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Which tarot cards indicate sex?

Which tarot cards indicate sex? The Lovers

The Lovers – Naturally, the Lovers can indicate a physical relationship. The naked figures give it away. Here the vibe is a strong sexual attraction.

Which tarot cards indicate sex? The Empress

The Empress – With her Venus symbol shield and laid back posture, the Empress screams sensuality. She’s all about the pleasure principle. I see the Empress as passionate, lusty energy. It’s my favorite card for all things related to sex.

Which tarot cards indicate sex? Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands – Remember: Wands are the fire element and also phallus symbols. The Ace of Wands could signal the beginning of a hot, steamy relationship.

Which tarot cards indicate sex? The Devil


The Devil – This naughty card suggests something that might have a little bit of kink to it. BDSM or some other taboo sex practice could fall under the realm of The Devil. (I once had this card come up for a woman who was having a drug fueled swingers party!)

Which tarot cards indicate sex? Three of Cups

Three of Cups – The Three of Cups can symbolize a menage-a-trois. As Rick James would say: Ooh la la!

Note: Any of the Wands Courts can also indicate a hot-to-trot person who brings the fire to a relationship. It’s often a signal that a relationship may begin with a strong sexual attraction.

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