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January 2019

As January kicks off, it’s time to get down to business. That’s not going to be too hard – Mars is roaring through Aries and the Sun in stoic Capricorn, we’re all ready to slay this year! The energy is high and so much can get done.

This is especially true when Mercury enters in Capricorn on the 4th. Communication becomes serious business now. Conversations can be productive. If you have anything that you need to say, let your words be logical and practical. It’s best that way.

A solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th could bring a substantial change in business or government. This is a day to watch. The news around this day could be significant. 

Uranus turns direct on the 6th. When Uranus is retrograde, we have a chance to go inward and ponder the changes we need or want to make. It’s also a time for reflection on freedom. If you’ve felt trapped in some area of your life, you’ve had a few months to consider how you might free yourself. Now you can initiate those changes. Liberation can be yours!

Venus gallops into fiery Sagittarius on the 7th. This brings out restless energy. The urge to roam is strong. It may be hard to sit still or to make a commitment. Romantic adventures may be necessary if you want to curb that fidgety vibe. Venus in Sagittarius also prefers a straightforward approach. If you see someone you like, be bold. Let ‘em know what you want. Don’t keep them guessing. 

A Jupiter square Neptune on the 13th sets up the perfect storm for unproductive daydreaming and impractical attitudes. It can also indicate a tendency for escapism through drugs, alcohol, or other means (spending too much time messing around on the internet!). You’ll need to ground and center if you want to get anything done. Keep substances in check. Too much partying while this square is cooking could lead to flakiness and missed opportunities. This square can also indicate financial loss through deception or “get rich quick” schemes. Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind, folks. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Originality and innovation rules when the Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th. This transit favors bold new ideas and perspectives. Instead of sticking with the status quo, change is preferred. Freedom and humanitarian pursuits could be a theme going forward. We could see a clash between the old way and the new way on the world’s stage. Will we stick with what’s not working or be ready to clear the decks and start fresh? We’ll see.

The lunar eclipse in Leo on the 21st promises to be INTENSE. Something important may be coming to an end. Egos will be tested, and we all have a chance to explore humility. This day could bring a shocking ending for those who have been in egomaniac mode for far too long.  It could also be a time for some folks to step out of the shadow and shine too.

Mercury in Aquarius on the 24th favors intelligence and a cool head. Time to follow the brain instead of the heart if you want to get anywhere. Search for the facts. Follow up on information. Let logic lead the way. If something doesn’t add up, it’s probably a lie. Trust that in all of your communications. 

Saturn will form a sextile with Neptune on the 31st – this can give deep insights into the subconscious mind. Which means you can understand what makes you tick (and what makes others tick too). Intuition will be uncannily accurate at this time – watch for omens and flashes of inspiration in the weeks ahead. Dreams can also become a reality if you are willing to create a structure to support them. Your success depends on how you use your imagination. 

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:

Aries: January is off to an excellent start for your career, dear Aries. With a bevy of planets circling in your 10th house, your rise to the top is near. The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto signal a period for stepping up your leadership, no matter what type of work you’re doing. Look for ways to take command. Do not hide in the shadows. Mercury will join forces on the 4th, gifting you with the ability to speak confidently. If you’re gunning for a new position or an entirely new job, you can rock those interviews like nobody’s business! The solar eclipse on the 5th brings a significant change in your career. Pay attention to news or offers that surround this day. The changes you want are on the way. Of course, you may also receive some unwelcome news but do not fret. That could turn out to be an unexpected gift later on. Uranus is direct in your sign on the 6th – this is like a green light to express yourself without inhibition. You can be the “real” you now. No need to put on a front. Start plotting out your travels on the 7th when Venus begins roaming through your 9th house. The weeks that follow would be swell for a luxe vacation, preferably with a partner. Plan something special and surprise your honey. It will undoubtedly chase away the winter blues. Your social life begins to sparkle on the 20th when the Sun edges into your friend sector. You may be getting out ’n about more than usual. Or this may be the right time for you to host a post-holiday gathering at your home. Invite your besties over and cook up a feast while you dream about all the things that 2019 will bring. A lunar eclipse on the 21st may bring a surprise in your love life. A new love may suddenly show up on your radar. Or an ex may want a chance to hash things out. Whatever the case may be, this could be the start of a better cycle for you. On the 24th, Mercury will enter your 11th house, which could amp up your social life even more. There may be a lot of coming and going as you ease into February. As the month comes to a close, a sweet sextile between Saturn and Neptune could bring a lovely secret opportunity for you. Your dream career may be a reality soon.

