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May 2019


With Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto retrograde, why not take time to contemplate where you are as we start easing into the middle of the year? How has your 2019 gone so far? What goals have been accomplished? Are any on hold? Review your progress and hear this: even if you’re not where you want to be, there is still time to make headway. With the Sun in Taurus at the beginning of May, the slow ’n steady approach is the way to go.

A New Moon in Taurus on the 4th is the right day for setting new money goals. This is an ideal day for creating a budget or for scheduling an appointment with your financial advisor. A new plan set on this day could bring a bigger payoff later on. The New Moon in Taurus is also most excellent for manifestation. What is your financial dream? Do you want to be debt-free? Wish to attract a better-paying job? Set your economic intentions today. 

Mercury eases into Taurus on the 6th, bringing a mindful, cautious approach to communication. Instead of the fiery and impulsive Aries vibe, we’re more thoughtful with our words. Thinking is grounded in the present moment, making it possible for ideas to become a reality. This transit can bring out stubbornness though – if you’re too fond of your own opinion, it may be difficult to hear what the other side is saying. That could lead to standoffs instead of cooperation. Watch out for that tendency if you want to get anywhere in your negotiations. 

Call it an earth trifecta when Venus joins the Taurus fun on the 15th. Venus loves being in Taurus because she rules the Bull. Pleasure is IN. Bring an element of sensuality into your love life. Linger over long, luxurious romantic dinners. Draw hot bubble baths. Throw rose petals on the bed and light the candles! GO ALL IN. Sexy times are guaranteed! This is also a “spendy” transit – while a bit of extravagance is nice be mindful of that budget you created on the 4th!

Mars will be moving into Cancer on the 15th too. While this can spur intimacy in the bedroom, it is not the best placement for Mars. This transit often makes people moody – or clingy. Which means: fights can break out over the littlest thing. Cancer throws a wet blanket over Mars’ fire, which can also lead to procrastination. If you have trouble staying motivated, blame Mars!

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th amplifies the sixth sense. This can help to uncover the truth in matters. Mysteries get solved, and issues come to the surface to be released once and for all. This is an especially useful Moon for working with a psychic. Schedule in an appointment and get ready for some clarity! What to watch out for today: paranoia and possessiveness. If you’re going that route, cut it out!

The Sun and Mercury saunter into Gemini on the 21st, lightening up the cosmic mood considerably. The weeks that follow are ideal for playing, whimsical activities, curiosity, and juicy gossip! Words are powerful – someone may spill the beans. The news in the world wide web could be especially revealing – loose lips may sink a few ships!


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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly horoscopes:


Aries - Monthly Horoscopes

Aries: Mercury and Venus in your sign at the beginning of the month coupled with the Sun in your second house of money multiplies your attraction factor times ten. Whether you’re looking for love – or want to make it rain, the Universe is ready to deliver. Use this power wisely, and you may be delighted to see what you can manifest. The New Moon on the 4th is ideal for generating new cash-making schemes or for starting a new job. This could lead to a financial boost that could move you into the black once and for all. Mercury joins the Sun on the 6th, giving you the power to negotiate a raise. You can wheel and deal for a few weeks – do not be afraid to ask for what you want. More good money news: mid-month puts Venus in your 2nd house, which can bring profit through creative means. It’s also favorable for dealing with banks or for seeking support from people of means. One caveat: you may be tempted to blow through your stash because Venus in the second house likes to spend. A little bling isn’t a bad thing but do you really need that diamond encrusted Rolly? The middle of the month also puts Mars in your domestic sector, a transit that often brings arguments with family members. Fights over money are possible. If you’re trying to rule the roost with an iron hoof, you may piss everyone off. Try to play fair – you don’t need to get your way in every situation. The Full Moon on the 18th is great for updating your budget. If you are keen on keeping your money flowing right, mark this day off in your calendar and make an appointment with your financial advisor. They might be able to help you determine where to put your money – and what to avoid. Your powers of persuasion are at an all-time high when both the Sun and Mercury blitz into your 3rd house on the 21st. You’ll have a few weeks where your ideas could attract attention. This is your chance to show your expertise. If you’ve got something important to say, get ready to make an impact! This transit is also favorable for short trips. If you need to hit the road for work or pleasure, have at it. 


