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September 2019

With so many planets in earth signs at the beginning of September, we’re all feeling grounded as can be. The Virgo stellium will keep us all productive as he month marches on but mid-month, the planets shift into Libra, bringing a breath of fresh air.

A Full Moon in Pisces on the 14th heightens intuition – and emotions. Everyone is super-sensitive on this day, so be tender. Trust your gut and be ready to gently enforce your boundaries if need be. Dreams on this day could be prophetic. Write them down in a journal and watch what unfolds later. If you can, take this day off for self-care. A spiritual retreat would be ideal. 

Both Mercury and Venus will move into Libra on the 14th, which means it’s easier than ever to speak the language of love. The weeks that follow would be most excellent for love notes, sexy texts, and plenty of flirting. This transit also favors courtesy. Etiquette is in so be sure to be on your best behavior. If you’re an artist, this could also be a stellar few weeks for creating beautiful works. 

Saturn is direct on the18th. You’ve had a few months to examine how you handle responsibility, especially in regards to career. Have you been working hard – or looking for ways to shirk your duties? Are you reaching your goals steadily – or do you need to up-level your ambitions? As you move forward with the information you’ve gathered, you can take your career to new heights. But as RuPaul says: “You better work.” No more excuses. Get on it. 

The Sun enters Libra on the 23rd, putting the spotlight on relationships for the next month. How are you showing up in all of your connections? Are you approaching partnerships with love, compassion, and fairness? Are you a people pleaser – or a control freak? Seek to find compromise now, and every relationship can improve. Balance and harmony are more natural to find under Libra’s influence. Seek the middle way, and you can achieve peace in all areas of your life. A few things to watch out for: indecisiveness, superficiality, and passive-aggressive behavior in yourself or others. Keep that stuff in check, and you should find this period to be quite lovely overall. 

The New Moon in Libra on the 28th signals a new beginning in relationships. This is a sweet day for starting any sort of new partnership. It’s also an excellent day for updating your look. Get a new hairdo, buy some fab new duds, and bring an updated (and hot) fresh you for all the world to see! 

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly horoscopes:

Aries - Monthly Horoscopes

Aries: The bundle of planets circling your 6th house at the beginning of September gives you slay-power on the job, dear Aries. You’ve got two good weeks to get shit done. Put on your game face and kick some ass! Your bold moves will open doors you never thought possible. This is also a fortunate time to seek a promotion, new position, or new job. Put your hat in the ring and approach the boss with confidence – and you might be surprised where you end up! The Full Moon on the 14th signals a day to kick back and ponder your next big move. Take stock of where you are and then lay out plans for future dominance. This day also finds Mercury and Venus slipping into your 7th house of partnerships, which means only one thing: if you want more lovin’, you must use your silver tongue to sway. Are you looking for a new boo? Or want to your current flame to heat up? You’ve got to say what you want, yo. Your street crew begins to rise when Saturn turns direct on the 18th. As the rest of the year moves on, you’re able to get the respect you crave. If you’re in the public eye, you may be getting a whole lotta attention. Past actions come up for review – but if you want to pivot, know that you can repair your rep with some careful moves. Strengthen partnerships when the Sun enters your 7th house on the 23rd. The weeks that follow could bring intensity to relationships – but also a bit of competition. In love, that means a more dynamic connection. In work partnerships, you’re encouraged to up your game more. One thing is for sure: the people in your life are keeping things interesting. A New Moon on the 28th brings a newcomer into your world who may shake things up. This could be the start of something compelling…stay tuned.

Taurus - Monthly Horoscopes

Taurus: As summer begins to cool down, your love life could be getting fired up. The Virgo stellium in your 5th house creates a marvelous vibe for loving up your current partner – or for finding a new one. If you’re single, be sure to get yourself out there as much as possible. If you’re already partnered, look for ways to give your honey more sweetness. It’s all good. A social event on the 14th could be memorable. A Full Moon on that day lands in your 11th house, excellent for a night on the town. It’s also a good one for throwing a party. Mercury and Venus will also be heading into your work sector on the same day, giving you the power of persuasion on the job. This can help you to negotiate deals and inspire your coworkers. Teamwork will be essential going forward, so use this energy to your advantage. Saturn direct on the 18th clears the path for late summer travels. If you’ve been itching to globetrot, you’re free to go! Dust off the passport and start scheduling in adventures. This is also a favorable time to apply for a university so if you’re pondering higher education, you’ve got a green light! Your power increases on the job starting on the 23rd when the Sun enters your 6th house. The weeks that follow are your time to shine and lead. Step up your game, and you could be in the winner’s circle next month. A New Moon on the 28th sheds light on a job opportunity. If you’ve been looking for a change, this could be the one you’ve been waiting for. 

