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November 2019

As November kicks off, we have Mercury retrograde to contend with – which means, things may be a bit wonky for most of the month. You’ll want to exercise great patience for the first three weeks, especially around communication. Because Mercury is hanging out in Scorpio, secrets can emerge at this time. If you want to keep anything on the down low, you’ll have to be mindful of with whom you’re sharing your business. This transit can also bring travel woes, computer glitches, and hot tempers. Again: keep your cool, plan for delays, think before you open your mouth. 

Venus heads into free-wheeling Sagittarius on the 1st and brings a playful, adventurous vibe to romance. Passion remains strong, but instead of the intense Scorpio edge of the past month, Sag prefers to have some breathing room. Honesty is crucial with partners at this time. But keep with Mercury retrograde in full force, you’ll want to watch that bluntness doesn’t get out of hand.

The Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th is ideal for getting your finances in order. Organize your paperwork, get your taxes in order, balance the checkbook, pay bills. Yeah, that stuff is annoying, but it feels good to adult your money! 

Willpower gets amped when Mars blitzes into Scorpio on the 19th. Mars rules Scorpio, so it’s sitting pretty as a peacock. This Mars transit likes to push past obstacles and move mountains. If there was ever a time to get shit done, the weeks are like a booster shot. Focus on what needs to get done and BLAMMO! You’re blasting through that stuff like a jackhammer!

Progress gets even more attainable when Mercury stations direct on the 20th. Just in time for the holiday travel season to begin! Can I get a halleloo? If you’re going anywhere for Thanksgiving, the skies should be decent. Better yet, communication is cleared for take-off too. If you made any blunders in the past few weeks, this is your time for damage control. 

When the Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd, the mood lightens tremendously. Everyone is a bit more jovial. This transit of the Sun favors good times, play, travel, and truth. These themes will play out over the next four weeks, making this time best suited for spending time with folks you trust – or heading off on some adventure. 

Romance becomes conservative when Venus rests in Capricorn on the 25th. Instead of roaming, sitting home by the fire is IN. Old-fashioned courtship wins hearts. Taking it slow ensures you don’t miss signals. If you’re single, don’t rush into things. Give it time and see what happens. 

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 26th is lovely for expanding your world through travel or study. If you can, book a trip around this day and see what you discover. Or sign up for an exciting course. If you’ve ever wanted to speak Swahili or bake artisan bread, this is the right day to sign up!

Lastly, Neptune will station direct on the 27th. The past few months have given us all a reality check. Now we can dream of a brighter future again. 

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly horoscopes:

Aries - Monthly Horoscopes

Aries: Finances need your attention this month, dear Aries. With the Sun illuminating your 8th house and Mercury retrograde sitting there too, this is not the time to ignore your situation. Organize your bills, stay on top of electronic payments, watch out for unexpected expenses, and keep your budget in check. Do that, and you’ll head toward a sweet financial finish for 2019. Venus has joined forces with Jupiter in your travel zone, creating a lovely vibe for travel. HOWEVER, if you’re going anywhere at all, it may be best to schedule your journeys after Mercury is direct on the 20th. The Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th may bring a financial wake-up call. This is not the day for risks. Instead, observe your cash flow. If something changes, you’ll need to be ready to act. Mars adds to the economic tension when it zooms into your 8th house. While this transit can bring ambition for more dough, it can also lead to recklessness. Mercury direct on the 20th breaks the spell – suddenly, all this uncertainty around your revenue begins to straighten out. It may take the rest of the month, but do know the light is at the end of the tunnel. Pack your bags starting on the 22nd when the Sun warms up your 9th house. Just in time for holiday travels! If you’re visiting the fam for Thanksgiving, you should be able to get there with minimal issues. Venus in your 10th house on the 25th puts a glow around you. If you’re in the public eye or in a more prominent role at the office, you can shine for the weeks Venus moves through this house. The 26th is a superb day for travel. The New Moon will be in your 9th house then. If you need to go anywhere, this is the best day of the year for that. Neptune direct on the 27th allows you to see how much work you’ve done on yourself in the past year. No doubt you’ve had to sort a lot of old baggage out. Now you can release that once and for all. Freedom is straight ahead!