Taurus: Get ready to hit the road or the books this month, dear Taurus. A crowded 9th house at the beginning of January means it’s time to indulge your wanderlust or enroll in school. The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto put the spotlight on education and travel – when Mercury joins them on the 4th, you’re ready to expand your horizons. Dust off the passport, apply for admittance to that university, be curious about the world you inhabit! The 5th is an auspicious day for travel – a solar eclipse in your 9th house opens up a journey that could be significant. If you have an opportunity to go somewhere that day, do it! Please old subconscious hangups on the 6th when Uranus goes direct. No doubt you’ve been working that inner stuff when Uranus was retrograde. Now you can gain freedom from old, limiting beliefs. It feels good to let that crap go! Intimacy is in when Venus heads into your 8th house on the 7th. The urge to merge ignites the spark, creating ample opportunities to explore eros. The 20th finds the Sun sitting pretty in your 10th house, creating a few weeks where your ambitions pay off. You’ll have many chances to impress the boss. Take command at work, and you may just end up with that corner office at last. Authority figures will also be helpful – approach them with your vision for the future. They may be ready to negotiate with you! The 21st finds the lunar eclipse in your domestic sector. This could bring a significant change to your home or with a loved one. You may need to move, or a family member may have an important announcement. Pay attention to the days around this for something around the household is getting ready to shift. News at work will be buzzing when Mercury heads into your 10th house. Stay alert for possible changes happening behind the scenes. The rumors may turn out to be true upon later reflection. Take a trip with your friends on the 31st when Saturn forms a sextile with Neptune. A quick excursion to the coast could be just the thing to shake off the winter blues!

Gemini: If you’re looking to get your finances wrangled this year, you’re in luck, dear Gemini. The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto are palling around in your 8th house, perfect for checking the budget, organizing your resources, and consolidating loans. A bit of discipline this month will set you up for the year. Discuss your financial future with an advisor when Mercury heads into your 8th house on the 4th. These actions will get you on the right track towards security. A solar eclipse on the 5th may bring good news about money. On that day or the days that surround it, a loan may come through, or some other source of income may finally be available for you. Your social life starts to get a bit more interesting when Uranus turns direct on the 6th. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts with your buddies, this is good news indeed. There may be cool events and group activities happening for the next three months, which is sure to add some fun to your year. Romance improves when Venus saunters into your relationship zone on the 7th. You’ve got serious game for a few weeks – make your move on that special someone and you must just get some action! The Jupiter Neptune square on the 13th could bring some issues at work to a head. Impractical ideas could make you look like a flake to the boss. You might also be tempted to promise more than you can deliver, which could put your rep in danger when you fail to follow through. Get it together or your risk looking like the fool! Organize travel plans for the year when the Sun enters your 9th house on the 20th. If you’re craving some warm weather, there is no better time than the next four weeks for making that happen. A communication issue gets resolved on the 21st when the lunar eclipse lights up your 3rd house. You’ll have the chance to clear the air with someone. Don’t let that pass you by. If you need to say something, circle this day in your calendar and start the ball rolling. If you’re a student, you’ve got the edge to ace your exams starting on the 24th when Mercury heads into your 9th house. You’ve got the mental edge at this time so be sure to cram for those exams! A sextile between Saturn and Neptune on the 31st opens up a possibility to travel for work – or to go global with your brand. Your career? About to explode, yo. 

