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March 2019

Strap yourself in for March promises to be a wild bronco ride. The cosmos are busy as can be, which means preparation is necessary if you want to navigate this energy with as much grace and peace as possible.

The month begins with Venus sauntering into detached Aquarius on the 1st. If you’re single, don’t push things along before they are ready. Instead, your mantra for the month needs to be “why can’t we be friends?” If you can be friends first, the relationship can blossom from there. If you’re already in a relationship, keep your cool if issues arise. Let the head the rule the heart, and you’ll find the logical solution every time.

This is especially important because Mercury will turn retrograde on the 5th in sensitive Pisces. The potential for misunderstandings and drama is higher and stronger than a kite whipping around in the end-of-winter winds. If there was ever a time where people could blow things out of proportion, this would be it. This particular Mercury retrograde will also bring out a spacey vibe. Forgotten appointments, missed phone calls – that sort of thing. It can also lead to the worst kind of escapism. Instead of dealing with reality, folks want to hang out in the past or engage in addictive behavior. Watch out for that tendency in yourself – or others. Practice being grounded as much as possible. Set boundaries and if you are itching to reach for something to numb your feelings, get help. The one good thing to come out of this Mercury retrograde: you can get super spiritual. Meditation, prayer, dream work – these things can help you connect with something greater. Because that is the magic of retrogrades – they can be the nudge to go within and as I often say: it’s an inside job.

Big news: Uranus will be in Taurus starting on March 6th. It’s gonna be here for a long time because Uranus transits lasts about seven years. We got a little taste of that energy last year when Uranus briefly dipped into this earthy sign after years of hanging around in feisty Aries. Uranus in Taurus brings changes in money, values, the economy, and the earth. Learn more in this badass post I wrote: No Bull: A No-Nonsense Guide to Maxing Out the Uranus in Taurus Transit. 

A New Moon in Pisces on the 6th is most excellent for all creative and mystical endeavors. Start that new art project, buy a fresh tarot deck, sign up for a meditation retreat, and trust your hunches. 

Mid-month brings out some funky energy. The Sun will square off with Jupiter on the 13th, which could bring out hypocrisy and extremism. People promise more than they can deliver and egos get inflated to the point where they become ridiculous. Narrow-minded folks want a lot of attention now – do NOT give them that. Extravagance, gambling, and wastefulness around this day should be avoided as much as possible.  On the 15th, Mercury will also form a square with Jupiter, which could create confusion and lack of mental focus. The news around these days could be disruptive, dramatic, and full of bullshit. Look for facts and don’t get caught up in the hype.

Get fired up when the Sun heads into Aries on the 20th. This Sun favors new beginnings, originality, and risks. While that sounds groovy, I would recommend holding on to your ponies until Mercury is direct on the 28th. Even if you’re rarin’ to go, starting something before that time could lead you in circles – or it may not even get off the ground.

The 20th also puts the Full Moon in Libra, which is ideal for reflecting on your relationships. Are you giving as much as you’re getting – and vice versa? Do you feel as if you’re the one doing all the work and receiving chump change from your partner? If so, this is the day to rebalance the energy. That begins with honest conversations. Talk it out, and you may be able to find harmony. This Full Moon is also the right time for forgiveness work – and closure. If someone has wronged you, use this day for release. Whether that means absolving them or finally deleting them from your phone, this will FREE you. Do not hold on to anyone that has been toxic. Let them go. Clearing that energy will create space for a worthy partner to show up. 

The 20th also finds Venus in a square with Mars. This could bring arguments with a loved one – or impulsive ideas around romance. My advice: do NOT do anything rash when it comes to love or people you care about. Jumping in bed too soon with that hot new flame or picking a fight with your honey – let’s not go there. Instead, keep it cool for a few days. Simmer down, buckaroo!

Venus will be in Pisces on the 26th. Venus is exalted in Pisces, which means it brings out the best in this lovey-dovey planet. The weeks that Venus sits here are excellent for letting people know how you feel about them. Do kind things for the folks you love. A bit of romantic effort in the weeks ahead could lead to more lovin’! This Venus brings out compassion too. Which means: it’s the right time to take care of those less fortunate than yourself. Be loving to everyone you meet. Practice walking a mile in their shoes. Give to those in need. It feels good to kind!

