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by Theresa Reed on March 8, 2014


Do you ever get obsessive?  I do.  I have all sorts of (mostly short lived) obsessions that take up rent in my noggin.  I like to blame my Moon in Scorpio for this ability to get seriously hyper focused on something (or someone – I’m gross when I’m in love).

Currently, I’m fixating on “True Detective”.  I know, sad but true.  When I get wrapped up in a series, I go into super hung up mode.  Like non-stop discussing (my poor daughter was so sick of my constant “Breaking Bad” chatter that she threatened to stop talking to me if I didn’t drop that subject).  

The last few weeks, I’ve been all gungho-ing on True Detective to the point where it’s kind of annoying, even to myself:

  • I’m reading everything I can on the web.  (And staring at pictures like a lovesick teenage girl – which at my age, ain’t cute!)
  • Watching and re-watching previous episodes to see if I “missed” something.
  • Listening to the theme song over and over (yep, constant rotation).  Humming it under my breath while I work.
  • Learning all about Matthew McConaughey, whom I was always “against” but now he’s cool enough for me to lust after.  (My husband said that the reason I like him now is because he’s no longer rom-com boy and is now sporting a “haunted” look.  I dig flawed, dark men.)  
  • I watched the Oscars for the sole purpose of seeing “my guy” win. 

It’s insanity for anyone who is stuck being around me for any extended period of time during one of my infatuations. Thankfully, my husband tends to latch on to some of my preoccupations so we’ve been like two junkies, feeding each other’s habit.  (Thank god he and I chose television over hard substances because he’d be Sid to my Nancy.) 

While all  this tv talk may seem rather banal and off tarot topic, there is something joyful about getting lost in a good show or story.   

It’s that fun element of escapism.

That ability to let go of other nonsense (such as the rude person I encountered the other day or my anxiety around choosing a headshot) becomes easy because I’m busy focusing on the season finale and speculating about what might happen.  

When I’m in True Detective mode (or soon…Game of Thrones!), suddenly petty stuff just doesn’t seem that important.  It’s soon filed to the back of my dusty mental cabinet, to be forgotten about forever.  

Because here’s the deal: when I shift my focus from negativity and worry to something more enjoyable, sooner or later that bad energy dissipates.  It can’t linger around if you don’t invite it in.

The moral of my story: put your energy into stuff that you love and soon you’ll discover a wonderful thing: you become happier.  


I’d sure like to hire a True Detective to figure out how my plants keep getting chewed.  (Ahem…a certain guilty looking gray cat is the main suspect.)

Other stuff:

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Okay, okay – enough with the True Detective stuff.  Moving right along….

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26 Reasons K-Pop is better than American Pop.  They might have a point.  

I guess mummies liked cheese too.  Hmmm…I might want to be buried with some good brie.

I love photography – especially old stuff.  Check out these portraits of prostitutes from 1900’s New Orleans

This is a great post from The Darling Bakers: 10 Ways to Show Love to Someone with Depression.

Don’t know what to write about?  Here ya go: good prompts from Alexandra Franzen.


What I’m Grateful For:

Season finales 

Time off

40 degrees

Unexpected socks in the mail

Connecting with new people 

Finishing big projects

Loving support from my family

Being able to walk outside without freezing


Soundtrack for 3/8/14: Obsession by Animotion – but of course!

 Signing off because I’m on a countdown to the series finale,



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014

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