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August provided an astrological respite. The planets were reasonably quiet last month, but September brings a few storms on the horizon…and things won’t be calm until November comes to a close. So take a deep breath, grab a cuppa joe, and read on:

All the outer planets are retrograde at the start of the month. While two will station direct before August is over, Mars will station retrograde, which could bring trouble. 

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 2nd brings a dreamy, creative vibe as the month starts to unroll. Imagination goes deep, and we’re all envisioning what we want our world to look like. Emotions run wild today, and intuition will help see what’s real…and what’s not. Creative projects come to completion, allowing space for new seeds to be planted. Be tender with yourself and others. Stay hydrated, rest up, and practice extreme self-care. Because soon… you’ll need to have your head in the game. 

Social justice is the topic du jour when Mercury enters Libra on the 5th. The demands for fairness will be louder. There is no more dancing around the issues. The news cycle may be focused on equality and doing the right thing. Libra wants peace, but as the saying goes: no justice, no peace. On a personal note, tact goes far during this transit. If you’re going to get your point across, think about how your words may land. While there is nothing wrong with ruffling a feather or two, any attempt to manipulate will backfire.  

The 6th finds Venus roaring into Leo, adding passion to romantic encounters. If you have been in a dry spell, this transit brings the late summer heat! Do your part to keep the spark lit. Big, bold romantic gestures will ensure the flame stays lit. 

Heads up: Mars stations retrograde on the 9th until November 13th. Mars retrograde is ideal for examining our relationship to aggression and ambition. How do you deal with conflict? Are you direct, or do you run from confrontation? Are you a bully or a coward? Do you step on people on the way to the top or lift others up? Do you have healthy boundaries that protect you from belligerent types? Ponder those questions for the next few months – and be ready to make a change if you’re not happy with how you’re handling your anger and assertiveness. During this transit, you’ll want to avoid starting a new business, getting elective surgery, filing a lawsuit, or getting into a war. This is NOT the time to pick a fight. Whichever side does, loses. The best plan during this retrograde: slow the hell down and err on the side of caution, especially if you’re feeling triggered. 

After months of retrograde action, Jupiter will be direct on the 12th. You’ve had a few months to gather knowledge and broaden your horizons. As the rest of 2020 unfurls, you have opportunities to share your wisdom and refine your philosophy. Jupiter is still in Capricorn until the end of the year, so this might also be a strong few months to consider your role in shaping the government. You’ve had a few months to ponder the bigger picture – if you don’t like how your country is going, take a stand. 

The New Moon in Virgo on the 17th is super sweet for applying for new jobs, updating your health care regime, and decluttering your life. A clean sweep solves all! Clear the dust, open the windows, and let the old vibes go!

When the Sun shifts into Libra on the 22nd, the drumbeat around social justice becomes louder as election season picks up steam. The issues are on the table – and everyone wants a say. Fairness, compromise, and diplomacy could restore balance. There may be times when that delicate balance is disrupted, too. Still, sometimes that is necessary before harmony can be found.  

Conversations are deeper than the ocean when Mercury enters Scorpio on the 27th. There is nothing superficial about this transit of the messenger god! Intimacy is in – and the chance to get closer than ever is present if you listen as well as you speak. This is an intense few weeks for research. If you need to get to the bottom of matters, a thorough search will bring the truth to the surface.  

Saturn will be direct on the 29th, and now we can get to work on dismantling the old structures to build better ones. This year has been rough, but we’re beginning to see that a collective effort to create a fair and equitable foundation that supports all folks is possible. We’ve got work to do, Jon Snow. Get the dragon glass ready, and let’s GO! 

Psst…October is going to be hella interesting because it starts with a Full Moon and ends with one on Halloween. Spooky or a total game-changer? Maybe both. 

