the tarot lady theresa reedIf you’re looking for a crystal ball to spell out the precise coordinates of where  you’re going, and when you’ll get there — good luck. 

And call me when you find it.

Tarot is not about revealing a predetermined destiny (news flash: it doesn’t exist).

It’s not about lifting ‘curses’ (or meddling with other people’s choices).

And it’s not necessarily about gloomy omens or impending doom (most types of doom are delightfully avoidable).

Tarot is a tool for confident decision-making, clear communication and timely, decisive action. With each Tarot reading, we can explore the pros + cons of different choices that you might make — creating the best possible plan for the future you want.

Ultimately, its all about clarity — shining a light through the mental fog so that you can make excellent choices for your relationships, your family, your finances, your business and your quality of life.

My name is Theresa Reed (aka The Tarot Lady)  and I’ve been a sought-after intuitive reader for over 30 years. I’ve worked with thousands of clients, and I’d love to show you how to harness the power of Tarot to lead a calmer, stronger and more satisfying life.

Whether you’re seeking a 1-on-1 readingsimple tips to help you tap into your intuition, or a twelve-month forecast to help you grow your business empire, I’ve got an offering for everyone!

Here’s to the magic of choosing your future.

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blessing bags

  I wrote about my friend passing from an overdose a few months ago.  Truth be told, I was having a pretty hard time coping with it. When someone goes in such a tragic manner, it leaves a massive hole that cannot be filled.  I found myself losing a lot of sleep over this. Memories […]

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Yo Mantra – Vow

October 24, 2014

yo mantra vow of prosperity

Yo Mantra: hip, playful (and sometimes profound) statements, mantras, and mojo-vation for modern mystics, seekers, and anyone who needs a little boost (or boom). Today’s Yo Mantra:  I’ve taken a vow of prosperity. I've taken a vow of prosperity. ~ @thetarotlady #yomantraClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule   Great resources when you are ready to step […]

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Soulful Proprietor Retreat

Last weekend, I hosted my first ever retreat: The Soulful Proprietor Retreat.  The mission was simple – gather together twenty women who were working in heart-centered businesses for an in-person mastermind with some fabulous teachers. I can happily announced that I successfully accomplished my goal.  The retreat was hella successful and a whole lotta fun […]

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tarot business isn't making a profit

Does this sound like you? You’re a talented tarot reader and people love your readings – but,  year after year, you barely break even. And every year, you wonder – why am I doing this when I can’t even make a sustainable living? Or maybe you host classes and workshops – they sell well enough […]

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Tarot Tip 10/21/14

October 21, 2014

tarot tip keep it simple with your spreads

Weekly tarot tips, thoughts and tidbits for tarot enthusiasts and wannabe readers. Blessings! Theresa © Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014

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