Cancer:  Relationships need your tender loving care this month, dear Cancer. Thankfully, that’s easy for you because you’re the caretaker of the zodiac. A busy 7th house puts demands on your shoulders, but you’re ready to handle whatever your loved ones need. The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto give you the power to improve even the toughest relationship dilemma. Mercury will add to your arsenal when it joins the party on the 4th. You can talk through any issues that arise. Best yet, you’re able to give practical advice that will fall on grateful ears. Folks are going to be so happy that you’re in their corner! The solar eclipse on the 5th brings a fresh start to a relationship. This could be a do-over for a love connection gone astray – or an entirely new person may enter your life at this time. Watch for what happens around this day for it could change the trajectory of your associations. Uranus will be direct on the 6th in your career sector – this marks a few months where you can get your innovative ideas off the ground at last. If you’ve been sitting on something unique, get to work. You could be creating a revolution through your bold concepts! Alliances on the job will be entirely in your favor when Venus enters your 6th house. Suddenly, you’ve got everyone on your side. Teamwork is easy at this time, which means smooth sailing is straight ahead. You can charm just about anybody so do use that to your benefit, especially if you’re bringing one of your rad new ideas to the boardroom. If you’re traveling for business around the 13th, a square between Jupiter and Neptune could bring trouble. Plans may get derailed, weather may be funky, and communication could be spotty. This is a week for staying home if possible. Start getting your taxes in order on the 20th when the Sun heads into your 8th house. This marks a few weeks where you can create divine order with your paperwork. If your finances have been a bit messy, you can put your organization skills to good work now. Marie Kondo the hell out of your files and you’ll be ready for tax season well in advance. This transit can also bring additional heat to the bedroom. If you’ve been craving a deeper physical connection, put on the mood music and get it on! A major change with finances is possible on the 21st when the eclipse lands in your 2nd house. Any money news will be significant at this time so pay attention. This could be positive or negative – you’ll need to see what happens. When Mercury heads into your 8th house on the 24th, you can sort out your budget and request a loan. You can also collect money owed. A sextile between Saturn and Neptune on the 31st is ideal for a romantic getaway. Second honeymoon? Yes, please. 

Leo: Work matters need your attention, dear Leo. A busy 6th house at the beginning of the month indicates your holiday playtime is officially at an end – now you must put the pedal to the metal. Major projects require a greater than usual effort. Focus on what needs to be done and stay on it. You’ve got the power to get over the mountain! Schedule important meetings after the 4th. Mercury will be in your work sector at that time, giving you the ability to communicate your ideas brilliantly. Reboot your health regime on the 5th when the solar eclipse lights up your 6th house. If you’ve been lax over the holidays, you can get on the wagon again now. Romance is getting sweeter than ever when Venus shimmies into your 5th house on the 7th. A blissful few weeks follows with loads of possibilities for canoodling. The Jupiter Neptune square on the 13th might bring a misunderstanding. Don’t let that get in the way of your relationship. If something gets goofed up, solve those issues in the bedroom. Make love, not war! Thinking of making a commitment? You can give that a lot more thought when the Sun steps into your relationship sector. This might be the right time to talk about marriage or moving in together. The 21st bears watching – a lunar eclipse in your sign could bring about an essential change for you. Something may be coming to a necessary end. Look back to the Leo eclipses of the last year for they may hold a clue as to what has been at play. If something moves out of your life, know that this may give you a sense of closure at last. Also: opportunities that show up around this day may turn out to be signification. Your entire life’s direction could change! Make plans for the future with your partner starting on the 24th when Mercury enters your 7th house. Look ahead. What do you want? Let your partner know. But do listen to their dreams too. If you’re going to move forward on anything, you can get on the same page with a little communication. Your intuition gets a significant hit on the 31st when Saturn forms a sextile with Neptune. If you get a gut feeling, don’t ignore it. 