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly horoscopes:

Aries - Monthly Horoscopes
Aries: Work matters need your attention this month, dear Aries. A few situations may be testing your resolve, but the Sun and Mercury dancing in your 6th house give you the ability to stand tall and take command. Your powers of persuasion allow you to convince even the toughest customer to come to your side. A slew of planets retrograde in your 10th house means your rep is on the line so you cannot afford to mess up. The Full Moon on the 2nd reveals information that could be crucial. If you receive top-secret updates, keep those under your hat. Negotiate contracts and partnerships when Mercury slips into your 7th house on the 5th. If there is a deal to be made, you’ll want to look over all the details first. This transit also gives you the power of romantic gab when Venus shimmies into your 5th house on the 6th. Suddenly you’re hot to trot, and your game is on fire! You can get lots of play if you max your flirting out. But watch your aggression when your ruling planet, Mars, stations retrograde on the 9th. If you’re too pushy or impulsive in any situation – romantic or otherwise – you might burn the bridge to a crisp. Jupiter direct on the 12th signals an expansion in your visibility. As the rest of 2020 unfolds, you’ll have ample opportunities to get the spotlight trained on you. Handle that right, and your star power will rise to dizzying new heights! The New Moon on the 17th opens up an exciting new career door for you. This could be the deal you’ve been waiting for. Be ready to say yes and step up to the next level! Dynamic people will be supporting you when the Sun heads into your partnership zone on the 22nd. Suddenly, you’re surrounded by the winners. But take note: you’re one too! Schedule in an appointment with a financial advisor on the 27th when Mercury sits for a few weeks in your 8th house. This is the best time of the year to get your money in order. Organize your taxes, receipts, and bills – and revamp the budget. Do that, and you’ll finish strong this year! Saturn will be direct on the 29th, and with that comes the prestige you crave. Your hard work will continue to pay off handsomely, so don’t stop now. You’ve got a ladder to climb!
Taurus - Monthly Horoscopes

Taurus: Romance could be on the upswing this month, dear Taurus. With the Sun and Mercury holding court in your 5th house at the beginning of September, you may be able to get something happening in the realm of love. This requires a bit of boldness on your part. Take command, and you’ll be getting your groove on! The Full Moon on the 2nd reveals something about a friend. You may have a frenemy or secret admirer in your circle. Maybe both. Whatever is uncovered may change a friendship forever. Bring your best ideas to the office when Mercury glides into your work sector on the 5th. Your ability to convey information at this time will open doors for you. Don’t hold back – share your visions, and you’ll be leading the pack in short order. Start beautifying your nest when Venus crosses into your 4th house on the 6th. You’ve got a few good weeks to get your fall decorating updated. If you want to purchase something special for your home, September finds you with the means to do so. Mars retrograde in your 12th house starting on the 9th allows for deep introspection. If you’ve ignored the inner work, you won’t be able to once this retrograde kicks in. Get to the root of the issues, and you could experience an awakening. The work won’t be easy, but it will be worth it! Feeling cooped up? Jupiter direct on the 12th is your green light to begin planning a few end-of-the-year trips. You don’t need to go far, either. Even a short hike to the city next door could satisfy your wanderlust. On the 17th, the New Moon paves the way for a fresh romantic start. This could be a new relationship – or a chance to get it right with a current boo. Yay for love! Smart moves made earlier in the month bring recognition when the Sun migrates into your 6th house. Be as ambitious as you want now because you’re on the come up! When Mercury crosses into your 7th house, you can negotiate a bigger salary and more. Saturn direct on the 29th says: you’re going places. The future is yours for the taking, and the roads are wide open. Where do you want to go from here?

