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October 2019

After the mild astro-weather of September, October promises a bit more action. It begins on the 3rd when Mercury enters secretive Scorpio. This transit prefers keeping information on the down-low. Instead of open books, Mercury in Scorpio wants privacy. During this transit, you’ll want to keep to yourself or only share information with your most trusted peeps. This is NOT the time to divulge anyone else’s classified material either. If someone trusts you with their dirty laundry, shove that into some dark dresser and shut it for good. Intuition is heightened now, so do trust your sixth sense. If something feels “off,” you certainly don’t want to ignore that. Likewise, you’ll want to move ahead if you sense the coast is clear. My personal advice for this time o’ year: keep your third eye open and your mouth shut. 

The 3rd also finds Pluto direct after months of retrograde action. The past few months have allowed everyone to see what structures are working…and which aren’t. Going forward, look for ways you can make changes in your life – or for the collective. What kind of world do you want to live in? Think of that – and be ready to transform the old, outworn, and outdated. On the world’s stage, power struggles will be out in the open. Secrets emerge, and the people are moving into their places for a showdown of sorts. We have gotten a hint recently of what’s to come. Brace yourself as the next few months unfold. A change (or reckoning) is on the way.

Mars enters Libra on the 4th. This is not the best placement for Mars. While it can bring justice, it can also lend to passive-aggressive behavior and indecision. Progress gets stalled, and everyone wants to bicker over what’s fair. Take a deep breath and try to remain diplomatic. But don’t get hung up on bullshit either. Sometimes you have to take a stand, even if it means being unpopular. People-pleasing is one of the shadow sides of Mars in Libra – and this isn’t the time for that. Instead: doing the right thing is IN. Mars in Libra can also bring legal battles. If you’re in the midst of one, the energy could be dicey. Be prepared to defend your self vigorously. Can’t do that? Get a good attorney.

Romance gets scorching when Venus slips into Scorpio on the 8th. This marks a few weeks where intimacy is on the front burner. Get vulnerable with the one you love. Put bedtime on the menu. Cue the mood music and serve it up hot. In other words: get it ON. HUBBA HUBBA! 

A Full Moon in Aries on the 13th is most excellent for fresh starts. But first: look at how far you’ve come in the past six months. The fruit from your hard labor is here. Collect the harvest and then pull the weeds to prepare the soil for new beginnings. 

The Sun will be in Scorpio on the 23rd, which means we now have three planets circling around this intense sign. Desire and depth are in vogue. No more doing things halfway. It’s all or nothing. You can get in deep – and ferret out secrets. Which means: if you don’t want something to be made public, you’ll need to guard your privacy like never before. Scorpio elevates passion – so these few weeks could find people in their feelings. That can lead to intense connections – or fights. Watch out for vindictive behavior at this time. If you are hell-bent on revenge, you could end up poisoning your own well.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th is fabulous for getting your financial house in order once and for all. Start that new budget. Put your bills together. Set up an appointment with a trusted advisor. Ask for a loan. Any or all of those activities could create the proper vibe for future security. 

October ends on a bang when Mercury stations retrograde on the 31st. Over the next three weeks, communication goes dark. Everyone is touchy, and the potential for drama is through the roof. Secrets emerge that could do severe damage. Watch your reputation and stay far away from shit disturbers and big mouths. And as always: back up your computer, slow down, and prepare for travel delays if you are hitting the road. I would also add: do NOT sign contracts or buy new tech during this time. 

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly horoscopes:

Aries - Monthly Horoscopes

Aries: You may want to get in some travel before the year comes to a close, dear Aries. Jupiter is looming large in your 9th house and soon to hit the exit – making autumn the right time for long-distance journeys and pre-holiday vacations. Where do you want to go? Grab your tickets and run! Better yet, bring along a partner. A busy 7th house makes this a divine month for connecting with the one you love. Travel is one way but also long conversations, date nights, and even time spent in couple’s therapy. Talk things out when Mercury slides into your 8th house on the 3rd. This creates the perfect climate for in-depth discussions and plenty of pillow talk. Results: closeness like never before. Pluto will also be direct on the 3rd, allowing you to step into your power at work as the rest of the year unfolds. You can inspire others now through your example. Mars in your 7th house on the 4th gives you even more leadership vibes. This transit can bring out a few folks who feel somewhat miffed if you’re the boss, so do watch out for some passive-aggressive types who may want to test your people skills. The possibility for hotter sex increases when Venus joins Mercury in your 8th house on the 8th. The sizzle is real, yo. Keep that flame burning bright by making sexy moves and letting your honey know what’s on your dirty mind. A Full Moon on the 13th in your sign is most excellent for updating your social media profiles. Get rid of the old pics, clean up your friend list, and clear out any info that doesn’t represent you well. If you’re thinking about culling your wardrobe, this is also a superb day for that task. The 23rd is the start of a financial makeover when the Sun enters your 8th house. The weeks that follow are your green light to get on top of your money. Set a new budget, manage your taxes, and speak to a financial advisor if need be. The New Moon on the 27th is fabulous for a complete financial reboot. Start your debt repayment plan, update your will, or begin a new side hustle. Mercury is retrograde beginning on the 31st, and this one could bring misunderstandings with your partner, financial missteps, and unexpected expenses. Some of your dirty laundry could also come out for public consumption. Sure, a scandal can get attention but is this the spotlight you want? You’ll certainly want to watch what you say for most of November if you don’t want your skeletons out in the living room drinking martinis.

Taurus - Monthly Horoscopes

Taurus: Work matters need your attention this month, dear Taurus. You’ll need to be as diplomatic as possible. Thankfully, a bevy of planets in your 6th house at the beginning of October make this a slam dunk for you. Your leadership will inspire others and keep the ball rolling. Mercury will enter your partnership zone on the 3rd, which means your communication skills are on the rise. You can negotiate deals and get other people’s cooperation during this transit. Pluto will also be direct on the same day, which means you’re tapping into your power like never before. Better yet, Mars will blitz into your 6th house on the 4th, helping you to find the right mix between polite and assertive. This will amp up your bargaining skills. You’ll be unstoppable in the office! Get your romance on when Venus slips into your 7th house on the 8th. You’ll have a few good weeks for lovin’ so put on the mood music and make your move, playa! The Full Moon on the 13th is your best day this month for a retreat. If you can, schedule in a self-care day. It will keep you recharged for the rest of October. Dynamic people enter your life starting on the 23rd when the Sun joins Venus in your 7th house. These could be partnerships that might benefit your career – or it could be a new romance if you’re single. Partnered Tauruses could experience a stronger connection with their boo as well. The New Moon on the 27th is an auspicious day for a significant new person to emerge – or for a current relationship to evolve. Either way, you’ll want to keep an eye on the people in your life because one of your contacts is about to catch fire. Mercury retrograde begins on the 31st and brings all sorts of miscommunications. Suddenly your ability to persuade others is hindered. The three weeks that follow could undo all of your progress in negotiations. Be ready to wrangle last-minute drama and folks who want to re-neg. Frustrating? Yes. But your legendary patience will ensure that you find a way forward no matter what.

Gemini - Monthly Horoscopes

Gemini: If your romantic life has been at a standstill October may warm things up, dear Gemini. A bundle of planets floating through your 5th house as the month kicks off opens up doors for making a genuine connection. Single Geminis should defo get out there – you never know who you’ll be bumping into while you’re ordering up your pumpkin spice lattes. If you’re partnered, create cozy date nights with your bae. Start a fire, pop the bubbly, and cue the Marvin Gaye. YUM. Your ruler Mercury heads into your 6th house on the 3rd, and suddenly you’re in your element at work, nailing meetings, sharing your genius ideas, and making waves. Pluto direct on the same day amps up your intuition, which gives you the edge in every situation. You can anticipate what everyone’s next move might be – and outsmart them. Passion escalates when Mars joins the Sun in your romance zone. Desires are lit, and even the dullest relationship finds a spark. Make a move, and you’ll see plenty of action! Your charm is on full display at work when Venus crosses into your 6th house on the 8th. Even if you ruffle a few feathers, your charisma will help you get away with it. You’re a star! A friend reveals something on the 13th when the Full Moon illuminates your 11th house. This could be a tender time – be ready to lend your support. As the old saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. The Sun will shift gears from lovin’ to workin’ when it exits the 5th house and heads into your work zone. This is your time to toot your horn and take the lead. If you want to grab that corner office, October may pave the way for that dream to become a reality. Let your ambition guide you into making bold career moves. It will pay off. The New Moon on the 27th is an auspicious day for your career. An opportunity may arise that could uplevel your game in exciting ways. Of course, this would also be the right day to ask for a promotion or get going on that side hustle. Whatever you begin this day promises to be golden. On Halloween Mercury will be retrograde in your 6th house. This could bring computer glitches or trouble with jealous coworkers or peers. Watch your back, communicate clearly, and remember: back up all your data. Better to be safe than sorry. The last thing you want to do is undo all the progress you made this month!