Virgo: The spotlight is on love as the year kicks off, dear Virgo. With the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in your 5th house soon to be joined by Mercury on the 4th, you can get what you want…provided you’re willing to work for it. For example, if you’re single, update your online profile. Attend events where you can meet like-minded folks. Already partnered? Deep conversations could move your relationship to the next level. Want to expand your family this year? Start trying now. The solar eclipse on the 5th could bring a new love – or a new beginning in your current relationship. This could be the start of a promising romantic year!  If you’ve had tech drama at work, that will straighten out when Uranus turns direct on the 6th. The weeks ahead could also bring about possible career changes – changes that you’ve been waiting on. It will seem as if everything is finally moving forward. Turn your home into a love nest on the 7th when Venus enters your domestic sector. If you’re moving in with a partner, get the bedroom set up for sexy times. For single Virgos, a bit of feng shui could help set the stage for major attraction. When the Sun heads into your 6th house on the 20th, it’s time to get to hopping at the job. The weeks ahead could find you taking the lead on a big project. You can get the attention of your superiors during this period, which may pave the way for promotion. A lunar eclipse on the 21st is perfect for resting up. Take that day off if you can. Do not push yourself. Instead, chill out and stay hydrated. Important meetings will consume much of your work starting on the 24th when Mercury zips into your 6th house. You could be discussing details on a significant project or going off on interviews. The gift of words will be yours during this time, so know that you can wow ‘em. A romantic fantasy becomes a reality on the 31st when Saturn forms a sextile with Neptune. You may have thought love was out of reach – but soon you’ll see that it’s closer than you ever imagined.  

Libra: As 2019 commences, you may want to take a good, long hard look at your domestic situation, dear Libra. The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto are nudging you to make changes to your home or issues with your family. This is not the time to sweep things under the rug. Instead, a thorough housecleaning may be in order. Declutter your home, put things in order, finish projects that have been neglected. If you’re not happy with the family dynamics, look at your role. Are you doing what you can to heal and forgive? Or are you playing the victim and making it all about you? Is it possible that your boundaries have been too weak? Contemplate what needs to be done and then take the lead. A proactive approach may bring long-term results to even the suckiest family situation. It’s easier to communicate with loved ones when Mercury joins the 4th house on the 4th. You can talk it out so do not hold your tongue. If that feels unsafe, it may also be the right time to begin working with a family therapist. A solar eclipse on the 5th brings a major shift at home. This day may start the healing process – or may illuminate where you actually need to do the work. If a skeleton tumbles out of the closet today, it could open up a much-needed dialogue. Greater freedom in relationships is possible when Uranus turns direct on the 6th. This could bring an upheaval in one or more of your most important partnerships. Even so, there is a liberation taking place, one that will give you more breathing room. Thoughts turn to love when your ruling planet Venus hits up your 3rd house. You can speak the language of love fluently for the weeks that follow. This is the perfect time for love notes, sonnets, and sexy texts. A career reality check arrives on the 13th when Jupiter forms a square with Neptune. Some information comes to light that could be challenging. You may not like what you see or hear at this time. Do not react right away though. Research is needed if you want to make the right decision. Romance heats up when the Sun heads into your 5th house on the 20th. Opportunities to court are present. Bring the flowers, chocolates, and make your move, playa. The lunar eclipse on the 21st could signal a massive change in your social circle. A friendship may end around that time. This isn’t necessarily negative though – someone could simply move away. You can express your creativity when Mercury slips into your 5th house on the 24th. Paint, draw, write, sing – BRING IT. On the 31st, Saturn will be in a sextile with Neptune. This aspect could signal healing – both physical and spiritual. If you’ve been working on getting your family or your body in better shape, this marks a high point where you can start to see the progress you’ve been hoping for. 

Scorpio: You’ve got a lot on your mind this month, dear Scorpio. The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto are sitting tight in your 3rd house, giving you a head full of ideas – and the discipline to do something with them. January is ideal for writing that book, creating that invention, or going back to school. Whatever you decide to tackle, you have the mental capacity to make steady progress. This energy gets a boost when Mercury joins the 3rd house on the 4th. You are thinking at warp speed for the weeks that Mercury visits – use this to your advantage and that novel may be pouring out of you like a waterfall! The solar eclipse on the 5th brings a crucial piece of news. Be alert for information or offers around this day – it could be highly useful…or surprising. If you’ve been contemplating making a career change, you can start doing that on the 6th when Uranus turns direct in your work sector. This would be a favorable time to look for that new job or to make necessary (and long overdue) shifts in your work environment. Upgrade your technology, renovate the website, give your office a makeover – it’s all good. Your revenue improves on the 7th when Venus slips into your 2nd house. You can make some serious cash over the next few weeks. It’s easier to attract the money you want – but this transit also brings the urge to splurge. While there is nothing wrong with a bit of bling, don’t blow your wad in one take. Practice restraint! This is especially important on the 13th when Jupiter forms a square with Neptune – investments made around this time could lead to heavy losses. Be on guard for charlatans, get-rich-quick schemes, or anything that looks too good to be true. You can prevent a catastrophe if you are a bit more conservative with your resources. Attention turns to family affairs when the Sun flows into your 4th house. You’ll have a few weeks to take care of issues with loved ones – or to get your home organized. With you in charge, it won’t take long before things are under control. An opportunity to grab the spotlight is all yours when the lunar eclipse lands in your 10th house. This day or the ones that surround it could put your work front and center for all to see. It’s also possible that a stunning new offer may come your way. The doors that seemed closed to you are suddenly open wide. Your star is rising! If your family feels somewhat concerned that they’ll be lost in your fame shuffle, talk that stuff out starting on the 24th when Mercury crosses into your 4th house. A bit of earnest communication will help you find the best way to blend success with home life. The sextile between Saturn and Neptune on the 31st is magical for romance. Put that date on your calendar – and make your move. 

