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JULY 2020

July brings reflection, change, and hope.

Saturn is back in Capricorn on July 1st, giving us all a chance to review our structures, businesses, and government for a few months. How has your work life changed in the past few months? Does your career look the same since March 1st? If not, do you like the way things are shaping up? Or is it time to tear it down to the root and redo? You’ve got until December to sort this out. 

This also applies to other structures in your life, such as your daily schedule, family traditions, and even the way you handle your household responsibilities. Pay close attention to the cracks in the foundations – and be ready to innovate before Saturn slips into Aquarius at the end of the year. 

We’ll also want to keep a close eye on the government over the next few months. With the election season kicking into full gear, a pandemic that doesn’t seem to be letting up, and an impatient public, Saturn retrograde pushes people to demand change. If things don’t get better, we might see a complete shift as 2020 winds down. 

Another Lunar Eclipse arrives on the 5th at 12:45 AM EDT in the sign of Capricorn. This could be a revealing day for businesses, the economy, and the government. A change is coming due. Something is eclipsed out of the situation. Because this is the last eclipse of the summer, it may feel as if a chapter has closed down, paving the way for a new one to be written. 

Mercury direct on the 12th brings sweet relief after weeks of confusion and chaos. Conversations become productive, negotiations resume, and travel issues begin to unravel. The weeks ahead may bring lots of news that could be impacting the United States. Truth is finally coming out, giving us all a chance to think critically about the future we want. 

The New Moon in Cancer on the 21st creates fresh starts for families and homes. After a bumpy year, hope returns – and we may be able to appreciate our loved ones in new ways. This is also the time to get your home in order. A good declutter, coat of paint, or landscaping binge could bring new pride in your crib, no matter how old or humble it may be. 

When the Sun roars into Leo on 22nd, optimism returns. A sunny attitude permeates the air, and we feel better about the future. Summer parties are in full swing, even if social distancing remains. We’re anxious to get out and have some fun. Look for ways to enjoy the beautiful weather while still being mindful of other people’s spaces.

Jupiter sextile Neptune 27th allows us to dream big. What do you want for the future? Not just for yourself but for the country, the world, your fellow humans? Think about the bigger picture and how you want it to look. Then, look to the leaders to take us into a bright, humane future. Even better, if you feel called to step up and lead, do so. The world is looking for inspiration today. Let that be you.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly horoscopes:

Aries - Monthly Horoscopes
Aries: Finding the balance between work and home won’t be easy this month, dear Aries. A busy 10th house puts your career on the line – you must rise to the challenges and LEAD. But the Sun and Mercury retrograde sitting in your domestic sector mean your family will need your attention too. How can you rise up at the office while slowing down with your loved ones? It’s tricky, but it can be done. A Lunar Eclipse on the 13th might bring a solution at work. A significant change happens around that day that could restore some order. This could mark the end of a project that has been consuming your time. If things ease up, your family will be delighted. Mercury direct on the 12th allows for meaningful conversations on the home front. In-depth discussions over long dinners enable closeness. If you’ve been putting home improvement projects on hold, you can get started at this time too. The New Moon on the 21st is your best bet for buying real estate or investing in your house. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your crib or getting a new one, now’s the time. Romance is supercharged when the Sun blazes into your 5th house. You’ll have a few good weeks for summer date nights, so be sure to schedule in time with your honey. Single? No better time to get your mingle on! Be bold, and you may see some new action in your DMs. Start creating your vision board on the 27th when Jupiter and Neptune make sweet angles between your 10th and 12th houses. What you focus on today can become your reality tomorrow.
Taurus - Monthly Horoscopes

Taurus: Wanderlust has struck, but you may have to cool your jets a bit longer, dear Taurus. Mercury is still retrograde as the month kicks off, so hang tight. You’ll be able to get going once Mercury is direct on the 12th. At that point, you can start plotting out some summer road trips or weekends at the beach. A Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings a chance to broaden your horizons without leaving home. Look for ways to up-level your mind through study – there is plenty of time to indulge in globetrotting soon enough. Once Mercury is direct, though, have at it! A New Moon on the 21st is your best best for a short journey. Schedule in time for a quick tour of the city next door or a hike in the woods. It will do you good – and curb that cabin fever! Family events make your summer extra fun when the Sun lights up your 4th house on the 22nd. Long evenings lingering in the backyard, pool parties, and lively dinners bring you closer to your loved ones. The 27th is a fab day for goal setting or parties on the other side of the world (or town). Jupiter sextile Neptune on that day opens a door for fun – and friends. If you have a chance to go somewhere with your besties, this might be the dreamiest day of all.

