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Welcome to my digital tarot shop! Toolkits, guidebooks + audio-riffic lessons for tarot lovers, yogis, coaches, healers + metaphysical mamas.

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The Professional Mystic’s Guides: A 15-part series for soul-based entrepreneurs who are ready to BO$$ UP, big time.
Pick and choose the ones you want or need (or get ’em all for a big time discount): PROFESSIONAL MYSTIC’S GUIDES


Get In Charge - the money e-course for mystical entrepreneurs


GET IN CHARGE: a 21-day, $21 e-course for coaches, healers, psychics and mystics who want to make mo’ money. Period.



Dealing with a nightmare client? Feeling foggy and distracted? Feel like people are trampling all over your boundaries? Or just having a crummy, no-good day?
I’ve got the guidebook for you, my tarot-reading friend: How To Read Tarot Under Any Circumstance.

This guidebook is my “love letter” to Tarot readers everywhere. It’s filled with insights to help you get calm, grounded and centered before every reading — and set crystal-clear business policies — so that you can take excellent care of your clients while taking equally good care of yourself.  Get yours here: How To Read Tarot Under Any Circumstance.


Creative Coupling –  guidebook for couples and the people that love them.
How to build a sexy, successful and sustainable relationship — when one or both of you are self-employed.  Get our copy right here: Creative Coupling.

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