Taurus - Monthly Horoscopes

Taurus: Relationships need special care this month, dear Taurus. The Sun in your 7th house puts the spotlight on the “we” factor, but Mercury retrograde makes it challenging to find a compromise. Are your partners being unreasonable? Or is your legendary stubbornness getting in the way of progress? You’ll need to be patient with any negotiations in November. If you can listen more than you speak and keep an open mind, issues can be resolved. Venus in your 8th house favors making love, not war. If you get into a spat with your honey, try not to go to bed mad. The Full Moon in your sign on the 12th is splendid for a makeover. Clear out your closet, get rid of anything that no longer fits, and make an appointment with a stylist. Upgrade your image to reflect your best self. Arguments could escalate when Mars enters your 7th house on the 19th. If an issue is simmering, it could explode during this transit. Keeping the peace will feel like a full-time job – but it can be done. In fact, it gets easier to find the middle ground when Mercury stations direct on the 20th. The weeks that follow could open doors for a truce. Start organizing your holiday cash when the Sun slips into your 8th house on the 22nd. If you haven’t put anything aside, it’s not too late to start. Get your shopping list in order and start saving up. You may also want to start searching online for deals. Holiday travels should be harmonious – Venus will be in your 9th house beginning on the 25th. This creates a happy, joyful vibe for any journeys you may need to take. If you’re going to a Thanksgiving gathering with your loved ones, this transit bodes well for safe travels and loving times. The New Moon on the 26th brings news about your finances. This could be a new source of income or an opportunity to consolidate debts. A fresh start is totally possible! Neptune direct on the 27th casts a dreamy glow on all of your social activities for the rest of the year. Whether you’re attending holiday events or throwing a few shindigs, the forecast is merry as can be. 

Gemini - Monthly Horoscopes

Gemini: You’ve got a mountain of work in front of you, but what are you doing, dear Gemini? Surfing the web, texting your bestie, talking about 90 Day Fiancé. This distraction vibe is courtesy of your ruling planet Mercury being retrograde. It’s hanging around your 6th house of work with the Sun, which means the focal point needs to be on the job, but it’s going to be tough to keep your Gemini mind on track. Do your best to ground and center, or you may get nothing done in November. With Venus in your relationship zone, romance may be on your mind too. Single Geminis might be getting lots of hits on their online dating profiles while partnered twins might be upping the heat with lots of saucy conversations. In other words: your always busy brain is occupied AF. The Full Moon on the 12th is ideal for taking the day off for self-care. Perhaps this will help you to get back on track. Amp up your physical fitness when Mars bolts into your 6th house on the 19th. The weeks that Mars sits here could be excellent for hitting the gym! If you want to get in shape, this is the right time to bust a move. (Psst…a little exercise might help your focus issues too.) Speaking of focus, Mercury is direct on the 20th! YAY! As the weeks unfold, you’ll be back in your work groove and able to course-correct if need be. The Sun in your 7th house on the 22nd brings powerful connections. This could play out as a fiery romance or meetings with shot callers. These relationships will bring excitement to your holidays, so do pay attention to who is orbiting your world as 2019 begins to wind down. Money improves when Venus slides into your 8th house on the 25th. Your cash attraction multiplies, guaranteeing you enough bread to treat everyone on your holiday list like kings and queens. The New Moon on the 26th brings a new person into your life. Whether this is romantic or professional isn’t clear. Still, one thing is: it could be the start of a meaningful relationship. When Neptune stations direct on the 27th, you’re ready for your close up. The public sees you as glam, mystical, and intriguing. Keep them guessing – and your star will rise!


Cancer - Monthly Horoscopes

Cancer: Your romantic life needs your attention, dear Cancer. The Sun is dancing around with Mercury retrograde in your 5th house, making November the month to say what you feel – but being mindful of the delivery. For example, if you’re thinking about popping the question, you’ll want to consider how to make this special. If you’re thinking of ending a relationship, how can you do so kindly without mixing up the signals? It may be challenging to convey your feelings, but it’s necessary if you want to progress. One thing helping you out: Venus will be in your 7th house near the end of the month, giving you the grace to handle any possible relationship snafus that might pop up. The Full Moon on the 12th lands directly in your social sector, making that the perfect night out with friends. Why not host a pre-Friendsgiving feast that day? It could be fun! Passion soars when Mars leaps into your 5th house on the 19th. Romantic flames are stoked in the weeks that follow, creating opportunities for deeper intimacy. Mercury direct on the 20th allows you to talk it out with a partner. If you’ve stumbled in the previous weeks, you can get relationships back on track. It’s not too late! For single Cancers, this also signals a better flirt vibe. Get out of your shell and make a bold move – your holidays could be a lot warmer. Work matters intensify when the Sun heads into your 6th house on the 22nd. You may need to take the lead on a project – or may receive attention for a job well done. The spotlight will be on you, so defo be ready to handle your business like a pro as you glide into December. Remember what I said about Venus helping you out with relationships? That moment arrives on the 25th when Venus flutters into your 7th house. You’ll have something to be thankful for as the year starts to come to a close: happier, healthier partnerships. The New Moon on the 26th brings a work opportunity out of the blue. This could be a new project, promotion, or some other offer. Consider it carefully and be ready to say yes if it looks right. Neptune direct on the 27th marks a time for scheduling in a dream vacation. Where do you want to go next year? Start putting those plans together now. 