Cancer - Monthly Horoscopes

Cancer: Home is always where the heart is for you, dear Cancer. A cluster of planets in your domestic sector means you’re right where you want to be in October – with the family in your nest. Use the first few weeks of the month to get your home holiday-ready. Declutter, clean up and dig the decorations out of the basement. You’ll be ready to go by month’s end if you start early. Begin making plans with your loved ones when Mercury slips into your 5th house on the 3rd. This transit is excellent for communicating with your children or partner about upcoming events. Pluto will also be direct on the 3rd in your relationship zone, making it easy to get everything under your control. You can accelerate your home organizing when Mars leaps into your 4th house on the 4th. This will give you the energy to get things done – and keep everyone else motivated too. Romance gets elevated when Venus enters your 5th house on the 8th. The weeks that follow could find more chances for intimacy. Single Cancers could meet attractive new suitors. Either way, things are looking up in love! A significant project completes at work on the 13th when the Full Moon lights up your 10th house. This day could find you putting the finishing touches on a long-term goal or stepping away from a job you no longer want. Something comes to a close at work and frees you for the next big thing. Your creativity is blazing when the Sun heads into your 5th house on the 23rd. You can express your ideas powerfully at this time. Whether you use that for work or arts ’n crafts is up to you. Just know that you are full of ideas and they are begging to be acted on! The New Moon on the 27th is excellent for a date night – or for meeting someone new. Schedule in time with your honey. Or if you’re single, head out for those Halloween parties. That ghoul you meet could be the one! Mercury retrograde starting on the 31st could bring missed texts, confusing communication, and trouble with children. You’ll want to exercise a lot of patience in November – and be ready to follow up or stand firm on your policies if necessary.

Leo - Monthly Horoscopes

Leo: A short trip in October might be just what the doctor ordered, dear Leo. Your third house is lit, ideal for hitting the road. Better yet, take someone that you love along for the ride. It could be a bonding experience! If you’re thinking about buying or renovating a home, begin making plans on the 3rd when Mercury heads into your 4th house. Check out the real estate market, get to a home improvement store, look into contractors – all of those activities are favored in October. Even if you don’t make a change at this time, getting prepped will give you a sense of security. Pluto is direct on the 3rd in your 6th house. All of those health goals you set earlier in the year seem to be moving along. If you were having trouble sticking with your routines, the motivation kicks in on this day, making it easier than ever to keep trucking. Watch out for arguments with siblings or neighbors when Mars lands in your 3rd house on the 4th. You could be extremely bitchy for the weeks that Mars hangs here – and if you’re not careful, you could go off on someone, leading to regrets later on. Keep your temper in check! Start beautifying your nest for the holidays when Venus joins Mercury on the 8th. If your crib has become a mess, you’ve got a few good weeks for cleaning it up. Enlist your family or housemates – and make it sparkle! The 13th is a beautiful day for taking a trip. If you can go away around this day, do it. The Full Moon may open up a door to make it possible. Your home becomes the center of activity when the Sun begins holding court in your 4th house on the 23rd. Host a Halloween party. Hand out treats! Or invite people over for game night. Your home can be the fun zone for most of November! A New Moon on the 27th is favorable for real estate deals or a gathering with your family. Mark that day off and start looking for your ideal home – or make plans to have your next of kin over for a meal. Mercury retrograde on the 31st could bring snafus with real estate deals, home improvement projects, or family. You’ll want to pore over every contract carefully – and watch that you don’t unwittingly ignite a family feud as November unfolds.