Sagittarius: As 2019 takes off, you’ll want to train your peepers to your money, dear Sagittarius. The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in your financial sector aren’t playing around – and neither should you if you want security. This month may give you opportunities to up your earning potential, but you’ll want sound structures in place so that you can pay off debts and sock some of that sweet cash away. Have discussions around money with your financial advisor when Mercury enters your 2nd house on the 4th. Create a plan of action and then stick with it. You could see significant progress this year if you set yourself up right this month. The solar eclipse on the 5th could bring a promising change in your money situation. Whatever happens around this day could clear up a worry. Spruce up your public image when Venus enters your sign on the 7th. Cut your hair, try on some new duds, freshen up your makeup drawer. If you’ve been hanging on to that look from ten years ago, let that go. A new look will increase your confidence tenfold. A family problem could snag your attention on the 13th when Jupiter and Neptune are in a tough square. This day and the days that surround it could be dramatic – and misunderstandings could lead to hurt feelings. Try not to let things blow out of proportion, especially if you don’t have all facts. When the Sun slips into your 3rd house on the 20th, you can start organizing your travel plans. There may be an opportunity or two to head out of town in the few weeks that the Sun rests here. Even a short foray to the next city over could brighten your mood. The 21st is especially lovely for travel – the lunar eclipse will be directly in your 9th house, which is marvelous for a voyage to somewhere warm. If you can, map that week out and go somewhere. Communication with loved ones improves on the 24th when Mercury heads into your 3rd house. You can get your point across eloquently at this time. If you need to say something, you’ve got a few weeks to get that conversation flowing. The sextile between Saturn and Neptune on the 31st is superb for purchasing a home or buying new furniture. If you’ve been thinking of investing in property or a new couch, this is your green light. 

Capricorn:  The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in your sign at the beginning of the year give you a mega-boost of confidence. Which means: you can strut your stuff this month, dear Capricorn. You’re one of the hardest-working signs of the zodiac and no doubt you nailed 2018, even though the planets are not friendly. This year, you’re more than ready to take things to the next level, and January will get you off on the right foot. Mercury will be in your sign on the 4th, giving you the powers of persuasion. Take the lead in work meetings – you will be able to get everyone behind you. The solar eclipse on the 5th clears away any self-doubt once and for all. You are indeed in your best element going forward. Secret romantic trysts are possible when Venus moves into your 12th house on the 7th. A rendezvous or two might be in the cards. But be careful. If you’re doing anything that you shouldn’t, this could get revealed mid-month when Jupiter forms a square with Neptune. It’s also possible that day could bust an illusion – and force you into a reality check. Best advice: don’t do anything risky if you’re not realistic about the possible consequences. Finances improve significantly when the Sun blazes into your 2nd house on the 20th. You’ll have a few weeks of improved earning power – and the willpower to go after your money goals. Feel free to be as ambitious for cash as you want for the weeks that the Sun hangs here. Go after that moolah! Raise your rates! Ask for the promotion! The lunar eclipse on the 21st brings potential news about a new financial opportunity. This could be a new job, position, or a green light for a loan. Whatever that day brings could clear obstacles to your revenue goals. Be ready to discuss your financial future with an advisor on the 24th when Mercury enters your 2nd house. This is a good time for getting your debts in order – or for setting up your retirement account. Look at where you want to be and what needs to be done – and then create your savings plan. A cherished dream can become a reality when Saturn forms a sextile with Neptune on the 31st. If there is something you want to manifest, you’ll be shown the way on this day. 