Taurus - Monthly Horoscopes

Taurus: Happy birthday, dear Taurus! The Sun is shining brightly on you, putting all the attention on you. It’s well deserved. You’ve been working hard and taking some mighty significant risks. Now, your payoff comes due. The New Moon on the 4th could put the spotlight firmly on you. Which means you’ll want to upgrade your look if you’ve been sporting the same duds for too long. Use this day for a makeover and then stand tall as you take center stage. You’ll be communicating like a pro when Mercury enters your sign on the 6th. This transit gives you the gift of gab, which means you’ll be owning that main stage like a true BO$$. You can wow people with your words so do not be shy. EXPRESS YOURSELF! It gets even better when Venus glides into your sign on the 15th, boosting your attraction signal higher. That same day, Mars blitzes into your communication sector, giving you the aggressive edge. Bottom line: you can get what you want. The Universe is firmly on your side – and you’ve got the charm and moxie to make magic happen! A Full Moon on the 18th brings a relationship to a critical juncture. Do you move forth – or move on? You’ll need to consider whether this chapter is truly over or if you can make a fresh start. Money will be on your mind beginning on the 21st when the Sun and Mercury enter your 2nd house for a few weeks. You may be bringing in more dough in novel ways – or thinking of making a significant purchase. A bit of hustle on your part will give you the means to invest in your future – or in a little bling. All in all, May rocks! 

Gemini - Monthly Horoscopes

Gemini: Your energy is on overdrive for the first half of this month, dear Gemini. Mars is in your sign until the 15th – so make hay while the Sun blazes and you could make quick work of any projects on your docket. Be sure to put aside time for rest though. The Sun in your 12th house demands that you balance this firepower with healthy doses of chilling. If you can do that, you’ll be productive and avoid burn out. The New Moon on the 4th is an especially good day for pulling back to reconnect to your vision. Use that day for reflecting on your goals – and fine-tuning your bigger picture. Mercury will be in your 12th house on the 6th, which will help you to create plans for bringing this vision to life. The weeks that Mercury resides here are ideal for laying out the steps – and when the Sun is in your sign, you can blaze those trails full-on! Secret trysts are possible when Venus saunters into your 12th house on the 15th. Romantic liaisons may be hush-hush now. If you’re doing something on the down low, you may be able to keep those clandestine hookups undercover. That same day, Mars will be in your money zone, which might make you hungry for cash. Your ambitions could pay off – so don’t be afraid to hustle your tush off. Of course, you may feel like taking a risk with that extra cheddar. While Mars in the 2nd could be favorable for a bit of financial bravado, I would urge you to practice a wee bit of restraint. A Full Moon on the 18th is most excellent for finishing up work projects, client contracts, or quitting your job. If something needs to come to a close in your career, it may be the blessing you need to move on to something better. Your birthday month begins in earnest when the Sun and your ruler, Mercury head into your sign on the 21st. It’s time to par-tay! The weeks ahead belong to you – make some noise, raise the roof, and get ready for a blast of opportunity. This is YOUR TIME, babe. Know it – and own it.