Gemini - Monthly Horoscopes

Gemini: September is a fantastic month for getting your domestic sphere in order, dear Gemini. A busy 4th house puts the focus squarely on your nest, ideal for decluttering, cleaning, home improvements, and family issues. Take care of your home life, and your home life will support you better. Also: if you’re getting the kiddos ready for school, the beginning of the month could feel hectic, but by mid-month, everyone should be prepared to roll. The Full Moon on the 14th could bring the end to a project at work – or a change in your position. Something is coming to completion in your career but don’t worry – this will be paving the way for something exciting. Finish up odds and ends – and be ready to pivot before the year closes. The 14th also finds Mercury and Venus cozying up into your 5th house, which means: your love life is gonna be getting some play. The four weeks that follow open up doors for intimacy and romantic adventures. It gets even hotter when the Sun fires up the 5th house on the 23rd. Needless to say, you will have plenty of opportunities to get it on! Straighten out your budget when Saturn turns direct on the 18th. You’ve had a few months to examine your relationship with money. Now it’s time to take what you learned and get your money right! Save the 28th for a date night – the New Moon in your romance zone on that day is too good for an evening out with your bae. If you’re single, this could also be the perfect day to revamp your online dating profile and cast that net in new directions. 


Cancer - Monthly Horoscopes

Cancer: Although Cancer is considered one of the shyer members of the zodiac, you’ll have no trouble expressing your tender heart this month, dear Cancer. An active third house gives you the courage to say what you feel – and say it well. Your powers of persuasion help you to win every argument. In love, you can win hearts. Every word opens up possibility, so do not hesitate to open your mouth. Schedule in a vacation around the 14th. That day, a Full Moon illuminates an exceptional opportunity to travel. If you can go, do it! The 14th also puts Mercury and Venus in your domestic zone, making the second half of September well-suited for decorating your home, hosting small parties, or buying real estate. If you’ve been thinking of investing in your home – or making your house party central, the time is ripe. Relationships seem to improve beginning on the 18th when Saturn turns direct in your 7th house. The past few months have allowed you to see your role in every partnership – now you know what to do to make things better. You may also be clear on boundaries as well as which relationships need to come to an end. As the rest of 2019 rolls on, this part of your life is going to get a serious upgrade! You’re at the center of family dynamics when the Sun slips into your 4th house on the 23rd. If there is drama with a loved one, you have the potential to make things right. If you’re in the middle of someone else’s war, diplomacy will go a long way. The New Moon on the 28th brings a fresh start. This could be a new home – or a truce with a member of your kin. Alls well that ends well. 


Leo - Monthly Horoscopes

Leo: Pay attention to your money this month, and you’ll be rewarded, dear Leo. A full 2nd house at the beginning of September could mean extra dollar bills in your account. An increase in pay or another source of income boosts your revenue but do know that Venus sitting here could tempt you to spend it all as fast it comes in. A little bling is fine, but you don’t need to buy the Hope diamond to feel pampered. Find the balance between treating yourself and saving for a rainy day. It feels good to be fiscally smart! The Full Moon on the 14th is superb for getting your budget in order. You can see where you’re spending blindly – and be able to tighten up your funds. The 14th also finds Mercury and Venus dancing into your 3rd house, a dynamic duo that will gift you with a smooth tongue. The weeks ahead will see you at your most articulate, which means you can talk your way into – and out of – any situation. Saturn direct on the 18th means more responsibility at work, but you’ve had plenty of time to consider your ambitions, so you won’t have much trouble getting on top of your hustle. Schedule in short trips when the Sun illuminates travel possibilities starting on the 23rd. Where do you want to go? Do you need to hit the road for work? You may need to jet off more than usual but no worries – the skies are friendlier than usual. A trip on the 28th could be especially lovely. The New Moon on that day promises adventures galore. 