We’re all breathing a sigh of relief when Mercury is direct on the 28th. Communication improves, things get moving, and even the biggest misunderstandings can clear up. If you’ve been holding off on signing contracts or buying electronics, you can go ahead now. It’s all gravy.

Words become sources of power when Mars lands in Gemini on the 31st. Whether this brings change or drama will be up to you. If you use your words wisely, you can make an impact. Use them as weapons? Don’t be surprised if you start a war. As you move into April, be conscious about what you say, write, tweet, or send. 

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:

Aries:  Finding the balance between a busy social calendar and time to yourself won’t be easy when the month begins. While lovely Venus beckons you to come out and play, a bevy of other planets circling in your rest zone demand quiet. You’ll need to figure out which events are worth your time or not before sending out the RSVP. Mercury retrograde in your 12th house from the 5th – 28th favors chilling. Do not push yourself. Kick back. Use this period to connect with your spiritual life – or to revisit therapy. Financial surprises are possible when Uranus heads into your 2nd house on the 6th. Uranus will be hanging here for seven long years – which means good financial habits will be a must going forward. Although you’re the zodiac’s risk taker, it might better to err on the side of caution when it comes to your bank account. The 6th also brings a New Moon into your 12th house, making this day best suited for soul searching. Set aside time for meditation and reflection. The answers you receive reveal a whole new destiny. Mid-month finds the Sun and Mercury making hard aspects to Jupiter, which is hanging around in your travel sector. Couple that with Mercury retrograde and you might see travel plans go awry. Stay as patient as possible. If you don’t need to go anywhere, don’t. The Sun moves into your sign on the 20th, marking a few weeks where you can make a bold impression on other people. Eyes are on you – express yourself fully! Let your enthusiasm for life captivate the world! This day also puts the Full Moon in your 7th house of relationships. A revelation about a partner could help you make a decision once and for all. The 20th also find the Sun in a square with your ruler, Mars – this day could bring an argument with a friend, perhaps over money owed. Friends could be costly this day so do watch that someone isn’t trying to pull something over on you. Romance happens behind the scenes when Venus flits into your 12th house on the 26th. You’ll have a few weeks to explore how you feel about someone. This period could also lead to clandestine hookups. If you’re trying to keep a romance on the down-low, you’ll want to be extra stealth at this time. When Mars enters your 3rd house on the 31st, you can express yourself with gusto. Your words will be powerful. How will you use them? To inspire or wound? Choose them carefully. 

Taurus: Your energy is sky-high this month, dear Taurus. That’s because you’ve got Mars ripping through your sign until the 31st. You can get a lot of shit done. This also gives you the ability to assert yourself like a badass. If someone tries to push you around, you’re not having it! PUSH BACK. A busy 11th house promises a full social calendar in March. Dinners with friends, networking events, dancing the night away at the clubs – say yes to all of it! More good news: your ruling planet, Venus, sits pretty in your reputation zone, which means the public is adoring your every move. March could bring favorable PR or a chance to step into the media’s glare with grace. All eyes are on you – and you won’t disappoint! Watch out for disagreements with friends when Mercury is retrograde from the 5th – 28th. Misunderstandings could blow out of proportion, ruining even the sturdiest alliances. If you value a friendship, you’ll want to take great care not to throw it into disarray with a careless comment or action. Let your originality come forth starting on the 6th when Uranus will be in your sign for a long seven-year rest. This marks a time when you can truly be yourself. You don’t have to conform to anyone’s standards but your own now. BE YOU. The New Moon on the 6th is ideal for a party. Gather your posse and find a reason to celebrate! Mid-month finds the Sun and Mercury squaring off with Jupiter – this could bring financial drama, especially if you’re overextending yourself. Put the credit card away and stick to a budget. DO NOT lend money to friends. Step back from the party circuit when the Sun lumbers into your rest sector on the 20th. You have a few weeks to chill a bit. If you’ve been craving some “me time” after a social March, go for it! It will restore your balance. The 20th also puts the Full Moon in your 6th house of work – a project may get completed on this day, or you may be ready to leave an unfulfilling job once and for all. Why stay if it’s not ringing your cowbell? Moo-ve on! The dating pool gets promising starting on the 26th when Venus sashays into your 11th house. You’ll have weeks to flirt, connect, and date. Try not to start a new relationship though until Mercury is direct on the 28th. You’ll have better judgment then (and probably won’t be wearing beer goggles). The 31st is time to hustle hard for your cash when Mars blitzes into your 2nd house of money. The weeks that follow could make you ambitious for bread – with just the right amount of moxie to make big bank. 