Leo - Monthly Horoscopes

Leo: The domestic scene could be chaotic as November kicks off, dear Leo. Although your ruler, the Sun, is holding court in your 4th house, you’ve also got pesky Mercury retrograde stinking up the joint. This means: your family could be driving you bananas – or you may be having trouble staying on top of your house cleaning. That’s no good. Organize your loved ones at the start of the month, give everyone a set of duties, and then keep ‘em busy cleaning the nest for the holidays. Who can fight when you’re knee-deep in scrubbing floors? Venus in the 5th promises plenty of romance for the first few weeks of the month. A bit of lovin’ after a hard day of housework keeps the peace. The Full Moon on the 12th could bring important news about your career. This could be an offer – or an ending. Be ready to pivot if need be. Fighting can escalate with loved ones when Mars roars into your 4th house. Simple misunderstandings could get explosive. You’ll need to keep your temper in check – and keep scrubbing. Again: if the whole crew is busy tackling housework, the feuds will be minimized. Mercury is direct on the 20th, and suddenly the communication begins to ease up – just in time for Thanksgiving! That’s something to be thankful for, right? Better yet, romance gets even hotter when the Sun illuminates possibilities for courting and date nights starting on the 22nd. You may be getting more snuggle time as the temps cool! If it’s raging outside, you won’t mind one bit. Your charm is on full display at work beginning on the 25th when Venus enters your 6th house. The weeks that follow will allow you to win everyone over to your side. If you’re in a leadership position, this is good news. Even if you’re not, you have a lot of time to strengthen work relationships. The New Moon on the 26th is most excellent for Leos who wish to expand their families. If you have been thinking of having a child, this is the green light to get busy! Neptune will be direct on the 27th, heightening your intuition, especially about money matters. If you feel some type of way about any investments, follow your gut. 


Virgo - Monthly Horoscopes

Virgo: Feeling exhausted this month, dear Virgo? It’s no surprise. While the Sun has been giving you lots of mental energy, your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde, which makes it hard to process information and communicate. You have a keen mind, but this vibe seems to distract you. Staying grounded will be a challenge. But do not despair – things ease up on the 20th when Mercury stations direct. Until that time, slow down, keep lists, and practice mindfulness. Venus is sitting pretty in your 4th house, making this month superb for decorating the home for the holidays. If you’re hosting the Thanksgiving feast, start prepping early in the month so you can relax too. The Full Moon on the 12th is your cue to finish up academic projects – or to take a trip. If you can go away around that time, it might be an excellent way to indulge your wanderlust. Of course, the Mercury retrograde might make things a bit bumpy, so make sure you carve in extra time. Your mental energy starts to rev up when Mars bolts into your 3rd house. The next day, Mercury is direct, and you’re back to being your brilliant self. Travel issues begin to subside, making it easy to head out for the holidays if you want. But the Sun in your domestic sector may make hosting the festivities at your crib a better option. Romantic opportunities begin to arrive, starting on the 25th. Venus will be slipping into your 5th house at that time, so do keep an eye out for flirty moments. Whether you are single or partnered, this could certainly add some fun as 2019 starts to close down. The New Moon on the 26th is your day to clear the air with a loved one – or to begin setting the stage for an epic feast. You’ll be ready to entertain on the 28th if you use this day wisely. When Neptune stations direct on the 27th, you can read other people’s signals more clearly. This will give you the edge in all of your relationships, especially romantic ones. If you’ve been having trouble ascertaining how someone feels the past few months, you can intuit what’s really up now. 


Libra - Forecasts and horoscopes

Libra: With Mars still clipping along in your sign until the 19th, you’ve got the energy to power through whatever is going on. That’s going to come in handy because the Mercury retrograde seems to be zapping your resources, namely – your cash. Some unwelcome expenses may show up in November, which means you’ll need to hustle to stay on top of this. Between that Mars vibe and the Sun in your 2nd house, you WILL get through this. Hang tight to your money and do what you can to keep that revenue flowing. Watch out for the Full Moon on the 12th. It hits your 8th house and could bring a fiscal wake-up call. This could be an unexpected bill or news that seems to put your security in question. Again: you’ve got this. The more alert and action-oriented you are, the less this will affect you. When Mars moves into your 2nd house on the 19th, your ambition for a financial uplevel is accelerated. You’ll find ways to bring in the dough and could change things to your favor soon. The next day, Mercury stations direct. This is good news. As Mercury continues to get right, you can straighten out any cash flow woes. The Sun shines up your 3rd house starting on the 22nd, most excellent for short travels. If you’re planning on hitting the road for the holidays, this is like a green light to GO. Venus in your 4th house beginning on the 25th ensures you’ll be surrounded by loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday. The New Moon on the 26th makes it easier than ever to travel, so even if you have not made plans, you have another window for an impromptu road trip. Neptune direct on the 27th signals the time to begin laying the foundation for your dream job. If you’re sick of the current grind, you’ve already seen why. Now you can start to make plans for your exit.

