thetarotlady_theresareed2014If you’re looking for a crystal ball to spell out the precise coordinates of where  you’re going, and when you’ll get there — good luck. 

And call me when you find it.

Tarot is not about revealing a predetermined destiny (news flash: it doesn’t exist).

It’s not about lifting ‘curses’ (or meddling with other people’s choices).

And it’s not necessarily about gloomy omens or impending doom (most types of doom are delightfully avoidable).

Tarot is a powerful empowerment tool for confident decision-making & communication, anchored in evocative symbols that trigger emotional reactions. By tuning into those intuitive impulses, we can unravel multiple courses of action, and actively create a gameplan for your ideal future.

This is about courageous personal clarity — shining a vivid light through your mental fog, so you can make emotionally intelligent choices for your love life, for your family, for your business — and for every life-pivoting decision along the path.

My name is Theresa Reed, and I’ve been a sought-after intuitive reader for over 30 years. I’ve worked with thousands of clients, and I’d love to show you how to harness the power of Tarot to lead a calmer, stronger & bolder life. Whether you’re seeking a 1-on-1 readingprofessional mentoring for your budding Tarot business, or a live workshop experience, I’ve got an offering for everyone.

Here’s to the magic of choosing your future.


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Less More 4/18/14

April 18, 2014

@ Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014 What is Less More?  A collection of pithy statements I have been compiling for about a year.  Reflections on what I want less of, what I want more of.  What do you want less or more of in your life?  

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