Cancer - Monthly Horoscopes

Cancer: As spring gently unfolds, you’re ready to leave the nest and get more social, dear Cancer. The Sun in your 11th house promises enjoyable invites, many that are too good to pass up. A New Moon on the 4th could be an especially lovely day for a gathering. Why not create a reason to celebrate and get the whole gang together? After all, you don’t have to wait for the invitations – you can play hostess too. Conversations with your friends are bound to be lively when Mercury zips into your 11th house. The social activity is bound to be exciting wherever you go with all this cosmic fun floating around your chart! Romance with a friend is possible when Venus flutters into your social sector on the 15th. A flirtation could turn into something more. For partnered Cancers, this could signal more “date nights” with your boo instead. Either way, the second half of May could be fun and romantic! The 15th also finds Mars in your sign, giving you a bolt of energy that will help you stay up late but still manage to kill it at work the next day. The Full Moon on the 18th could signal a change in your love life. You may be ready to take things to a more significant level – or may call it quits if your relationship has been on dud status for too long. Whatever happens around that day promises to be significant – decisions are not light now. Instead of closing down the clubs, you’re ready to chill when the Sun and Mercury enter your 12th house on the 21st. After such a full social calendar, a few weeks of kicking back and resting will recharge your batteries. 


Leo - Monthly Horoscopes

Leo: The Sun is hanging out in your 10th house as May kicks off, giving you heaps of confidence. Your swagger is at an all-time high, and folks are bound to notice. At work, this bravado could lead to a promotion or public acclaim. In your personal life, you can attract all the right people to your side…or your cause.  Work your mojo! You’re unstoppable! The New Moon on the 4th may bring an opportunity that elevates your rep to superstar status. Bask in that glow and take your bows! Mercury will be joining the party on the 6th, giving you the ability to persuade others with your words. If you’re in front of the public for any reason, you will wow them. Venus sweetens things further when she visits the 10th house on the 15th. This has the effect of enhancing your reputation and making you attractive as can be. Romantic, business and social opportunities will come your way in the weeks that follow. Women may play an essential role in your success as well. This is a favorable month for seeking favors from women or people in positions of authority (if your boss identifies as female, they could be especially helpful at this time). The 15th also finds Mars moving into your rest zone for a few weeks. This transit is excellent for work done in secret. If you’re trying to keep something from prying eyes or want to avoid confrontation, you’ll have a few good weeks to keep things under wraps. The Full Moon on the 18th is the right time to finish up home improvement projects – or to close real estate deals. It’s also a perfect day for decluttering your nest. If you have too much stuff, use this day for a good purge. Your social life will be heating up when the Sun and Mercury zoom into your 11th house on the 21st. Suddenly, you’re the life of the party and on everyone’s invite list. May is undoubtedly one of the best months of the year for you, dear Leo. Enjoy all the attention – and don’t forget to STRUT.

Virgo - Monthly Horoscopes

Virgo: You can get all of your summer travel plans in order this month, dear Virgo. The Sun is casting a bright light on your 9th house, creating the best conditions for travel. Even if you’re not going just yet, you can create an agenda now (you love order!). The New Moon on the 4th would be a super day for a quick jaunt to somewhere fun. If you can make that weekend available to jet off, you’ll be glad you did. Mercury and Venus will be joining the 9th house on the by mid-month, creating the perfect conditions for any sort of adventure – even a romantic one! As you can see, May is shaping up to be the month to roam! Mars enters your friend zone on the 15th, activating your social calendar. As the weather begins to warm, you’re ready for fun with your friends. If you’re thinking about hosting a springtime soiree at your crib, go for it! The Full Moon on the 18th signals the completion of a learning experience. This day could see you graduating from a program – or finishing up an online course. It’s also possible that you may receive important news around this day – pay attention! Your attention turns to career when the Sun and Mercury hop into your 10th house on the 21st. You’ll have a few weeks to impress the top dogs. Do not hesitate to bring your brilliance on full display. Lead with your ideas. Show them what you’re made of. A confident approach could bring the kudos – and a new opportunity. 