Scorpio - Forecasts and horoscopes

Scorpio: Happy birthday, dear Scorpio! Although the Sun is shining so brightly on you, Mercury retrograde and Mars in your 12th house make you feel like taking a slow, quieter approach to the month. Rest, self-care, and time alone, make your spirit happy. Also: it helps you to stay out of the drama that other people seem to be stuck in. The Mercury retrograde might make you feel a bit misunderstood from time to time, but you’re the zodiac’s enigma, so it might not bug you too much. Venus in your 2nd house promises more cash coming your way. With Jupiter direct, you could see significant gains as November moves along. The Full Moon in your 7th house brings a sudden change to a relationship. Someone may leave the picture at that time. Don’t feel bad about it – it’s creating space for better folks to show up. Mars enters your sign on the 19th, giving you a boost of energy that allows you to get epic shit done as the rest of the year comes to a close. Even better: Mercury stations direct on the 20th, which means you can express your self without any major issues as the holidays loom. The Sun in your 2nd house promises new opportunities to up your earnings. An end-of-the-year bonus or promotion may be on the horizon shortly. Love is on your mind when Venus shifts into your 3rd house on the 25th. It will be more comfortable than ever to tell that special someone how you feel. Go ahead and make your move! The New Moon on the 26th brings a fresh financial opportunity. If a door opens up to make some extra cheddar for the holidays, say yes! Neptune direct on the 27th turns a romantic fantasy into a reality. The month ends on a sweet, prosperous note, giving you plenty of reasons to be thankful. 

Sagittarius - Forecasts and horoscopes

Sagittarius: You’re rarin’ to go as November commences, but the Sun in your 12th house and Mercury retrograde advise taking things slowly, dear Sagittarius. Self-care is on the menu and pushing yourself it out. The more mindful you are about your needs, the better this month will be for you. If you insist on being reckless, the Universe will send you a smackdown. That can be avoided if you take a chill approach to life. Venus in your sign for most of the month increased your charm – and attraction factor. Romance is swirling around you, but again: take it easy. Let it simmer. There is time later for things to heat up. The Full Moon on the 12th is your cue to clean up your health regime. If you’ve been overindulging in all the bad habits, this is a cosmic reset. Mars, in your 12th house beginning on the 19th, creates the perfect energy for working on top-secret projects. Maybe this is your time to get your secret Santa mission started? Or perhaps you’re ready to research new products or a much-needed vacation? Mercury direct on the 20th brings better communication and a few weeks where you can work through any old baggage. A few situations may arise that let you know how far you’ve come – and how much inner work is still needed. The Sun in your sign on the 22nd means Sagittarius season is ON. The spotlight is squarely on you for the next few weeks – let your beautiful self shine brightly for the world to see. Expect plenty of praise and positive attention as the next few weeks unfold. Money is on the way once Venus saunters into your 2nd house on the 25th. Your ability to attract more cash makes it easier than ever to treat yourself or those special people on your holiday list. The New Moon, in your sign on the 26th, brings a new chapter. This day could be the start of a stunning new beginning in your life – or career. If you’ve been craving a different life – or even a new look – you can do so on this day. Set intentions around what you want your life to be – and you’ll find the way to make that a reality. Start working on your dream home when Neptune is direct on the 27th. If you’ve been unsure about where to live or what kind of house you want, clarity is on the way – and the possibilities to find the perfect nest multiply. 