Virgo - Monthly Horoscopes

Virgo: With Mars still in your sign at the beginning of the month, you’re feeling unstoppable, dear Virgo. A busy 2nd house ups your ambition for cash – which means you’ve got the power to make a lot more money in October, especially when Mars joins the other planets on the 4th. Keep your mind on your money, and you should see a revenue upgrade before the month comes to a close. Negotiate deals when your ruler Mercury glides into your 3rd house on the 3rd. You can turn any situation to your advantage now. Wheel and deal away! Pluto direct on the 3rd brings fresh creative inspiration. Your ideas are resourceful and unique. Tap into your muse and make art! Speak words of affirmation fluently when Venus enters your 3rd house on the 8th. Let your loved ones know how you feel – and how special they are. Use your words to uplift as much as you can. The Full Moon on the 13th is excellent for taking care of financial issues. Pay off a bill, refinance your home, or seek a loan around that day. It’s also possible that you may receive money owed at this time. Social activities in your neighborhood or with siblings increase when the Sun heads into your 3rd house on the 23rd. Halloween gatherings, trick or treating, and family fun could be on the agenda as the month winds down. The New Moon on the 27th is a perfect day for hosting your own shindig. Why not throw a masquerade party and invite people over for some apple-bobbing fun? Mercury will be retrograde on the 31st, bringing the usual travel and tech woes. Communication promises to be extra-funky in November. The best plan of action: back up your computers, slow down and watch what you say. You’ll have more treats and fewer tricks if you follow that advice!


Libra - Forecasts and horoscopes

Libra: With three planets in your sign at the beginning of the month, you’re at your charming best. Your gracious ways will win many folks to your side at this time, so do work the room. BE CONFIDENT. Talk about money matters with your partner starting on the 3rd when Mercury enters your 2nd house. If you’ve been concerned about household spending, this is your chance to begin nipping problems in the bud. Pluto direct on the same day in your 4th house will help you to take charge of the family if need be. If you’ve been keeping the peace (so Libra!), you are ready to gain control. Mars will leave your 12th house of rest on the 4th and zip into your sign. This almost feels like an energy reboot. The past month has required you to rest more than usual. Now? You’re like the Ever Ready Bunny – and on a roll. Expect more pep in your step as the rest of the month moves on. Your ruling planet, Venus will be in your 2nd house beginning on the 8th. This could bring a financial upgrade – or a desire to spend on luxury items. While treating yourself might feel good, make sure you’re not splurging on crap you don’t need (your loved ones will think you’re a hypocrite if you demand they stick with a budget while you’re shopping for a Birkin bag!). The Full Moon on the 13th helps bring clarity around a relationship. You might want to have a little talk at this time. In some cases, this might also be the right day to call it quits. Finances continue to improve starting on the 23rd when the Sun joins Venus and Mercury in your 2nd house. You may see significant increases as the weeks unfold. Again, that doesn’t mean you get to go on a spending spree. It’s better to find balance. Mindfulness will ensure you don’t blow your gains. The New Moon on the 27th is ideal for asking for a raise – or starting a new, better paying job. It’s also a rad day for beginning a side hustle. If you’ve been thinking of starting your own biz, this is your day get it popping. But be aware that the 31st will deliver Mercury retrograde and it might throw a wrench in your financial plans. If you’ve been wise this month, you’ll move through November without a problem. But if you’ve been spending like a drunken sailor home on leave, you may find your pockets empty. A word to the wise: put your money aside for a rainy day. November isn’t raining money – it’s draining money instead.