Gemini: March proves to be a bit tricky in the career department, dear Gemini. A bunch of planets circling your 10th house of reputation puts the spotlight on you. You can shine brightly if you play your cards right and step up your game. The trouble is that your ruler Mercury will be retrograde from the 5th – 28th. This could bring bad publicity if you are careless with your words. Great mindfulness must be used during this period if you want to avoid putting your combat boots into your mouth. Although you’re the wordsmith of the zodiac, this particular retrograde seems to be making you careless, and that could lead to embarrassing gaffes that tarnish your rep. If you are in the public eye in any way, don’t be impulsive. Off the cuff remarks could turn out to be your Waterloo. If you don’t need to say something, don’t. Uranus will head into your 12th house on the 6th, which means your intuition will be on target for the next seven years! This is a marvelous few years to explore the spiritual side of life through meditation, dreamwork, and mindfulness. It’s also a potent time for releasing old hang-ups. If you have baggage that has been hindering your growth, you can uncover the sources and clear that energy once and for all. Get thee into therapy if need be and you’ll be able to understand and let go of unconscious memories. A New Moon on the 6th opens up a coveted career door. This could be a new position or job. Don’t hesitate – go for it. Just be sure to put off signing contracts until after the 28th when Mercury will be direct. The middle of March finds the Sun and Mercury in a tough angle with Jupiter. This could bring enemies out of the woodwork who want to plot your downfall. It could also bring about a situation that proves to be embarrassing. Watch your back and keep your rep clean at this time. Your social life gets fired up when the Sun zooms into your 11th house on the 20th. The weeks ahead could find many invites floating into your inbox. Kick up your heels and enjoy quality time with your BFFs. It will do you right! The 20th also finds the Full Moon illuminating your 5th house – this can bring the end of a relationship. If you’ve been thinking of moving on, now is the time to say buh-bye. Create space for someone better to emerge. Your charm factor at work gets a bump when Venus enters your 10th house on the 26th. You’ll have a few weeks to get folks on your side – but do hold off on making big mergers until the 28th when Mercury will be direct. Your words will be even more persuasive then. On the 31st, Mars will be in your sign, which gives you the firepower to get so much done – and make an impact. If your reputation suffered this month, you could inspire others with your bravado. It won’t take long before you’re feeling more confident again – and ready to slay!


Cancer:  A busy 9th house at the beginning of the month creates an itch to travel, dear Cancer. While this could be a decent time for grabbing the passport and exploring parts unknown, do know that Mercury will be retrograde from the 5th – 28th. This could stir up all sorts of travel woes, so you’ll want to plot out extra time for delays and drama. Great patience will be needed.  Lots of exciting new people will be entering your social life starting on the 6th when Uranus enters your 11th house. The seven years that Uranus holds court here may bring unconventional friendships, cool new groups, and lots of unexpected but exciting social activities. Your friend zone is about to expand and get more diverse – and you’ll be glad it did.  The 6th also finds the New Moon in your 9th house – this day would be decent for planning a trip or signing up for a class. If you’re thinking about going back to school, mark that day in your calendar and start filling out applications for universities. The middle of the month puts the Sun and Mercury in a square aspect with Jupiter – this could bring trouble with work or business travel. Maybe both. A business trip might go sideways or not happen at all. Take a deep breath and reroute plans if necessary. The Sun in your 10th house starting on the 20th gives you a few weeks to confidently step into a leadership role at work. This will be your time when your ambitions can be realized – and you can win the respect of authority figures. Fame and recognition are possible – so step up your game and show ‘em who’s the real boss! The 20th also has a Full Moon in your 4th house, which could bring important news around a family member or real estate deal. Something you’re waiting for may finally come due – or a situation may be ending once and for all. Whatever news you receive promises to be significant and could change your family or living situation in a massive way. The 20th also brings confusing mixed signals from a romantic partner when Venus squares Mars. Are they interested in pursuing something serious – or are they looking to be friends with benefits? Don’t make any decisions until you get a clear signal. If you get a green light, start planning romantic journeys when Venus slips into your 9th house on the 26th. Schedule those for after the 28th, when Mercury will be direct. The 31st is the beginning of a few weeks of getting shit done behind the scenes when Mars heads into your 12th house. If you want to get a significant project completed without prying eyes, you can do it now. Keep mum, and the foxes won’t have a chance of invading your henhouse. 


