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To me, a tarot reading is like a little gift that I give to you with open hands and heart.  Once that gift is given, a wise giver never tries to go back and retrieve it to pick it apart.  Therefore, once the tarot reading is done, it is yours and no longer belongs to me.

When I do a reading, I am in an “altered state”.  As I often say, the information comes like a ticker tape and is gone just as quickly.  (This is why it’s good to tape your readings – and to resist the urge to interrupt me once I get going.)

It leaves my mouth (or fingertips in the case of email readings) and then it’s gone, vanished and out into your hands for you to do as you wish with it.

Once I finish a tarot reading (phone, in person, email), I am no longer attached to it.  It’s left my consciousness and gone forever.  I retain very little, if anything.

At the end of the day, I also do an “energy dump” for good measure.  Why?  Because I need to live my own life, not yours.  Plus this keeps me in the “clean slate” mode so I can remain objective for your next reading.  (Some readers will keep notes on your reading.  I don’t.  I like a fresh start every time.)

Sometimes a client will want to call me a few weeks later to discuss the reading.  It is a waste of time because I have already moved on and won’t remember.  It’s partly because I am a high volume reader but also because it’s been released.  I don’t hold on, ever.  Your reading has left the building.

The same goes for email readings.  Sometimes people want me to continue the email reading indefinitely with follow up or “clarify this” questions/requests.   I am no longer tuned in nor do I have the time to entertain an unending series of emails.  Email readings are designed to be quick, concise and to the point, not an elaborate novel with every minute detail fleshed out.  (A phone reading is better suited if you need details or to go deeper.)  I do not allow these “follow up/clarify” things because my schedule doesn’t permit me to keep on and on, fixating and fretting over the details with you. Please don’t pester. (Psst: this also helps me to keep my prices low.)

Instead, take the information and savor it.  Let it percolate.  Riff on it.  Turn it around and see if you can gain your own perspective.  Apply some of the wisdom and feel free to discard that which doesn’t fit your groove. Be playful and curious, never obsessive.  And then, let it go and see what happens.  

You might discover a very interesting thing…..your life happens.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2013

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