simply cannot see.  Is there a lesson here that you need to learn?  Is it karma?  Perhaps.

Whatever the case may be, don’t beat yourself up.  You are human and being wrong is part of the journey.

A bad call may help you to pay more attention in the future.  For example, if you meditate on the situation you may notice red flags or signals that you ignored.  Learn from this.  Treat those misses as an opportunity to hone your skills further.

And know this: sometimes you are simply not meant to know.  And that’s perfectly fine.  If you had all the answers, life would less surprising and that’s just boring.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2013

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