Virgo - Monthly Horoscopes

Virgo: With four planets in your sign at the beginning of the month, you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re getting tons of attention, dear Virgo. You’ve got that “It Factor” now and folks are gonna be attracted AF to your shine. Strut your stuff. Put yourself out there. Be visible and share your genius with the world! We’re all waiting! Of course, if you can use this va-va-voom to do good deeds, you can be assured that you will receive the lion’s share of accolades. The Full Moon on the 14th brings closure to a relationship. It’s time to part ways, even if it’s hard. This doesn’t necessarily mean a break-up. A friend may move, a joint venture may complete, or you may be ready to move on from a situation with a family member. Just know that any endings around this day will be final. Be sure you are prepared to let go. The 14th also brings a change of fortune with your cash flow when Mercury and Venus saunter into your 2nd house. As the rest of September rolls on, the dough is rolling in. You can get on top of bills, save some cheddar for the future, and perhaps treat yourself to a little bling. Saturn direct on the 18th opens up your creative channels. If you’ve been feeling a bit blocked, now your muse is ready to roar! Time to get that novel cranking, yo! The Sun in your 2nd house on the 23rd ups your ambition for money. The four weeks that follow could see you striking gold and cashing in on your hard work. This would be a marvelous time to ask for a raise – or to raise your rates. The New Moon on the 28th brings a new side hustle or money-making opportunity. Be ready for a significant life upgrade!


Libra - Forecasts and horoscopes

Libra: Rest up, dear Libra. A cluster of planets in your 12th house as September commences means self-care needs to be a priority. Take time out. Go on a retreat if you can. Put yourself first. That’s not easy for you to do because you tend to think of the other guy before yourself. But now? Stop that. Your balance will be restored when you take the time for your needs. The Full Moon on the 14th is righteous for changing your habits. If you’ve been overdoing the not-so-healthy stuff, let this be the day you turn that beat around. This same day Mercury and your ruling planet Venus will skate into your sign, and suddenly you’re ready to socialize again. Come out of your bat cave! Enjoy flitting about from event to event, meeting and greeting your many fans! They’ve been waiting for your arrival – and now you’re rested up and so ready to bask in that attention. Straighten up home matters on the 18th when Saturn is direct again. If you’ve let your house to go hell (so NOT a Libra thing), you can bust a move and get it holiday-ready in the upcoming months. Libra season officially begins on the 23rd when the Sun sprints into your sign! Yay you! Enjoy weeks of confidence, accolades, and attention. Shine on like the disco ball that you are – and invite people to dance to your groove! The New Moon on the 28th is rad for debuting a new look. Change up your hair, toss on a vintage frock from the local thrift, and get ready for your close-up!

Scorpio - Forecasts and horoscopes

Scorpio: As the last few weeks of summer roll on, your social life is hopping, dear Scorpio. A group of planets are mingling in your friend zone – and your pals want you out and about. It’s hard to say no. The weather is starting to cool off and the evenings are perfect for late nights on the dance floor. Shake your groove thing and have fun! Mid-month, things shift. The Full Moon on the 14th brings a change with your romantic life. This could be the end of a relationship – or a new level. Mercury and Venus will also enter your 12th house on the same day, and suddenly you’re craving solitude. The weeks that follow could find you sequestered away, working on top-secret projects, or engaged in clandestine trysts. No one needs to know. Keep your stuff on the down low and the shades drawn. Saturn direct on the 18th removes creative blocks that may have hindered your work for months. Ideas flow freely, and you’ll be able to make significant progress as the rest of 2019 finishes up. The Sun in your 12th house on the 23rd, puts the focus on deep inner work. Take a retreat. Meditate. Get therapy. Go into those tender spots and find healing within. You’ll have four solid weeks for working on you. A New Moon on the 28th allows you to peer into your soul. This day may give you the insight you need to make major changes right before your birthday. 


Sagittarius - Forecasts and horoscopes

Sagittarius: September could be the right time to make some bold career moves, dear Sagittarius. With your ruling planet Jupiter direct and a bevy of planets circling your 10th house, your star can rise higher than ever. Let your ambition lead the way straight to the top. Applause and an elevated position come easy now. A Full Moon on the 14th brings a situation with your home or family to a close. You may complete a real estate deal or call a truce with a loved on that day. It’s also possible that you may be ready to declutter your nest once and for all. The 14th also finds Mercury and Venus heading into your social sector, setting off a month of fun events and invites. You’re on everyone’s invite list so expect to RSVP yes to plenty of cool parties – and dates. If you’re single, this might be the right time to get your mingle on. You might just catch the eye of an attractive new suitor while you’re bumping and grinding on the dance floor! Saturn direct in your 2nd house of money on the 18th gives a green light to your financial outlook. You’ve had to budget hard for a few months, and hopefully, you’ve developed some solid practices. If you continue using those practices, you could be on your way towards a debt-free and secure life! The Sun flutters into your 11th house on the 23rd, and suddenly your popularity soars! Friends come out of the woodwork, and the invites continue to pour in. A New Moon on the 28th could be one of the best social nights of the year. Throw a party, go to a concert, or say yes to that hot date. Above all: have fun! You deserve it!

