Women + Power: Share Ross

by Theresa Reed on March 7, 2013

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I’m interviewing some very strong and dynamic women on my site this month.  We’ll be talking about empowerment (and a little tarot and intuitive arts as well).  

Share Ross
Next up in my series is a person I was dying to interview: Share Ross, former bassist for Vixen (Yes – the rock group!  Remember “Edge Of A Broken Heart“?  Every gal in the 80’s admired these rock legends!).  She’s also a writer, video producer and the brains behind the wildly popular Video Rockstar University – THE class for female entrepreneurs who want to rock videos (PS I have taken this class and HIGHLY recommend it)!
Q:  What does it mean to be a powerful woman?
Share: It means that you’re living in the world at your highest potential. You no longer change or compromise yourself to please anyone. As women we have a tendency to lessen our strengths because they can make the people in our lives uncomfortable. When you’re at your full power, you are allowing yourself to be your best, your ideal, your highest divine self is shining through. 
There’s a lot of misunderstanding around the word ‘powerful’. It does not mean being bossy or stubborn or overly pushy. Powerful to me implies a beautiful strength that comes from the heart. 
Q:  When do you feel most powerful?
Share: Oh this one is easy. There are two situations where I feel my divine power. 
1. When I’m helping others to realize their own potential. Be it through video coaching or through personal coaching or helping them musically. It’s all about making a contribution. 
2. When I’m simply in the moment with joy whether I’m engrossed in a musical project or walking on the beach with my husband. 
Q:  Tell me about an experience in your life that made you feel empowered.
Share: The moment I realized that I am not what I do. I simply am. That’s when I discovered that I could choose any course of action and it would the right course of action. 
That moment sprang from a conversation with someone and immediately after that I went jogging on a mountain in Los Angeles and I changed “I am” as my mantra for running. Talk about an empowering life changing moment!
That realization allowed me to believe in myself and my true potential. 
Q: What inspires you to be on your path?
Share: There’s an incredible feeling in my heart where it opens up completely and I always experience that when I’m on my path. 
It’s like being at the beach and suddenly spotting a dolphin. Your breath gets taken away and you realize… you just had a ‘moment.’ 
The main focus is always on “how is this helping anyone.” How are my words and thoughts making a contribution? 
That’s what keeps me in alignment. 
Q: How can tarot or other intuitive arts help women to feel empowered?
Share: Oh tarot and the other arts can help in many ways if only to teach us to listen and tune in more to our intuitive side. It’s easy to ignore that side when things are going great. And when the chips are down, suddenly we want guidance! LOL. 
Our intuition responds best if we practice and treat it like a muscle. The more we develop it, the more empowered we will become through learning to detach from outcomes and trusting ourselves. 

Share Ross is best known as the former bassist for 80’s platinum-selling all female rock band, Vixen. Many years later she went on to become a video editor and producer for clients that included Sony, Geffen, Universal and BMG. She hosted several successful online video shows and then realized that she was constantly helping her friends get comfortable and confident on camera along with helping them write their scripts for their videos. 
Share launched Video Rockstar University to help other female entrepreneurs unleash their inner rockstar on camera. 
She currently lives in Florida with her husband, Bam and their dog, Ringo. 
Fist bumps to Share for taking the time to answer these questions!
© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2013

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