Leo: March could be quite romantic, dear Leo. With a busy 8th house and Venus gracing your relationship sector, the potential for hot nights, love notes, and all sorts of amorous adventures is amped up! If you’re in a relationship, expect pillow talk and more intimacy. Single? You may meet someone special before the month is out. The key here: don’t be afraid to make the first move. You’ll want to observe your money when Mercury is retrograde from the 5th – 28th. During this time, financial snafus could arise, leading to setbacks. This could come through an unexpected expense or tax issue. Get on top of your money and err on the side of caution with all expenditures, investments, and tax stuff. In terms of your career, Uranus in the 10th house on the 6th indicates a period of seven years where you can be doing some of your best, most original work. You may have innovative ideas that could position you as a game changer in your industry. Be bold with your thoughts and create a revolution! This transit can also bring professional help from friends as well as sudden changes in employment. If anything shifts in your career, do know that your friends will have your back! Your intuition gets a powerful hit on the 6th when the New Moon lands in your 8th house. Pay attention to your hunches around this day – you may receive an insight that could be auspicious. In the middle of the month, the aspects between the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter could lead to a blow out with a loved one. Something may be taken out of context so you’ll want to be mighty careful about what you say – and how well you listen. This week could rattle the foundations of your relationship if you’re being cavalier with someone else’s feelings…or taking things too personally. Start planning your travels when the Sun glides into your 9th house on the 20th. If you’ve been hankering for a getaway, the time is right to make that happen. I would advise putting off travel until after Mercury is direct on the 28th if at all possible. The energy is still a bit tense before then – and the last thing you need is drama around your adventures. The 20th also puts the Full Moon in your 3rd house – be ready to receive important news around this day. Something may be getting ready to come to a close, creating spaciousness for new beginnings. This day also finds Venus and Mars in a square – if you’re fighting with your partner over money, perhaps this might be the day where you can seek a compromise. That will be easier to do when Venus heads into your 8th house on the 26th. The weeks that follow promise to bring harmony around shared resources – and sex. For Leos in relationships, this is good news indeed! Kiss and make up!  Get ready for a more active social life when Mars roars into your 11th house on the 31st. April could be filled with lots of exciting adventures with your besties! Just be careful that you don’t goad each other into doing crazy shit. Reckless actions with your friends could bring about misfortune. Lastly, if you’re thinking about entering politics, have at it. The world needs change – why not let it begin with you?

Virgo: Relationships bring challenges this month, dear Virgo. A loaded 7th house indicates partnerships need your attention. You must be conscious of what your significant other’s needs may be while still honoring your own. That won’t be easy because Mercury will be retrograde from the 5th – 28th. The whole month of March requires sensitivity, communication, and compromise. The New Moon on the 6th could signal a fresh start in your relationship. You may be ready to get on the right foot once and for all. If you’re single, this would be the right time to update your online profile and begin looking for love. Uranus enters your travel sector on the 6th, signaling a seven-year period where you can indulge in your wanderlust. If there are some countries you’ve dreamed of visiting, you have a few years where it can become real. Spontaneous trips to parts fun-known will expand your horizons in new ways. This period is also most excellent for educational goals. Enroll in a university, complete that degree, seek to broaden your knowledge. It’s all good. Mid-March proves to be challenging when the Sun and Mercury square Jupiter. This could bring out petty squabbles in the domestic sphere. You could waste a lot of energy arguing with loved ones. Is it worth it? Probably not. If you sense a storm is brewing, it may be wiser to walk away until the drama subsides. Put your attention to your finances starting no the 20th when the Sun slips into your 8th house. You’ll have a few weeks to get your taxes sorted out. This is also the right time for organizing your budget, especially if you’re anticipating big expenses this year.  The Full Moon also arrives this day, bringing resolution to a money issue. News about money that comes around this day could spell relief. If you’ve been worried about a situation, you may be in the clear at last. Romance improves when Venus heads into your 7th house on the 26th. This transit brings more lovin’ into your world. But do hold off on making any major love decisions until after the 28th, when Mercury will be direct. You’ll have better clarity then, which means your romantic decisions are more likely to be healthy. Get your ambition on when Mars lands in your 10th house on the 31st. The weeks ahead are all about the hustle. If you’re willing to slay, you can assume the boss position within weeks. 