Gemini - Monthly Horoscopes

Gemini: Home is where your heart is at the moment, dear Gemini. The Sun is hanging close at the homestead with your ruling planet Mercury at the start of September, which means you may be spending a lot more time chilling in your crib. This could be due to social distancing mandates, or you might just be sick of people for a bit. It’s also possible that your loved ones may need your attention. It’s all good. The Full Moon on the 2nd allows you to put the finishing touches on a project or some part of your career. You’re tying up loose ends to make way for a fresh start. It may be hard to see how this is shaking out, but your faith will help you find the new path soon enough. If you’re having trouble in love land, you can begin talking it out when Mercury steps into your 5th house on the 5th. You’ll have a few good weeks to clear the air and upgrade your flirting. Meow! Even better: Venus will be in your 3rd house on the 6th, giving you lots of romantic ideas that will get your significant other or new paramour swooning! You’ve got game in September, Gemini! Friendships will require special handling when Mars stations retrograde in your 11th house on the 9th. Arguments could erupt out of nowhere, and you may see a few people leave your orbit. This is an excellent period for getting aggressive with your “friends” list on social media. If someone has been a pain or throwing shade, get rid of them. Don’t keep haters or fakes around. Instead, surround yourself with healthy, heart-centered folks. It will make you happier. Finances being to shift in a positive direction when Jupiter turns direct on the 12th. If you’ve been barely getting by, your luck is about to change. A new job or other sources of income could open up in the next few months, putting you back on track once and for all. Looking for a new home? You can find your ideal pad when the New Moon illuminates a fresh possibility on the 17th. This would be a fab day to purchase real estate, sign a new lease, or renovate your current crib. Love heats up and deepens when the Sun blazes into your 5th house on the 22nd. All that effort you’ve been doing starts to bring the sizzle up to new levels! Single Geminis may make a genuine connection while partnered Twins may feel closer than ever to their current squeeze. Work meetings require your genius starting on the 27th when Mercury takes a tour through your 6th house. Suddenly, you’re in the middle of all the action, sharing your ideas and impressing the top brass. You’re in your element, so speak up and let your originality shine! Saturn direct on the 19th brings new fiscal discipline, making it totally possible to get debt free before the year comes to a close. All in all, September rocks!

Cancer - Monthly Horoscopes

Cancer: Your ability to express yourself has never been higher than now, dear Cancer! You’ve got the Sun and Mercury in your 3rd house at the beginning of September, giving you a dynamic tone that captures everyone’s attention. You may have more than one exciting announcement to deliver before the month is out – and rest assured, all ears and eyes are on you. The Full Moon on the 2nd is ideal for a day off. If you can slip away for a little r ’n r, do it. It will do you good. Your home becomes a hotbed of activity and spirited conversations when Mercury takes up residence in your 4th house. There will be many folks coming and going for the weeks that follow, not to mention a few heated debates! Finances improve when Venus saunters into your money sector on the 6th. If you’ve been struggling, this marks a turnaround. You may receive positive financial news before the month is out. But be careful that you don’t spend it as fast as it comes in, especially on crap you don’t need. Mars retrograde in your 10th house starting on the 9th could put stiff competition in your work orbit. A few aggressive types may be coming for your crown. You’ll need to hustle hard to remain on top. You’ll also want to watch that you don’t do something impulsive that hurts your rep. The public is watching you – and one wrong move could cause long term harm. Relationships get an upgrade when Jupiter stations direct on the 12th. If you’ve been stuck in limbo this summer, finally, there is movement. You’ll see where you stand – and perhaps take a romance to the next level. Single Cancers should cast their net wide now – there may be more than a few tasty nibbles as the rest of the year unfolds. The New Moon on the 17th brings a big announcement. This could be a new opportunity that takes you in a whole different (and better) direction. Host late summer gatherings at your pad when the Sun settles in your 4th house on the 22nd. A few nights on the patio, watching the sunset with your favorite people will create lasting memories. Mercury in your 5th house on the 27th bodes well for productive romantic conversations. Be clear about what you want, and you may be able to find a compromise. When Saturn turns direct on the 29th, you can make it official – and start building your dream together. For Cancers who are hitting the dating circuit, a serious contender for your heart may emerge in the weeks ahead.