Gemini - Monthly Horoscopes

Gemini: You’re at your charming best at this time, dear Gemini. Venus is direct in your sign all month long, giving you oodles of opportunities to max out the spotlight and turn the world on with your smile! Busy money zones amplify your cash-attraction skills like nobody’s business. You also have the moxie to settle debts and stash some of that cheddar away for a rainy day. In other words: you’re winning! Keep an eye on your moolah on the 5th when that Lunar Eclipse brings change around a long-standing money issue. This could be the release of debt – or limiting belief. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be direct on the 12th, helping you to negotiate deals for future projects. If you need to work out some money issues, rest assured, you have the gift of persuasion going forward, which guarantees you’ll get the best deal. A New Moon in your money sector brings a new source of income. This could be a new job, a creative project, or some other windfall. Things are looking up for your revenue! Start planning short trips when the Sun saunters into your 3rd house on the 22nd. A few summer road trips may be in order – so get the car ready, grab your best friends, and go somewhere fun! The Jupiter-Neptune sextile on the 27th brings a rare lucky career moment. This is a golden opportunity for you to up-level your game like never before. Go on now…your fans are waiting!

Cancer - Monthly Horoscopes

Cancer: July gives you a unique opportunity to find balance in your relationships, dear Cancer. The Sun, in your sign, for most of the month, brings the courage needed to stand in your power. You can be in a relationship while still maintaining your individuality. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th helps to finalize boundaries with certain folks while bringing close to partnerships you’ve outgrown. This is also your cue to address your codependent tendencies. If you can’t let go, this eclipse is the perfect day for getting into therapy and working that shit out. Find your voice when Mercury stations direct on the 12th. Say what you need, stand up for yourself – or speak out on behalf of others. Your words hold power in the weeks ahead, so use your voice for good whenever possible. Debut a new look on the 21st when the New Moon is in your sign. Update your wardrobe, chop your hair, or adorn yourself with fresh bling. Work it! Finances improve when the Sun sashays into your money zone on the 22nd. Let your ambition for cash take the wheel, and you’ll be adding some cheddar to your account soon. Slip away with a certain someone on the 27th when the Jupiter/Neptune sextile creates the best vibe for a romantic journey. A second honeymoon may be in order.

Leo - Monthly Horoscopes

Leo: Start your month off with plenty of self-care, dear Leo. Your ruling planet, the Sun, is resting in your 12th house alongside Mercury, which is retrograde as July kicks off. Before the month is out, you’ll be back in the spotlight – so enjoy a few weeks of introspection and plenty of naps. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th is your best bet of the year for cleaning up your health routines. If you’ve been overindulging in sugar or wine, give those habits the heave-ho today. You’ll feel so much better. Mercury direct on the 12th opens the door for important revelations. Secrets will be getting revealed over the next few weeks. If someone has been holding out on you, they’ll be ready to spill. Of course, it’s also possible that a few folks are planning some birthday tributes to you – if someone blabs, act like you don’t know when the festivities commence! The New Moon on the 21st is ideal for getting back into therapy. If you’ve been putting that off, schedule time in around this day. It’s also possible that you may have a significant breakthrough with a counselor. A new outlook is likely if you’re willing to do the work. The 22nd is the beginning of Leo season. The Sun will roar into your sign, and suddenly you are the star of the moment. Bask in that glow, toot your horn, and shake your mane! You are badass and shouldn’t hold back at this time. The world loves to see a confident Lion! The 27th brings the possibility of an income upgrade on the job when Jupiter sextiles Neptune. A lucky door is opening wide – and your career is about to go bonkers.

Virgo - Monthly Horoscopes

Virgo: The Sun is shining oh-so-brightly in your social sector, dear Virgo. You know what that means, right? It’s time to get your summer party vibe ON. Although you don’t mind being holed up in the office, the chance to get out and play feels good. A Lunar Eclipse on the 5th shakes up your love life a bit. This day brings a change – and one that feels long overdue. For example, if you’re in a relationship, you may experience a breakthrough…or break up. Single Virgos might be ready to end that solo time and start getting back in the game. Mercury direct on the 12th brings invites, long conversations with friends, and opportunities to network. A New Moon on the 21st might be one of the best nights of the year for an evening out with your besties. If you’ve been neglecting your self-care, you can put that on the agenda when the Sun slips into your 12th house on the 22nd. Use the four weeks that follow for resting up, scheduling in a massage (or two), and upping your spiritual practices. The Jupiter-Neptune sextile on the 27th is pure magic for romance. A date night around that day could deepen a current relationship…or be auspicious for starting a new one.

Libra - Forecasts and horoscopes

Libra: Part of you is ready for the spotlight while the other part wants to curl up with a good book and a glass of chardonnay, dear Libra. Trying to find a balance between the two will put your indecisiveness on full display. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th may be the deciding factor. It’s hitting your domestic sector, which may give you a nudge to exchange your shelter-in-place for fun in the Sun. Mercury direct on the 12th helps you find your place on the world’s stage. You’ve always been a champion for the underdog – and now you can grab the bullhorn and make some noise! Take the lead in any public speaking event, and get ready to inspire the masses. The New Moon on the 21st opens up new career doors that could propel you to the top. All eyes are on you as you ascend the company ladder. Celebrate your success when the Sun heads into your 11th house on the 22nd. You’ll have a few weeks to bask in your victories and hit the disco round too! A sextile between Jupiter and Neptune on the 27th finds you achieving that long sought after work/life balance. Finally!