Libra: Your work world is gonna be demanding that you stay on top of your game, dear Libra. A bustling 6th house indicates a full workload and possible fires that need to be put out. This becomes especially legit when Mercury turns retrograde from the 5th – 28th. Mistakes can be made if you take your eye off the old ball. The potential for conflict with coworkers will be sky-high so you’ll need to watch your p’s and q’s in any communication. No doubt this will feel frustrating, but you must carry on. No matter how grimy things may feel, you must stay the course and do your best. You can still shine if you take good care to mind the details and course-correct immediately if things take a turn. Money is also going to need your sharp eye when Uranus stirs up your 8th house starting on the 6th. This transit, which lasts seven years, could demand a complete reworking of business or money arrangements. Changes could come up suddenly, especially in situations where there are joint finances (ex: alimony). You’ll need to plan for a rainy day and be ready to make necessary changes as they come due. Thankfully, this transit will up your intuition, so you’ll be able to anticipate changes long before they arrive. A New Moon on the 6th is spectacular for starting a new health regimen. If you’ve been slacking on your fitness, there is no time like this day to begin anew. Sign up for a class, pick up some weights, go out for a daily walk. Your body will be so happy! In the middle of March, work woes could blow up. Hard aspects between the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter could bring things to a head. If you’ve been struggling with an aspect of your work (or a particular person), you’ll want to keep your cool as much as possible. Romance begins to heat up when the Sun lights up your 7th house on the 20th. You’ll have a few weeks to get it on. What are you waiting for? Cue the mood music and make your move! Just make sure you’re not pushing matters too hard on the 20th when Venus squares Mars. While making your intentions known is a way to get what you want, being an aggressive dick about it probably won’t get the results you want. The 20th also finds the Full Moon in your sign – a time to get rid of anything that no longer represents the you that you wish to present to the world. Ditch that old wardrobe, cut your hair, release worn-out attitudes, get rid of bad habits once and for all. If there was ever a time to shed the former you, this is your green light! The work environment improves significantly when Venus flies into your 6th house on the 26th. Relationships with coworkers and clients will get better – and you’ll have the charm to undo any drama that happened earlier in the month. Start planning your world tour when Mars begins transiting your 9th house on the 31st. Where do you want to go? What country would you like to explore? Don’t just dream about it – make it happen. 


Scorpio: If you’re looking for love, March might bring opportunities…and challenges, dear Scorpio. You’ve got a bustling 5th house, which is usually good for finding a mate. BUT Mercury is retrograde in that house from the 5th – 28th, which means you’ll want to take things slow. Cues can be missed or mixed up. Potential partners may play hot and cold. Maddening? Yes. But if you are mindful, you may be able to piece the puzzle pieces together and find something (or someone) cohesive. The New Moon on the 6th brings a romantic offer, but Uranus is also hitting your relationship zone that same day, which means you’ll need to consider whether this feels right – or funky. Uranus in the 7th indicates greater freedom in all of your relationships for the next seven years. If you’re single, romance could be unpredictable at times. Surprises are in store, and you might want to be ready to sudden changes. Partnered Scorpios get more room to breathe – or may decide to chuck that worn-out relationship once and for all. Whatever your status, the seven years that Uranus resides here demands that you evolve your attitude around relationships. The more freedom you give yourself and others to be individuals, the more likely your partnerships will thrive. If you’re unwilling to be open, doors may slam in your face too. No one likes to be controlled! Mid-March puts the Sun and Mercury in a square with Jupiter – this is NOT a good time to invest money or gamble. If you do, you may experience a loss. Better to keep your cash in a safe space until this energy blows over. Get ready to shine at work when the Sun heats up your 6th house on the 20th. You’ve got a few weeks to flex your expertise and show ‘em what you can do. Take charge of gnarly projects, and you can emerge the office superhero! The 20th also puts a Full Moon in your 12th house, which makes this day best suited for taking a backseat and chilling. If you can, play hooky. A little r’n’r will refresh you. A bit of temptation stirs the pot when Venus shimmies into your 5th house on the 26th. Hold off on making a final decision until Mercury is direct on the 28th. You’ll have the clarity to make a sound decision then. The 31st puts Mars into your 8th house – this could ignite the passion to explosive levels! Time to make a move and get it AWN. All that back and forth is over, and you’re ready to roll (in the hay). Yeah, baby!