Capricorn - Forecasts and horoscopes

Capricorn: Late summer getaways could be in the stars this month, dear Capricorn. A jumble of planets is zipping around your 9th house, which clears you for take-off. Grab your passport and head somewhere exciting. Or, if you cannot manage to go away, why not play tourist in your own hood? Spend a day with a friend exploring some of the local sites, and you might just fall in love with your hometown all over again! The Full Moon on the 14th would be an excellent day to do that – if you can, schedule in your hometown tour and have a blast! The 14th also finds Mercury and Venus entering your 10th house, which brings lots of opportunities to boost your street cred. You’ve got a few weeks to claim your spot at on the main stage, so don’t sit back in the wings. Be ambitious and toot your horn! Your ruling planet Saturn is direct on the 18th. If you felt some type of way about how you’re presenting yourself the past few months, that ends now. This is your cue to be confident – and a total pro. As the rest of this month moves on, the Sun joins the 10th house party, and suddenly you’re getting loads of positive attention. This will no doubt boost your courage further, and that will help you to continue to soar to the top of your game. A New Moon on the 28th opens up a significant career door. All that attention you’ve been getting? Now you can claim your prize. 

Aquarius -- Forecasts and horoscopes

Aquarius: Put your eyes on your finances this month, dear Aquarius. Four planets moving through your 8th house at the beginning of September shed light on what needs to be done. Examine your budget. Is it working…or not? Has your cash flow been unsteady as of late? Where do you need to save some dough? Ask yourself these questions. The answers might be more transparent than you thought. If you’re still not sure, schedule in an appointment with a financial advisor or with someone you trust. A conversation with a pro could steer you in a better direction. The Full Moon on the 14th is the right day for ending bad financial habits. If you’ve been spending like a drunken sailor on holiday, let this be your first day of fiscal sobriety. A change made today could lead to real security down the road. The 14th also spurs your wanderlust when Mercury and Venus sail into your 9th house. The rest of the month could find the travel bug biting hard. Look for budget-friendly ways to create a vacation. You may stumble upon a deal that makes it easy to trot the globe. Saturn has been retrograde in your 12th house for months. You’ve had a lot of time to explore your inner world. It’s direct on the 18th. What have you learned about yourself? Keep up that good work, and you could be finding a deeper understanding of what makes you tick – and what needs to be healed. When the Sun joins Mercury and Venus on the 23rd, you may be dreaming of going somewhere far (or warm). Again: if it’s feasible, you should make a point to hit the road this fall. The New Moon on the 28th may bring a travel deal that is too good to pass up. A getaway with a friend around this time might renew your spirit – and get you ready for the baller career moves that are coming your way in September. 

Pisces - Forecasts and horoscopes

Pisces: Relationships are up for review this month, dear Pisces. Are you giving as much as you get – and getting as much as you give? This is your time to reflect on that. An active 7th house puts a spotlight on all partnerships – if things are swimming along great, keep going. But if a particular person has been a challenge, you might want to have a heart-to-heart. A loving but frank conversation can go far this month. The Full Moon on the 14th allows you to stand in your power. If you’ve been holding yourself back out of fear of alienating someone, you don’t need to any longer. Stand up for yourself – and know that you deserve to get the love and attention you crave. The 14th also puts Mercury and Venus in your 8th house, which amps up the intimacy factor. Pillow talk and hot nights make the rest of September truly steamy! If you’re in a relationship, light the candles and get it on! Single? It’s not a bad time to start seeking a new amour. But don’t resort to being just a “booty call.” If they can’t give you more than that, do not give yourself away. Save that vibe for a worthy paramour. Saturn direct on the 18th helps you to see which friends have your back. If you felt unsure the last few months, the blinders are off. You’ll be able to cull away the dead weight, leaving you with a supportive posse that really “gets you” now. The 23rd brings more sizzle to the bedroom when the Sun joins Mercury and Venus. As fall settles in for real, you’re ready to snuggle under the covers with your boo. The New Moon on the 28th brings good financial news. If you’ve been worried about your revenue, it’s about to change for the better.


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