Scorpio - Forecasts and horoscopes

Scorpio: Start October out quietly, dear Scorpio. Three planets resting in your 12th house as the month kicks off will set the perfect stage for a retreat. Step away from the grind. Avoid drama. Let others have the spotlight. Your time will come before the month is out. Mercury enters your sign on the 3rd, and with it comes an ability to express your self beautifully. If you’re teaching, lecturing, or involved in any work that requires public speaking, you will have the eloquence needed to make your point. Your ruler Pluto is also direct on this day, giving you the confidence to deliver bold ideas. If there was ever a time to impress folks with your ingenuity, this is it. Mars in your 12th house on the 4th is excellent for taking care of matters behind the scenes or working on top-secret projects. Eyes start to point in your direction when Venus slips into your sign on the 8th. Suddenly, the attention begins to turn, especially on the romantic front. Let your inner flirt come out to play! This is also an excellent transit for updating your look. Buy some new duds and visit the stylist for a fresh trim. You’ll feel marvelous! The Full Moon on the 13th brings closure to a work situation. If you’ve been dealing with an issue, that may get resolved. Or a project may come to a conclusion, freeing you up to explore new avenues. The Sun in your sign on the 23rd signals your birthday month has begun. Now you can step out of the shadows and stand firmly in the limelight. You’ve allowed others to take center stage and now they will graciously move out of the way for your star turn. The New Moon on the 27th is your green light to start a new chapter. Whatever intentions you set on this day are going to shift your life in exciting directions. Mercury retrograde strikes on Halloween, leading to three weeks of public gaffes and missteps. You’ll want to watch what you say and be ready to course-correct if need be. If you are running for office or trying to get some attention to your cause, a wrong word could prove fatal to your mission.

Sagittarius - Forecasts and horoscopes

Sagittarius: As the holiday season begins to creep in, invitations are already coming your way, dear Sagittarius. An active 11th house ensures your October will be more social than usual so get your Halloween costume ready and have fun! Secrets are revealed when Mercury enters your 12th house on the 3rd. You’ll be trusted with private information from various folks. They know you’re loyal to the core! Pluto will be direct on the same day. If your finances have been stalled, essential changes are on the way. You might be able to update your budget or find new ways to attract more cash. Keep in mind that you cannot be too carefree just yet. Saturn demands that you manage your moolah wisely for the rest of the year. Mars will zoom into your 11th house on the 4th, which could indicate more activities with your buddies. Dancing all night? Heading out for a weekend in Vegas? Yes, please! Do note that this transit of Mars can sometimes bring arguments with friends too. If you sense a storm is brewing, step back. Discussions with pals during a Mars transit can go sideways fast. Is it worth ruining a friendship? NOPE. Secret trysts are possible when Venus arrives in your 12th house on the 8th. You’ll want to be careful, though. If anything comes out in the open, your reputation could take a hit – especially when Mercury is retrograde at the end of the month! The Full Moon on the 13th brings closure around an old romance. If you’ve been hanging on to a former flame, you can release them once and for all today. Cut the cords, set yourself free. Put rest on the agenda when the Sun slides into your 12th house on the 23rd. You’ve been a social butterfly, but now it’s time to head into the cocoon for a few weeks. This will recharge your batteries. The New Moon on the 27th is a splendid day for soul-searching, time off, and chilling. Schedule in a little retreat for yourself. Turn off your phone and computer. Contemplate your life purpose. Let go of the past! Mercury retrograde on the 31st could bring all kinds of hidden information out in the open. If you don’t want anything to become public information, shut your trap for November. Better to say nothing and keep your street cred clean!

Capricorn - Forecasts and horoscopes

Capricorn: Your career is lit this month, dear Capricorn. A cluster of planets is sitting pretty in your 10th house at the beginning of October, making your rise to the top inevitable. You’re never afraid to be ambitious, and this month, the doors open wide, leading to a richly deserved seat at the head of the table. Network your face off starting on the 3rd when Mercury takes up residence in your 11th house. Rub elbows with hotshots, introduce yourself to interesting folks, join new social groups – this will certainly help to expand your circle of influence. Pluto is direct on the 3rd as well, giving you that power vibe. Heck, people may be dying to meet YOU. Your fame rises another notch when Mars busts a move into your 10th house on the 4th. This is your cue to lead with confidence. Take action on your old ideas. Initiate new career activities. Keep climbing, and don’t slow down! Your social life may include more romance when Venus waltzes into your friend zone. Friends with benefits? Or meeting new paramours through your pals? Perhaps. Venus in the 11th is also a reminder that you can’t be all work and no play. Carve out some playtime in your busy schedule, and you’ll enjoy October so much more (although you do enjoy grinding at the office too). The Full Moon on the 13th brings closure with a family member. You can forgive and forget – or simply choose to walk away. Friends remind you that your chosen family is there for you when the Sun moves into your 11th house on the 23rd. The support you need comes from your besties. Enjoy spending time with them as the month begins to wind down. The 27th is a super-sweet day for hosting a gathering of like-minded souls when the New Moon lights up your 11th house. Invite your favorite people over for some home-cooked ramen and wine. Stay up all night, laughing until the Sun rises. Mercury retrograde on the 31st signals a three week period where miscommunications within your social circle are possible. One wrong word could jeopardize a valued friendship. Watch what you say and err on the side of kind as much as you can. If you do hurt someone’s feelings, apologize without thinking twice. Sometimes a bit of humility can go a long way to save a friendship that matters.

