The Hit List - My Hood - 24 hour bike race Riverwest Milwaukee

This weekend, the streets in my hood are filled with bikes.  It’s the Riverwest 24 hour bike race, an annual event that feels less like a bike race and more like a huge block party.  Music, food, kids, and local bicyclists all jamming together.  It’s infectious, it’s fun + a bit crazy. Although I don’t participate directly, I sure enjoy the energy it brings.

Milwaukee is a great place to live. Those of us who are long time residents know all the best spots, hidden gems, and cool events (like the bike race!).  We’re in the know.

I like to say that I’m a great ambassador for my city.  When peeps come to visit, they get the whirlwind tour – and always leave well-fed.  Here are some of the places I think you need to check out should you ever decide to hang in my mighty fine city:

Milwaukee Public Museum: we have a fantastic museum, with a butterfly exhibit, loads of dinosaurs, and my favorite, The Streets of Old Milwaukee (which has undergone a renovation).

Milwaukee Art Museum: even the building is a work of art! Located on the lake front, our art museum boasts an incredible collection.

The Domes: also known as the Mitchell Park Conservatory, you can’t miss this cool building from the freeway. Inside, you’ll find three different eco-systems: tropical, desert, and floral.  If you love plants, you’re gonna love this.

Milwaukee Zoo: okay, I’ll admit – I’m not a fan of zoos. But our zoo is really nice and this is a good activity for the family.  Kiddos will love Monkey Island and the petting zoo.

Discovery World: an awesome science museum for the kiddos.  (Psst…adults can unleash their inner child here too!)

Bronze Fonz: Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley were both based here in Milwaukee. So it’s only natural that we needed a statue to commemorate the Fonz.  I force visitors to get their pic with the Bronze Fonz.  Heh heh….

Lakefront Brewery Tour: Milwaukee is also known for beer.  While there are many breweries that offer tours, my favorite is the Lakefront Brewery Tour. The hosts are always funny as hell!

Urban Cheese Factory: we’re also known for cheese so check out this cheesemaking tour!

Harley-Davidson Museum: Wisconsin is the birthplace of Harley. If you’re a biker, defo come and see our Harley-Davidson Museum.

Jazz in the Park: every summer, the East Town Association hosts Jazz in the Park, a laid back event with some of the best jazz talent out there (my son is a jazz drummer and can sometimes be found here playing with various bands).

Summerfest: we’re also famous for our festivals – and the biggest one is Summeriest, a huge music fest that attracts big names from all over the world.

Wisconsin State Fair: our annual fair can’t be beat.  Come for the cows, stay for the cream puffs.

Wisconsin Foodie: hosted by my buddy, Kyle Cherek, Wisconsin Foodie is the Emmy-nominated show that gives you the inside scoop on all the things to eat in our state!

Wolf Peach: this is my favorite local haunt.  Glorious charcuterie boards, locally-sourced seasonal food, great service.  I’m heading there tonight! Ha!

Odd Duck: another fave place to eat, this joint is always packed because the food is that good.

Le Reve: fancy French fare.  I adore this place – the bouillabaisse can’t be beat!

Colectivo Coffee: I’m a Starbucks gal but Colectivo is where the locals go for their java.

Fuel Cafe: another fave coffee shop for the locals, this funky place has strong coffee and excellent sandwiches.  (My husband always gets the Buttafuoco.)

Kopps Frozen Custard: frozen custard is big around these parts.  Kopps gives you that old-fashioned service.

The Waxwing: this is one of my favorite places to go for gift shopping.  You’ll always find cool stuff here!

Milwaukee Public Market: local vendors, fresh food, lots of good stuff to eat and buy. You’ll love our excellent public market.  (Psst get a lobster roll at the St. Paul Fish Company.)

Safe House: the one-and-only spy themed bar.

Bryant’s Cocktails: for ice cream cocktails and other hipster delights.

Halo Hair Spa: need to get your hair done while in town? Halo is the place to go. Tell ’em The Tarot Lady sent you (psst…I love Diane + Leroy)!  Halo is located on Brady Street, one of the best streets in the city – lots of good shopping and eating here, peeps.

Visit Milwaukee: for all the other stuff I didn’t cover here.

This is only a small list of all the goodness that my hood has to offer.  So don’t overlook this little city.  Come and see why I love it here so much.

Bronze Fonz

My sister and her hubby forced to visit the Bronze Fonz!  I told you everyone who visits here gets a ride straight to the Bronze Fonz!  Ha ha!  Ayyyyyyy……..

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Got a speech coming up? Get this: Speak for Impact: Write a Speech That’s Your Next Best-Selling Product by Dr. Michelle Mazur.  It WILL help you write a powerful speech.

Annnndddd….the dates for my book tour are coming together!  If you’re in Minneapolis on November 6th, join me for a Tarot for Total Beginners workshop at the Eye of Horus.  This is going to be epic!  (PS I adore the Twin Cities!)

There’s still time to grab tickets for my workshop at The World Domination Summit.  Get tickets for the week ( or à la carte (  I’ll be teaching on Monday,  August 15th.  Be sure to sign up for Hack Your World With Tarot under Academies.

I am in love with this little book: One Year Wiser: 365 Illustrated Meditations by Mike Medaglia.


What I’m Grateful For:

My hood (I really do love my city)

New iPhone cover + screen protector

A moment of peace

Productivity days

Balanced checkbook

Smoked salmon


Soundtrack for 7/30/16:

Milwaukee by Trelly G



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