Scorpio - Forecasts and horoscopes

Scorpio: If you’re thinking about traveling this month, wait until Mercury is direct on the 12th, dear Scorpio. Although the Sun is sitting pretty in your 9th house, it’s best to chill until then. A Lunar Eclipse on the 5th could be delightful for a night out in your neighborhood. That might satisfy your need to get out of the house until the retrograde comes to an end. When that happens on the 12th, start planning your adventures. The 21st is an especially great day for indulging your wanderlust. On that day, a New Moon will illuminate a special deal or opportunity that will make going away totally possible. Your career is supercharged when the Sun enters your 10th house on the 22nd. You’ve got a few sparkling weeks to take center stage at work. Let your ambitions take the lead – and your rise could be meteoric! Attractive romantic prospects show up in your hood when Jupiter and Neptune make an auspicious angle to your 5th house. A bit of flirt action could reveal whether that hottie at the café could find you collecting digits for some summer lovin’.

Sagittarius - Forecasts and horoscopes

Sagittarius: There is no better month to get your finances in order, dear Sagittarius. With the Sun hanging out in your 8th house alongside Mercury at the beginning of July, you have a few weeks to wrangle your bills and create new income streams. Because Mercury is retrograde as the month rolls in, you’ll want to start with a thorough review of your income. How are you making money? More importantly, how are you handling it? Look for the leaks, and you’ll find the solutions. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th could be especially revealing. That day may also bring a surprise – and not necessarily the right kind. But do know that even if an unexpected expense shows up, you’ll be able to pivot soon enough. Mercury direct on the 12th is ideal for starting a revised (and better) budget. The New Moon on the 21st could bring a new source of cash your way. This might be a side hustle, new client, or some other windfall. No doubt, you’ll be feeling some relief! Use some of your extra rubber bands for a trip once the Sun settles into your 9th house on the 22nd for a four-week stay. Where do you want to go? The skies are opening up for you to take off! More good money news arrives around the 27th when Jupiter and Neptune align in a lucky angle. If you’re thinking about investing in real estate, this day could also give you a thumbs up.

Capricorn - Forecasts and horoscopes

Capricorn: Major changes are on the way for you, dear Capricorn. It begins with a Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 5th. An evolution that began last year comes to a conclusion. The old you is no more – this day marks a turning point in the way you’re showing up. Perhaps you’re taking on a leadership role. Or maybe you’re simply letting go of the way you’ve defined yourself for far too long. Come out as you are – the world is ready to accept you. Mercury direct on the 12th allows for better conversations with loved ones. You can stand in your power while still respecting where they’re at too. Your relationships will take on a dynamic, honest tone going forward, making it easier than ever to have deep connections. The New Moon on the 21st brings an important new person into your life. This could be the start of a beautiful new partnership, either for love or business. Finances need your attention when the Sun enters your 8th house on the 22nd. If you’ve been splurging, the bill comes due – and you’ll be paying the piper. The sextile between Jupiter and Neptune on the 27th brings fabulous news. A dream is about to come true at last.

Aquarius -- Forecasts and horoscopes

Aquarius: You’ve been in the midst of an inner transformation for some time, dear Aquarius. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings an amazing breakthrough. If you’ve been stuck on a particular issue, a release is at hand at last! Mercury direct on the 12th gives you the ability to negotiate at work. If your salary has been flat, you may want to discuss this with the boss. This is also your green light to begin interviewing for new jobs if you don’t like your current gig – or have been out of work due to the pandemic. The New Moon on the 21st could deliver an opportunity that is too good to pass up. This could be a new position or job – and a chance to reboot your career. Relationships are heating up when the Sun enters your 7th house on the 22nd. As you coast through the rest of July and into August, you may be making a genuine connection with someone special. Take things to the next level if you’re feeling brave. Single Aquarians are in a great position to get some new attention. Update your online profile and see if there is anyone swipe-worthy. The 27th is truly magical – the Jupiter-Neptune sextile signals manifestation of a dream. A new reality is on the way.

Pisces - Forecasts and horoscopes

Pisces: Your social circle needs a review this month, dear Pisces. A bevy of retrograde planets sitting in your 11th house indicates a change is happening, although it may not be outward. Perhaps you’re outgrowing certain people…or just need a different crew. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th could deliver a blow to a friendship. Someone may be on the way out – and you must trust that this is for your highest good. Sort out love issues of the past month when Mercury stations direct on the 12th. If you’ve fallen into a rut or have been experiencing miscommunications, you can start clearing the air. Then New Moon on the 21st creates the perfect energy for a romantic upgrade. This could be a new partner – or a new level with a current flame. Take the lead at work when the Sun hits up your 6th house on the 22nd. You’ve got a few good weeks to step up your game, so don’t hold back. If you’re willing to put the reins in your hands, a victory is assured (followed by a possible promotion). Hit the party circuit on the 17th when the Jupiter-Neptune sextile gives you that certain glam factor. You never know who you might bump into on the dance floor. Get out there and boogie the night away!

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