Aquarius -- Forecasts and horoscopes

Aquarius: If you got bit by the travel bug last month, dear Aquarius, there is still ample time to get in some jetsetting this month too. A lively 9th house indicates the possibility of many journeys. Hit the road, Jack, but at some point, you’ll need to come back for household duties. Communication at work is also going to be important this month once Mercury settles into your 10th house. Meetings require you to be on your toes. Be ready to state your case and share your ideas. If you’re getting a job review, you’ll want to be on your best behavior now. Pluto direct in your 12th house brings results from all the inner work you’ve been doing lately. If you’ve been getting therapy, breakthroughs are on the way. If you haven’t, there is no better time than now to schedule an appointment with a trusted counselor. Mars in your 9th house on the 4th is excellent for academic success. If you’re in school, the weeks that follow could be fantastic for cramming for exams. This transit is also favorable for road trips. Either way, the energy is dynamic for learning through books or long journeys. The public loves you when Venus shimmies into your 10th house on the 8th. If you’re in the public eye, you’ll be at your charming best. Smile brightly and get ready to dazzle ‘em! You’re such a rockstar! The Full Moon on the 13th is another sweet spot for a trip. It’s an especially good day for revisiting a place that you love. Might this be the time to go back to the family homestead and see how things have changed? Get back to business on the 23rd. On that day, the Sun will be shining a bright light on you, which means you can confidently step into a more prominent role at work. There is no better time to take the lead. You’re more than ready too. The New Moon on the 27th brings a job opportunity that could take your career to new heights. This is the beginning of an exciting upturn in your career. All the hard efforts of the past year are paying off! BUT Mercury retrograde on Halloween means you have plenty of opportunities to put your foot in your mouth in November. You’ll need to be mighty cautious of what you say in public arenas. One wrong word and you could take a tumble. Best to think before you speak.

Pisces - Forecasts and horoscopes

Pisces: Get your financial house in order this month, dear Pisces. A few planets hovering in your 8th house at the beginning of October give you a nudge to organize monies and taxes. Make an effort now, and you’ll cruise through the rest of the year without too much stress. Mercury in your 9th house starting on the 3rd indicates travel may be on your mind. If you’re thinking about taking a before-the-year-ends trip, look over the budget first. If it seems like you have enough cash on hand, go ahead and book it, Dano! Pluto direct on the 3rd brings power players into your social life. If you’re networking, you could find yourself rubbing elbows with some movers and shakers. Better yet, after months of thinking about it, you’re ready to take the lead in some groups. This could elevate YOU to the leader of your pack. Mars in the 8th on the 4th could bring ambition for cash – or arguments over legacies and taxes. Put your good energy into the former and avoid the latter as much as possible. Romantic adventures are possible when Venus enters your 9th house on the 8th. A long-distance love affair? Second honeymoon? Or fling in Vegas? OH YEAH! Pay off a bill on the 13th when the Full Moon sits high in your 2nd house. This is an excellent day to get rid of an expense once and for all. It could also signal the end to a job contract, which means you could be looking for a new source of cash soon. Wanderlust kicks on the 23rd when the Sun heats up your travel sector. It’s going to be tempting to go somewhere. The New Moon on the 27th might be your best shot to take a trip. If you’re going to go anywhere this month, let that be the day. This is followed by Mercury retrograde on the 31st, which wreaks a special kind of havoc to all of your travel plans in November. Either go before then or wait until December if you wish to avoid those headaches.

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