Sagittarius: Home is where the heart is, dear Sagittarius. Well, that’s what they say but this month will test that theory. A full 4th house brings a lot of activity at the home front, and things could get stressful when Mercury begins the retrograde schtick from the 5th – 28th. During these few weeks, family drama could reach a fever pitch – or home improvement projects could be delayed or worse. You’ll need to keep your legendary optimism firmly in check, but it won’t be easy. The New Moon on the 6th could shed light on what needs to be fixed. This day could reveal a solution for your renovations or family crap. Maybe both. At any rate, it could be the start of resolutions so do pay attention. The 6th also finds Uranus heading into your work zone for a seven-year stay. This could bring greater freedom in your career – or a series of job changes. Work may be a bit unpredictable at times, but you tend to go with the flow so you might find these changes to be stimulating. In the middle of March, your enthusiasm gets another kick in the teeth when the Sun and Mercury square off with your ruler, Jupiter. This week could bring out every aggravating family-of-origin situation you can imagine. Mommy issues? Yep. Old wounds? Oh yeah. A sibling wanting to remind you of that thing you did ten-odd-years-ago? Uh huh. If you can, set boundaries and try not to let anyone sour your good mood unless they come in peace. Things improve when the Sun eases into your 5th house on the 20th. This puts the focus on romance! If you’ve been craving some canoodling, the energy is about to shift in your favor. This is an especially good time to reflect on what kind of partner you’d like. Take some time to ponder that – and then begin dipping your toes back into the dating pool when Mercury turns direct on the 28th. The Full Moon on the 20th brings a revelation from a friend. You may discover something that alters the course of this friendship in a significant way (ex: they reveal they have the hots for you). Do keep in mind that the 20th also has Venus and Mars in a square – do not be impulsive in love matters, especially if it involves a friend who wants benefits. If home improvement projects have been dragging along, things start to look up when Venus enters your 4th house followed by Mercury direct on the 28th. Now you can feather your nest the way you want as problems start to dissolve. Relationships may also begin to move at warp speed when Mars burns through your 7th house starting on the 31st. As spring begins to kick into high gear, the possibilities for red-hot romances soar. April promises to bring excitement galore. It’s about damn time!


Capricorn: As March begins, you’re full of ideas that you want to communicate to the world, dear Capricorn. It’s no surprise since your 3rd house is active with a cluster of planets. This creates a “busy mind” and a desire to share your brilliance with the public. Do not hesitate to showcase your smarts but be aware that when Mercury is retrograde from the 5th – 28th, your words may come out wrong or you may find others trying to take credit for your ideas. You’ll have to bring mindfulness into how you’re presenting things – and you’ll want to set boundaries with ne’er do wells which are too lazy to dream up their own bright ideas. The New Moon on the 6th is ideal for a short trip. Even though Mercury is retrograde, a time out will keep your wits fresh for the rest of the month. The 6th also finds Uranus heading straight into your romance sector. If you’re looking for some exciting new experiences in that realm, you’ve got plenty of opportunities for the next seven years. Uranus in the 5th house brings unusual, exciting romances and situations where relationships can seem to arrive out of the blue. Friends and associates bring pleasure into your life, which means you may be having more fun. This is good news because you’re the serious type. A bit more play time will keep things – and you – interesting. This transit can bring unwanted pregnancies and loss through risky speculation so you’ll want to be careful with sex and gambling. If it feels dicey, err on the side of Capricorn caution!  The middle of March is time to rest up. Difficult aspects between the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter mark a week where a retreat can restore your balance. While everyone else is fussin’ and feuding, pull back and let them sort it out. Tend to your soul needs instead. Roll up your sleeves and get to work on your spring cleaning when the Sun roars into your 4th house on the 20th. You’ve got a few weeks to get your nest spic ’n span. A Full Moon on the 20th also gives you a chance to finish a major chapter with your career. This day could find you completing a project or saying goodbye to your current job. It’s time to move on – and not look back. You can speak the language of love fluently when Venus graces your 3rd house starting on the 26th. Get your flirt ON, playa. Your golden tongue may get you into some sweet places! Ambition gets super-charged when Mars darts into your 6th house. You’ll have a few weeks to roar up the company ladder. Hustle like you mean it – and you’ll be sitting pretty soon enough!