Capricorn - Forecasts and horoscopes

Capricorn: You’re going to learn where your real friends at this month, dear Capricorn. The Sun in your 11th house at the beginning of the month promises a social month –  but that Mercury retrograde brings miscommunication and problems with your pals. If there is a frenemy in your midst, they will be exposed. Be on high alert for bullshit and keep your boundaries high if you sense someone does not have your best interests at heart. Also, be mindful of gossip. Your words could come back to haunt you – or someone may spill a secret you don’t want out in the open. Venus is sitting in your 12th house for the first three weeks of the month. This could bring some clandestine romantic action, or a secret admirer may come out of the woodwork. The Full Moon on the 12th clears the way for you to begin a new chapter in romance. If that part of your life has been stagnant, the wheels are beginning to turn in November. Mars enters your friend zone on the 19th and could bring dynamic interaction in group activities – or aggression from a buddy. Again, this is helping you to see who needs to be in your life – or ousted. When the Sun retires in your 12th house on the 22nd, you can put more energy into self-care. Instead of a boisterous holiday, you may want to schedule in lots of downtimes or a vacation. Get gussied up when Venus enters your sign on the 25th. This marks a few weeks where you can update your wardrobe or get a fresh hairstyle. Adorn yourself! It will lift your spirits! The New Moon on the 26th brings essential information behind the scenes. This could be news about a situation or opportunity you need to keep on the down low. Neptune direct beginning on the 27th amps up your intuition and brings lucid dreams. As the end of the year begins to loom, you’re already dreaming of what’s to come in 2020. 

Aquarius -- Forecasts and horoscopes

Aquarius: November brings accolades, career drama, and lots of social activity, dear. Aquarius. The Sun in your 10th house puts the limelight on you, which helps to elevate your status. But Mercury retrograde ups your chances of putting your big feet in your mouth. You’ll need to observe your words for the first three weeks of this month if you want to keep your glowing reputation intact. Venus in your 11th house brings tons of invites to your inbox, making this a joyful month for events and gatherings of all sorts. It’s an especially good time for dating. If you’ve been taking a break, this transit of Venus says: go get ‘em, tiger! A bit of flirting could pay off with marvelous evenings spent getting to know someone new. The Full Moon on the 12th is your day to get your home holiday-ready. If you’ve been slacking on your domestic duties, now’s the time get your clean freak on. You don’t want guests over if your dust bunnies are taking over the house! Let your ambitions lead the way up the company ladder when Mars dashes into your career zone on the 19th. This transit favors bold moves and leadership. Take the initiative, and your rise to the top is guaranteed before the year ends. Thankfully, Mercury will station direct on the 20th, helping you to find the right words at the opportune times. No more public gaffes! You’re smooth as shea butter for the rest of 2019. The Sun warms up your 11th house beginning on the 25th, putting you on everyone’s party list. As the holidays begin to kick-off, you’re flitting about from one cool event to another, always at the center of attention. Venus in your 12th house on the 25th may open the door for a secret crush to become something more. If there is someone you fancy, why not find a way to let them know that you’re interested? It could be the start of something big. The New Moon on the 26th is your best day to host a party. Maybe a “Friendsgiving” is in order? Invite your closest chums, serve up some appetizers, and put on the game. Neptune direct on the 27th helps you get clear on your financial situation. If you’ve been ignoring the state of your money, your cash flow is about to get your attention. Handle your business!

Pisces - Forecasts and horoscopes

Pisces: The Sun in your 9th house at the beginning of November says, “let’s travel!” But that Mercury retrograde says, “not so fast, pardner!” If you’re going anywhere this month, plan for delays, dear Pisces. If anything can go wrong, it might. A bit of extra time carved in could ensure you get where you need to go with a minimum of fuss. Your career has no such issues – Venus in the 10th gives you the savior faire to make a good impression in every situation. The Full Moon on the 12th could bring important news from a sibling. This could be an announcement about a change in their life – or they could be giving you the status of holiday gatherings. Mars will be in your 9th house starting on the 19th, and this could work out two ways. For one, you may have more reasons to hit the road, making this time of year travel-heavy. Two, it could bring on the road rage. Keep your temper in check, especially if you are stuck in a traffic jam or a long line at the airport. When Mercury stations direct on the 20th, things begin to calm down, and the skies become way friendlier. If you can schedule in your journeys after that day, you’ll avoid lots of aggravation. Opportunities to rise to prominence become more likely when the Sun breezes into your 10th house on the 22nd. Your star power is undeniable at this time. Work this to your advantage as the next four weeks unfold, and you’ll have a lot more clout. Let the festivities begin in earnest when Venus drops into your 11th house on the 25th. This marks a few weeks where you’re receiving more invites – or hosting a few celebrations of your own. Have the family over for Thanksgiving, set up date nights with your honey, hit the dance floor, and work off the turkey – in other words: get your social on, big time! The New Moon on the 26th brings terrific news about your career. An opportunity may show up around this day, one that could catapult you to new levels. For Pisces searching for new jobs, this day could open a door. Whatever happens around this day will turn out to be a step in the right direction. Your ruling planet, Neptune, is direct on the 27th, kicking your intuition into high gear. Trust your spider-sense going forward. It won’t fail you. 

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