Leo - Monthly Horoscopes

Leo: The cosmos wants your attention on your finances this month, dear Leo. Your ruling planet, the Sun, is sitting in your 2nd house with Mercury at the beginning of September, which means your hustle could pay off handsomely. You’ll have smart ideas that could generate more revenue. Pursue them with gusto and make your dough rise! The Full Moon on the 2nd brings closure to a financial situation. This could be the day you pay off a bill or finalize a loan. It’s also possible that you may find a tax loophole that could save you big bucks later on. Short trips may be on the docket for a few weeks when Mercury heads into your 3rd house on the 5th. If you’re thinking of taking a quick weekend away, go forth and enjoy yourself. Adorn yourself with new threads and some bling when Venus is in your sign on the 6th. A fresh look could get more heads turning your way (although you never seem to have trouble with that). Problems with education and long-distance travel arise when Mars stations retrograde in your 9th house on the 9th. Frustrating delays and setbacks could have you wondering if you’re making the right move. Don’t give up. Instead, cultivate an attitude of patience. These obstacles will not remain for long. Work opportunities expand when Jupiter stations direct on the 12th. If you feel stagnant in your career, you can begin searching for something bigger. Update your resume and then get out there! You may land something better before 2020 comes to a close. The New Moon on the 17th brings excellent news about money. Be on high alert for a lucky break or new source of income. Express your authority with courage when the Sun heats up your 3rd house starting on the 22nd. You’ve got a few weeks where you can make some noise and wow the masses. Leo writers: this is your chance to put your work out there too. If you’re thinking about moving or buying a home, wait until Mercury crosses into your domestic sector on the 27th. This will help you negotiate deals with ease. Mercury in the 4th is also lovely for hosting small gatherings at your crib. Perhaps you might want to invite the family over for a little barbecue before the cool temps set in? Saturn direct on the 29th gives you the discipline to succeed at work or on health goals. Your winning mindset and perseverance will take you to the finish line beautifully. GO YOU!

Virgo - Monthly Horoscopes

Virgo: You’ve got the Sun and Mercury in your sign as September kicks off, which means: you’re in your element. This is Virgo season, the time of the year when all eyes are on you. Stand tall and don’t be afraid to toot your horn. You’ve been working hard this year under tougher-than-usual circumstances. If anyone deserves a pat on the back or a lucky break, it’s you! A Full Moon on the 2nd brings closure to relationships that no longer serve you. If there is anyone in your orbit who doesn’t appreciate you, it’s time to bid them adieu. Clear that space so you can fill it with folks who “get” you. Be ready to negotiate money matters when your ruling planet, Mercury, heads into your 2nd house on the 5th. If you’re trying to work out details for a raise, new job, or any sort of deal, your persuasiveness and logic will ensure you get what you want. Romance goes on the down-low when Venus slips into your 12th house on the 6th. You might begin a secret affair at that time, or an ex may resurface when it’s most inconvenient. You’ll want to be careful though – word could get out, and your rep could take a hit. This is especially true when Mars stations retrograde on the 9th. Your sex life could end up becoming public knowledge during this transit, so you’ll want to remain discreet. Mars retrograde could also bring conflicts with inheritances, joint finances, and taxes. When it comes to sex or money, you’ll defo want to play it cool if you wish to avoid drama! Jupiter direct on the 12th could expand your romantic life in exciting new ways (more partners?), or it could indicate a bigger family. If you’ve been thinking about adding a new member of the family to your household, this could be perfect timing, provided it doesn’t complicate other matters. The New Moon on the 17th in your sign could be stellar for debuting a new look. Chop off your mane, throw on a funky t-shirt, and say hello to the world! Ambition for cash accelerates when the Sun zips into your 2nd house on the 22nd. You’ll have a few strong weeks for making more cheddar, so set your sights on the number you want and go for that gold! Mercury in your 3rd on the 27th is dope for studying, short trips, gossip, and writing. These activities will keep your mind busy, which always makes you happy. Saturn direct on the 29th says, “start making a decision about romance or children.” No more fooling around… it’s time to get serious.