Aquarius: Venus in your sign puts the red-hot spotlight on you, dear Aquarius. March may find your attraction powers at an all-time high, which means: offers galore are coming your way, elevating your game to legendary player status! You’ve also got a full 2nd house, which means your cash-attraction skills are amped up as well, bringing plenty of opportunities to make it rain. BUT before you get all full of yourself, Mercury retrograde arrives on the 5th and threatens to throw a bit of salt on your game. This could manifest as unexpected expenses, an unwanted ex showing up at an inconvenient time – that sort of thing. You’ll want to keep your cool until the 28th when Mercury is direct again. The New Moon on the 6th will shed light on a possible side hustle. This could bring in enough cheddar to cover those cash emergencies. If you’re thinking of updating your pad, Uranus in the 4th house on the 6th says you’ve got a good seven years to renovate, tear down, buy, or move. Opportunities to get the perfect lair will come up out of the blue so be ready to move on things quickly. This transit can also bring lots of changes with the family. Your parents may move, or you may become responsible for a loved one. Family and home will have twists and turns over the next few years, but if you’ve got a Plan B, it will be no biggie. Friends cause trouble mid-month when the Sun and Mercury square Jupiter. This is not the time to lend your bread to a cash-strapped buddy nor is it the time to go into business with a pal. You could lose money and friendships could end. You’re a real trailblazer when the Sun enters your 3rd house on the 20th. Of course, everyone knows that Aquarius is the trendsetter of the zodiac and with the Sun here, you’ll be able to share your brilliance with the world like never before. The Full Moon also arrives on the 20th, giving you the ability to unclutter your beliefs. If you’ve been hanging on to an old, outdated philosophy, you can release that. Empty your “cup,” and you open yourself to new learning experiences. Tempted to splurge on a bit of luxury? Wait until Venus sits in your 2nd house starting on the 26th. You’ll have a green light to treat yo’ self. I would hold off on big expenditures until after the 28th though – Mercury will be direct, and you’re good to go then. Romance starts to really get hot when Mars blitzes into your 5th house. The weeks that follow bring desires to a boiling point – and things might get steamy ’n dreamy! 


Pisces: A stack of planets in your sign as the month begins puts many spotlights on you, dear Pisces. You won’t disappoint either. Your confidence is at an all-time high, giving you the air of a superstar. No matter where you’re going, heads will turn. Revel in that vibe and grab the limelight. Words get jumbled starting on the 5th when the first Mercury retrograde of the year shows up. This three week period could find you putting your combat boots in your mouth. You’ll want to watch what you say, tweet, or send because the public is keeping close tabs on you. One wrong word could taint your star power! Debut a fab new look on the 6th when the New Moon shines on you. A fresh hairdo or set of threads feels good! This day also puts Uranus into your 3rd house for a seven-year journey. Which means: you’re extra brilliant during this period. Your ideas could be revolutionary. Perhaps you may invent the next great thing that changes peoples lives? It’s also a swell time for short trips. You may have many of those coming up out of the blue, which will add excitement to your routines. In the middle of March, your reputation could take a hit if you’re overpromising and not delivering. A broken promise could mar your street cred – do not say yes if you mean no. If you’re looking to grow your bank account, you’re in luck when the Sun graces your 2nd house starting on the 20th. Do not be shy about chasing that cash. If you’re ambitious, you’ll make sweet bank over the next few weeks. The 20th also puts the Full Moon in your 8th house, which could bring clarity around a tax issue. If you’ve been worried about your returns, you may be able to get things straightened out around this day. This day also finds Venus and Mars in a square – if there is something you’re trying to keep under wraps, you’ll want to keep your mouth extra-shut this day. A loose lip could sink the proverbial ship. Romance begins hitting a higher note when Venus flutters into your sign on the 26th. If you’re single, this marks a time where your flirt power will attract plenty of bees. This is also an excellent time to continue to upgrade your presence. If you’ve been testing out new looks, you may settle on a few fresh ones that set you apart from everyone else. You can express yourself without inhibition when Mercury turns direct on the 28th. Start creating your perfect domestic scene when Mars heads into your 4th house on the 31st. Rip up the carpets, clean out the cupboards, and get your paint cans out. April is the right time to make your crib as fly as you want. A sharp home to match your new look? Divine. 


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