Libra - Forecasts and horoscopes

Libra: The Sun is hitting your 8th house, creating dynamic energy around business, joint finances, and sex. You could be getting close ’n personal with your money – or with a partner. Whether you’re co-mingling resources or bodily fluids, this transit of the Sun adds intensity and heat. Which means: relationships could catch fire. Joint finances and corporate expenses could be improving. In other words: you’ve got plenty of opportunity to up your income, get paid, or get laid. The New Moon on the 4th is a potent day for intimacy. A little vulnerability might bring closeness. This day is also marvelous for creating a new financial plan. Set a goal, lay out the steps, and then move forth with confidence. Mercury and Venus will both be in the 8th house by mid-month, elevating the pillow talk in the most delightful way. You can let your honey know precisely what turns you on – and vice versa. These two planets also bring possibilities for business opportunities and financial negotiations in your favor. Mars will begin tearing through your 10th house on the 15th, bringing your career ambitions into full blast. You’ll be hungry for success, and willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. There is a steady climb up over the weeks that follow but do keep your aggression in check. If you’re coming on too strong, people may assume you’re a dick – and shy away from helping you succeed. The Full Moon on the 18th brings closure to a financial situation. This could be the day where you pay off a loan or finalize an agreement. It’s also possible that you may clear up a financial misunderstanding with a loved one. The 21st puts the Sun and Mercury in your 9th house, creating the right vibe for some summer travel. Adventure awaits! Grab the passport, book a flight, and indulge your wanderlust!


Scorpio - Forecasts and horoscopes

Scorpio: It’s time to put your relationships on blast, dear Scorpio. The Sun in your 7th house can bring powerful connections – or competition. How this plays out is going to be determined by your willingness to cooperate while maintaining your own identity. The New Moon on the 4th opens up the door for a new relationship or a new level. If you’re single, an exciting person may show up around this day. Already partnered? Let go of your fears and take the next big step. Mercury and Venus will be joining the 7th house by the middle of May, upping the communication and romance factor. You can speak the language of love like a pro which can take you to total player status or help you to say what you want. Start planning your travels when Mars enters your 9th house on the 15th. This is the perfect transit for a road trip or an adventure to somewhere off the beaten path. If you’ve ever wanted to climb a mountain or visit a temple in a remote location, this might be the right time to make that happen. The Full Moon on the 18th signals an opportunity to stand out as an individual. Let go of other people’s perceptions of what you are – or should be. Allow your real self to emerge. If you’re thinking about decluttering your wardrobe, this would also be the right day for a total Marie Kondo! Finances need your attention when the Sun and Mercury commingle in your 8th house. Look at where you’re making money or blowing it fast. Clean up your budget and pay down debts. The power is in your hands for the weeks ahead. If you want to get your cash flow moving in a better direction, the decisions you make going forward could determine the outcome. Choose wisely and don’t spend it all in one place.


Sagittarius - Forecasts and horoscopes

Sagittarius: Work promises to be booming, dear Sagittarius. The Sun is hanging around in your 6th house, giving you the chance to take the lead on important projects. You could lead your team to a sweet victory if you’re willing to step up to the plate. The New Moon on the 4th could reveal an opportunity to rise up to the next level. It’s possible that you may receive a promising lead on a better job – or you may get a nod from the boss that signals a promotion is on the horizon. This is also a fabulous day to get back on the fitness wagon if you’ve fallen off. Create a workout plan you can actually stick to – and proceed with gusto! Things continue to move in your favor when Mercury and Venus slip into your 6th house by mid-month. You can wow ‘em at work, so max this energy out and you could be in a sweet spot before May comes to a close. Negotiate for the best – authority figures are on your side! Mars will also be in your 8th house on the 15th, giving you the power to cut the best deals. Whether you’re trying to haggle for a bigger raise or handle a loan, you can bargain your way into the most favorable position. Take the 18th off if you can. The Full Moon will be sitting in your 12th house of rest, excellent for a bit of self-care. Schedule in time for a “me day” and do something to pamper your spirit. Turn the phone off and let Calgon take you away! Start thinking about love when the Sun and Mercury migrate into your 7th house on the 21st. If you’ve been putting off making a move or a commitment, the weeks ahead are superb for getting your game on. Say hello to that hottie at the coffee shop. Update your online dating profile. Get your flirt on! If you’re already in a relationship, might it be time to put a ring on it or do something to make it official? If it’s going good, why not take the next big step? 


