Talkin’ Tarot With is a monthly feature designed to introduce my readers to different tarot readers from our wonderfully diverse community!  Each month, I’ll be asking various tarot readers 3 questions about their tarot philosophy and style, plus pointing you to their websites and blogs so that you can learn more about them!  I like to hand pick tarot readers that I feel are talented and interesting.

Last year, Louise Underhill was offering readings with the Wildwood Tarot.  I was not familiar with the deck at the time so I thought I’d give it a shot. At that time I was dealing with a tough situation and having trouble getting clarity. Louise delivered my reading quickly and blew me away with her accuracy.

Now, every time I hear about the Wildwood Tarot, I can’t help but think about Louise and that fantastic reading.

I recently featured Louise on my Tarot Moms series and learned that she’s a busy mum to two little ones, a full time tarot reader and an avid blogger (using the Wildwood Tarot in her “Card of the Day” feature).  A perpetual student, she also studies Mythology, Quabalah, I Ching, Astrology and Numerology.  Louise is also involved with Tarot Academy in Droitwich and has recently taken over as chairman for TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles).  Not sure where she finds the time for all that, but I’m impressed!

You can find her all over the web:

Priestess Tarot Website:


Twitter: @Priestess_Tarot

Google Plus: Priestess Tarot

Check out her answers to my questions below:


1. What is your philosophy about tarot reading?

My philosophy about the Tarot reading is that it is there to help: nothing is set in stone. It’s not there to dictate, it’s there to support, help, learn from, guide and advise. Like any advice, you can take it or leave it! I find it empowering to use the Tarot in this way, to help. I don’t use it “put curses” on people, nor to “remove any curses” on people. The only person who can do that is you. If you believe that someone has done that, then they have, for you have made it real. Sounds a little like quantum mechanics, but that’s how I see it. I am mostly a live and let live kind of gal. I’m the one sat at the back at parties,  people watching: I love to do that and watch who acts with whom and smile a knowing smile. I believe that there’s a real art to the Tarot, it’s not a party piece, a trick to be “pulled out” but a real personal insight tool.

2. How do you feel a client might get the most out of a reading with you?

I feel the client can get the most out of a reading with me by joining in. You always get people who are nervous and don’t interact with you, that’s fine, it’s part of the course, but if you want a really helpful session, interact, join in, make it yours. The more the reading is made yours, the better it is for you.

3. What is your best piece of advice for an aspiring tarot reader? 

Trust your instincts and put the books down. Books are great if you’re struggling with a card or learning a spread or even a new deck, but otherwise, it can just be confusing. Use your intuition. If you’re still unsure, then pick the book up, but use it as a secondary source, not the primary one. Combine the two meanings and never stop learning. Ask questions, often and regularly. Stretch your imagination, your understanding, your comfort zones. I combine numerology with the Tarot on a regular basis: that takes some reading up on! Astrology just does my head in: I can’t my head into the charts and work out the conjunctions properly.

I’d also like to add one more question:

4. You’re now the chairman for TABI – what is your vision for TABI?

Oh, my visions are not that grand! My aim is to keep TABI the happy, vibrant place I know she is. Another plan is to get the website updated and centralise a few systems we have, so that the admin end can run better if someone is ill or away on holiday. Apart from that, I am going through TABI’s Mentoring process and trying to become a TABI Mentor to mentor other readers, as I was. It was a great process for me and I want to give that gift back.


A warm thank you and big hug for Louise – this gal has a lot on her plate but she always makes time for tarot!  Be sure to check out her website and get a reading – you won’t be disappointed:



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