Libra - Forecasts and horoscopes

Libra: Take it slow this month, dear Libra. The Sun and Mercury are resting up in your 12th house as September rolls in, creating the perfect climate for a chill start to the month. When the Sun heads into your sign on the 22nd, Libra season will be in full swing. Conserve your energy for then. Schedule in an appointment with your health care practitioner on the 2nd when the Full Moon lights up your 6th house. If you’ve neglected your body, there is no better time than making changes around this day. It’s never too late to get on the right path! Mercury in your sign on the 5th helps you to find the right words at the right time. If you’re in the public eye, you’ll be sharp as the finest cheddar. Expect plenty of applause for your brilliance the few weeks that Mercury hangs here. Your social life gets busy with galas and soirees when Venus waltzes into your friendship sector on the 6th. You’ll be on everyone’s “must invite” list, so be ready for a whirlwind few weeks of exciting engagements (don’t forget your mask!). Mars retrograde in your 7th house beginning on the 9th could bring challengers out of the closet. A few folks are coming for your crown, so be ready to get on the offense. They’ll try hard to knock you down, but if you can remain centered, they’ll learn how tough you are. Jupiter direct on the 12th puts the solid support of your family behind you. Loved ones will be helping you to achieve your biggest goals to date. This could also be an incredible few months to upgrade your lair. A fresh coat of paint or new furniture might class up the joint! Schedule in time for yourself on the 17th when the New Moon hides out in your 12th house. Pamper yourself with a massage, facial, or long, hot soak in the tub. Turn off the phone and enjoy some silence. It will do your nerves good. That pampering will also have you energized for Libra season, which begins on the 22nd. You’ll be getting the star treatment wherever you go for the four weeks that follow. Shine on, like the bright diamond you are – and let the world celebrate your fabulousness! Money discussions will be vital going into the fall when Mercury zips into your 2nd house on the 27th. Whether you’re talking with your partner or a financial advisor, you’ll have a few weeks to get your cash flow right. (Psst…it might be a smart time to ask for a promotion or raise your rates!) When Saturn is direct on the 29th, you may find yourself with increased responsibilities on the home front. Keeping that work-life balance will be challenging, but if you are willing to ask for help, you can find your groove.

Scorpio - Forecasts and horoscopes

Scorpio: As the weather begins to cool, you’re ready to leave your bat cave and socialize dear Scorpio. You’ve got the Sun and Mercury dancing through your 11th house at the beginning of September, which makes you ready to mingle with your buddies. Whether you’re hitting the dance floor (with a mask) or hosting a teeny gathering in your backyard, it feels good to see other people! The Full Moon on the 2nd brings the end of a creative project or romantic dry spell. Suddenly, you’ve got time on your hands and romance on the brain! With that social atmosphere that September is delivering, you might be getting more action. Everyone starts sharing their deepest secrets with you beginning on the 5th when Mercury eases into your 12th house. You are the best secret-keeper of the zodiac, so you’ll have no trouble keeping your mouth shut. At work, you’ll be getting lots of positive feedback when Venus enters your 10th house on the 6th. For the weeks that Venus lingers here, your charm will help you climb the company ladder. Success is yours for the taking! This is also a superb time for revealing a new website or dating profile to the world too. Let everyone see your awesomeness. We want to! Your ruler, Mars, will be retrograde beginning on the 9th, which could bring a few snafus at work. A project may get stalled, or a competitor may be coming for your crown. Handle all of this with grace. Do not let your impulse or temper get the best of you. A cool head will assure that your rise to the top doesn’t get sidelined. Jupiter direct on the 12th brings opportunities to expand your mind through short trips or online classes. If you’ve been feeling mentally stagnant, this is a welcome turn. Scorpio authors could be enjoying new levels of success as the rest of the year unfurls. Your words are your fortune now – so keep writing and sharing! The New Moon on the 17th is most excellent for a late summer party. Why not throw together a dinner date at your crib to celebrate your recent successes? Start simmering down when the Sun chills out in your 12th house on the 22nd. Schedule in plenty of alone time (your favorite thing). After such a social month, you need to recuperate. Nothing does that better than strategic time outs. Turn off the phone, get off the internet, and disappear into a good book! Mercury will be in your sign on the 27th, which could give you the confidence to express your loftiest ideas to the world. If you’re in a debate, you’ll be on your toes and winning every word battle. Saturn direct on the 29th makes you the serious contender and the one to beat. Chances are, you’ll be unstoppable. Just remember to give yourself plenty of “me” time until the Sun is in your sign later in October.