Capricorn - Forecasts and horoscopes

Capricorn: May could be a fresh start in the ole love life, dear Capricorn. The Sun is heating your 5th house up, creating the best conditions to express your feelings. If you’ve been crushing hard on that certain someone, speak up! Let them know that you’re interested. No need to play coy. The New Moon on the 4th is an especially good day for starting a new relationship. If you’re single, hit the town this weekend. Put on your finest threads and strut your stuff. Work the room and get some digits! This flirty energy continues – and becomes more effective when Mercury and Venus slide into the 5th house by the middle of the month. Your phone could be blowing up with lots of requests for dates. You might just discover that there are plenty of fish in the sea – and they are all looking for a bite. If you’re already partnered, then all this romantic action could mean more date nights with your bae and lots of sizzle in the bedroom. Mars adds to the sexy times when it heads into your 7th house on the 15th. Capricorns are ready to GET IT ON. HELL YEAH! The Full Moon on the 18th could bring a change in a friendship. Most likely this will be an ending of some sort. For example, a friend could move away – or you could be ready to ditch that Debbie Downer who’s been throwing shade your way. Get back to work when the Sun and. Mercury enters your 6th house on the 21st. The weeks that follow bring a lot of activity – and excitement – on the job. You’ll be busier than ever with no time to be bored. You’re always happiest when your work life is mentally stimulating or giving you a chance to flex your ambition. As June looms, you’re killing it at the office, leaving everyone in awe of your talents. Shine bright like a diamond! 


Aquarius -- Forecasts and horoscopes

Aquarius: Home is where your heart is this month, dear Aquarius. The Sun in the 4th gives warmth to your relationships with your family and puts you at the center of all domestic things. Your loved ones could be leaning on you, or you may be getting your spring cleaning on. Heck, maybe you’re creating order in the home so you can have the family over for some summer fun! If you’re thinking of buying a home or making a change to your family, the New Moon on the 4th opens the door for these dreams to become real. Mercury and Venus will enter your 4th house by the middle of the month, perfect for gatherings in your crib. Throw a party, celebrate the gorgeous weather, support the ones you love the most. It’s all good, yo. Ambitions rise on the 15th when Mars races into your 6th house, setting off a swift upward climb. You’re ready to assume more power – and willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Ruthless? Perhaps. But sometimes we need to get a bit aggressive in order to rise. This is your time to do just that. The Full Moon on the 18th may clear the way for your biggest aspirations. Whatever door opens around that time could turn out to be auspicious indeed. Romance enters the picture when the Sun and Mercury join forces in your 5th house on the 21st. If you’ve been sitting on the fence post hoping that Mr. or Ms. Right was going to appear magically, the time for that waffling is over. If you want love, you have to take action. Be bold! If you apply the same level of focus to your love life as you do to your profession, you can win in that department too. 


Pisces - Forecasts and horoscopes

Pisces: You are known for your creativity, and this month, you have a chance to share your brilliance with the world. The Sun is sitting squarely in your 3rd house, ideal for self-promotion. Express your ideas. Let people see what you’re conjuring up. Applause is sure to follow. The New Moon on the 4th brings a fresh insight – one that could be profitable. Pay attention to your thoughts on that day because you may be on to something. Mercury and Venus will be cruising through your 3rd house by the middle of the month, perfect for short trips or writing. (A writing retreat? YES, please.) Mars leaps into your romance sector on the 15th, turning up the heat to red-hot. If you’ve been going through a dry spell, you’re about to get some long-overdue excitement. Mark the 18th on your calendar – a Full Moon in the 9th house would be lovely for a quick romantic getaway. Grab your partner and slip away to somewhere intimate – and watch the sparks fly. When you return, start working on creating the perfect home zone for all that lovin’ when the Sun and Mercury enter your 4th house on the 21st. You’ll have a few weeks to transform your crib into a love nest. Declutter every room, paint a wall and spruce it up to your heart’s content. Marie Kondo’s got nothing on you! 

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