Aquarius: As 2019 opens up you’re pulling back a bit, dear Aquarius. The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in your 12th house of rest demand that you step away from the social world and chill out. Perhaps you partied too hard over the holidays. Or maybe you’re just feeling like you need “me time.” Whatever the case may be, start the year out with a bit of hibernation. You’re privy to everyone’s secrets starting on the 4th when Mercury slides into your 12th house. You’ll be the perfect confidant for other people’s business. No matter what they’re confessing, you’re not saying a thing. A solar eclipse on the 5th brings an opportunity to let go of some old limiting beliefs. If you’ve been harboring painful memories, it’s time for a purge. Visit a therapist if you need help. Letting go feels so good! Your ruling planet, Uranus, is direct on the 6th. Implement your big ideas. Your innovations could lead to recognition. This is also a marvelous time for short, sudden trips. A little getaway over the next few weeks might be good for the soul. If you’re looking for romance, your social life may provide opportunities once Venus shimmies into your 11th house on the 7th. A love connection is possible so defo get out there. Just make sure you’re not sending mixed signals on the 13th when Jupiter forms a square with Neptune. Be clear. Don’t promise a commitment when you only want to be friends with benefits. Get ready for a massive energy boost when the Sun is in your sign starting on the 20th. Your vitality is super-charged, giving you the gumption to step up your game at work to true BO$$ status. Take command. Shine brightly. BE CONFIDENT. The lunar eclipse on the 21st may bring about a new love interest. Or it’s possible that a relationship may be heading to the next level. A change in your status may be just on the horizon sometime soon after this date. Show your intellectual prowess starting on the 24th when Mercury visits your sign for a few weeks. You’re one of the brainiest signs in the zodiac and this period will give you a chance to show what you know. (Psst…this could pay off handsomely at work.) A sextile between Saturn and Neptune on the 31st could reveal some unexpected cash. This might be something you’ve overlooked (ex: a check you forgot to deposit, a birthday card from Aunt Mabel with a Benjamin, etc.). A bit of extra cheddar finishes off the month on a happy note. 

Pisces:  You may still be in a festive mood as the year begins, dear Pisces. A busy 11th house indicates opportunities to hobnob keep showing up in your world. Time well spent with friends at the beginning of January will warm you up – you can hibernate later. Mercury will join the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto on the 4th, giving you lots more excuses to get out of the house. You’ll be flitting about like a social butterfly for weeks! A dear friend may reveal something on the 5th when the solar eclipse illuminates your 11th house. This day could also see a friendship come to a close. If one of your buddies leaves the scene, let them go. Your reputation at work gets some sweet buzz when Venus enters your career sector on the 7th. You can wow ‘em with your charm so do not be shy! The power of persuasion and people skills is yours – be ambitious and ask for what you want. You may get that yes you’ve been hoping for. The square between Jupiter and Neptune on the 13th might bring a hit to your reputation. You’ll want to be extra careful how you present yourself at this time. A foot in the mouth could be costly. It’s also possible that someone may try to throw you some shade. If someone is trying to damage your street cred, you’ll want to nip that haterade in the bud! Hibernation starts to sound like a plan when the Sun lumbers into your 12th house on the 20th. After such a hectic social calendar, “me time” is going to feel like good medicine. This marks a few weeks where you can pull back and enjoy your solitude. Start a new health regimen on the 21st when the lunar eclipse lands in your 6th house. If you’ve been lax on your routines, this is the perfect day to change the course and get back on track. It’s never too late to make your health a priority! Habits formed now have a great chance of sticking. When Mercury heads into your 12th house on the 24th, you may want to consider working on your mental health. This would be the right time to meditate, talk things out, or start therapy. This might be the start of a healthier you – both inside and out. A lovely sextile between Saturn and Neptune on the 31st brings support from a trusted friend. You’re going to realize who’s really got your back. 

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