Sagittarius - Forecasts and horoscopes

Sagittarius: The Sun and Mercury are in your reputation sector as the month kicks off, dear Sagittarius. This means the spotlight is on you – and you have a chance to get the applause you deserve. Step up to the mic and let the world see how awesome you are! (We’re cheering you on from the sidelines!) A Full Moon in your 4th house on the 2nd brings resolution to a family situation. If something has been bugging you, the all-clear is here. Mercury will energize your social life, starting on the 5th when it prances into your 11th house. Expect lots of invites flowing your way for the rest of the month! This is also a great time to catch up with old pals. Reach out and find out what’s up with your besties! Schedule in a romantic holiday when Venus moves into your 9th house on the 6th. A little getaway in the weeks ahead could be excellent for bonding. Mars retrograde on the 9th could bring issues with romance. If you’re harboring any anger about a situation, you’ll want to cool off before taking action. A bit of impulse or aggression could burn a bridge you’re trying to build. Finances improve when Jupiter stations direct on the 12th. If your expenses were on the high side lately, you’ll be able to recoup. A new career possibility opens up around the New Moon on the 17th. This could be a promotion, a new job, or a contract. Things are looking up! With the Sun heading into your 11th house on the 22nd, you’ll have plenty of reasons to keep on celebrating. Everyone starts revealing their secrets when Mercury hides out in your 12th house beginning on the 27th. You may be privy to a scandal or two. Keep those confidences to yourself. As the saying goes: loose lips sink ships! Take stock of your budget when Saturn turns direct on the 29th. With the holidays just around the corner, are you ready? If not, you may need to apply a little fiscal discipline. Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind for the best results!

Capricorn - Forecasts and horoscopes

Capricorn: The month begins with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto retrograde in your sign, which could make you feel a bit more internal than usual. As September progresses, two of those bad boys will be direct, which could find you moving back into the public eye or debuting a whole new you. You’re also able to broaden your horizons through travel or study. The Sun and Mercury are transiting your 9th house, creating plenty of opportunities to see the world and expand yourself through educational opportunities. The Full Moon on the 2nd could find you completing a test or certification. Chances are, you’ll ace it! Mercury in your 10th house on the 5th brings important communication at work. Meetings could be tense, but you can make this work in your favor by taking the lead and sharing practical strategies. Sexual intimacy heats up when Venus settles down in your 8th house. You’ll have weeks to get cozy and close with your boo. This period could also be tempting for luxury splurges. While it’s nice to treat yourself, make sure you don’t squander all your rubber bands on things you don’t really need. Mars retrograde in your domestic sector on the 9th puts the spotlight on the old family of origin drama. Issues that were long past the expiration date come up for review. A few loved ones seem to be holding on to crap – you’ll need to be the bigger person if you wish to get past this. Watch out for belligerent arguments about politics and other hot topics. Too much aggression and a family alliance could blow to smithereens. Jupiter direct on the 12th puts you in a jovial mood. Your confidence increases, and you’ve got a spring back in your step. No matter what’s happening in the world, you’re leveling up. Others will admire your moxie (and some will secretly want to be you). The New Moon on the 17th is cool AF for a trip. If you can get the time off, go somewhere exciting and paint the town red! Get back to work when the Sun puts the pedal to the metal in your 10th house. You’ve got a few weeks to blaze trails and lead! Stand tall, take command, and show ’em how it’s done. (The admirers are bound to grow.) Start sending out invitations to celebrate your success when Mercury heads into your 11th house on the 27th. You’re in the mood to party, and why not? You deserve to revel in your wins! Your ruling planet, Saturn, will be direct on the 29th, finishing the month on a sweet note. You’ve come a long way, baby, and now get ready to show the world where you’re heading next (to the top)!

Aquarius -- Forecasts and horoscopes

Aquarius: Issues around intimacy and money may be on the docket as September rolls in, dear Aquarius. If you’re sharing your resources or bed with anyone, you’ll need to get clear on what you need to feel secure. The Sun and Mercury will help you find the courage to speak from your heart. Even if these are tough subjects, you can find the words. The Full Moon on the 2nd could reveal a hidden source of income – or an expense you weren’t aware of. You’ll want to go over your bank statements carefully that day. Feeling cooped up? Plan far-flung adventures when Mercury zooms into your 9th house for a few weeks. This is an excellent transit for getting travel plans in order, so indulge the ole wanderlust any way you want! Romance improves when Venus spends time in your 7th house beginning on the 6th. If you’ve been in a dry spell or having trouble in a relationship, Venus will up your game and bring a feeling of harmony. Mars retrograde on the 9th could bring hidden aggression to the surface. Why you so mad? Most likely, you’ve been stuffing your feelings again, and now they want out. You’ll need to be honest about what makes you angry if you wish to clear the air with anyone. That being said, watch out for a tendency to jump to conclusions. A decision made in the heat of the moment could alter things permanently. Jupiter will be direct on the 12th, perfect for working on yourself. Spiritual retreats, therapy, or sabbaticals will help you unravel those knots and find clarity. The New Moon on the 17th opens a major new financial door for you. This is good news, indeed! A promising opportunity arrives, and suddenly your revenue is looking up! Set your sights on warm shores when the Sun hangs out in your travel zone starting on the 22nd. As the summer begins to wind down, you might want to catch a few rays…or waves. At work, you’ll be fielding important calls and power meetings when Mercury steps into your 10th house on the 27th. Find the balance between your professional and inner life through long weekends spent chilling out and looking within. Saturn direct on the 29th starts showing the results from all that hard work you’ve been doing on you. At the end of the year, a new you is about to emerge. Keep going. Your evolution is almost complete.

Pisces - Forecasts and horoscopes

Pisces: Love is in the air, dear Pisces. Venus in your 5th house while the Sun and Mercury palling around in your 7th? That’s the perfect recipe for amour in September! Ooh la la! Start your month off with some back rubs, long conversations, and sensual nights. It feels good to get it on, yo! The Full Moon on the 2nd in your sign is super-sweet for revealing something about yourself to the world. We want to see what you’re all about, so don’t hold back! Schedule in a session with a financial advisor when Mercury heads into your 8th house on the 5th. If you’re not happy with your money, you may be able to negotiate better rates or a loan. Get fiscally smart now, and you’ll sail through the rest of the year like a champ. Work relationships will be harmonious thanks to Venus slipping into your 6th house on the 6th. No matter what problems may be on the docket, teamwork ensures the wrinkles get smoothed out beautifully. You’ll want to keep your spending in check when Mars stations retrograde on the 9th. Unexpected expenses may arise, while impulse buys lead to regrets. The more mindful you are, the better off you’ll be. If you owe money, this might be the right time to get to work on that debt repayment plan. If anyone owes you, time to collect that pretzel money! Your social life livens up when Jupiter turns direct on the 12th. If you’ve been socially distant, now you can gather your friends (safely, of course) for some late summer feasts. The 17th brings a New Moon into your partnership sector, which could mean a new love interest or a change for the better in a current situation. Your sex life gets hot when the Sun burns brightly in your 8th house beginning on the 22nd. Like I said: love is in the air and now the atmosphere SMOLDERS. Yum! Opportunities for short trips start to pop up when Mercury zooms into your 9th house on the 27th. It’s tempting to hit the road, but does it make sense for your budget? If it does, go forth and see the world! If it doesn’t, find other, less expensive ways to broaden your horizons. Saturn direct on the 29th allows you to see who your real friends are. The true pals are by your side while the fakes…well, who cares where they are. Bye Felicias!

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