A variety of slang words and ebonics doodled in vector format.

I’ve always been fascinated with slang.  Proper English is great ‘n all but slang (patois if you want to get fancy) makes language fun.  It loosens up the tongue and gets the priggish stick out.  Plus, sometimes it just says it better.  

And oh, I love it all: old timey, rap lingo, foreign…give me clever or silly ways of twisting a word or phrase and I’m straight up gleeful!  (PS Rappers are my favorite sources for new slang.  They are clever ‘n fresh.  Rumor has it that the Aussies have the best slang on the planet.  I am checking that story out and will report my findings.)  

I geek out when I discover a new way to say something and I immediately try to find an excuse to use it.  After a particularly slangy day testing out some new lingo, one of my girlfriends said: “I can’t understand what she says half the time.”  That makes me giggle.    (I also got extreme pleasure out of pissing off a man who unfriended me because he was offended that a “middle aged white woman” used hip hop banter to express herself.  Whatevs.  You can’t handle this level of dope, salty saltbox.)

I’m especially fond of shortening words (deets for details gives me total pleasure as it rolls off my tongue).  My son once asked me why I like to trim a word down to one syllable.  It’s concise ‘n snappy, kiddo.  Who has time for all those syllables? 

And with a grammar prude daughter who has an MFA in creative writing, you can bet your sweet bippy that I’m getting my lingo corrected – often .  She wants me to speak well and thinks all that slang stuff is a bit too “street”  for her refined tastes.  She’s a klassy bird, yo. (In case you haven’t guessed, my highly educated kids are way more prim than yours truly.)  

My current favorite words ‘n phrases:


Icy mitt

Daddy-O (This should be used as an official greeting, in my opinion.)

Know your onions (an old way of saying you know your stuff).

Yank my chain



Hater tots

Hot cha cha cha

Bugger (Naughty English word – not to be said in front of wee ones.  PS I like a bit of rough language now and then. Actually, I like it a LOT.)

Stone fox



Spitting game


Shut your bonebox!  (Got that one from Miss Correct English aka my daughter – it’s an old way of saying shut your mouth.)

Close your clob! (This is my mother’s way of saying the same thing.)

Blow your wig


The fuzz

Hubba hubba


Jive turkey



I love them so much that if I could use all those words in one sentence, I would.  But that would be acting a foo now, wouldn’t it?  So word playas, what is your favorite slang?  Tweet me your bestest, most slangiest phrases!




Check out my cat’s grill in the pic above!  

Other stuff:

The 25 Greatest Outdated Rap Slang Words  – don’t be a buster, no diggity.

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Groovy 60’s slang for that mellow vibe.  Hodad is one of my fave words of all time!

Okay, enough of that slang stuff.  Mad props to Sarah Jessica Parker for confronting a snarky woman on Twitter.

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The tallest slum in the world – check out the squatters in this Venezuelan skyscraper.  Say what you want, it’s better than the building standing empty.

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I’m looking forward to the new season of Catfish.  Nev promises that this cycle will be “darker”.  I’ve had a dealing with a Catfish and I can tell you, it’s not fun or funny.  Imagine the amount of energy it takes to live a lie.  

And while we are on the subject of Catfish, it appears as if Lady Gaga has some Catfishin’ haters who won’t reveal their identities.  If you are going to attack her like this, at least have the courage to use your real name and picture.  Super cowardly and cruel.  

Metalheads with their cats.  Say awwww……..

RosyBlu has opened up the doors for her fab Love What You Have ecourse.  I highly recommend this one!  If you have been on the “hedonistic treadmill”, she offers a way to step off.

How To Be A Conscious Custodian of Money – from the always wise Leonie Dawson.  Big yes to this post!  (Plus her pictures of her little girls is just adorbs!)

I’ve always been curious about 911 dispatchers.  This post is an eye opener.  (Memo to self: do not apply for this job, ever.  You wouldn’t last a day.)

Want to grow your bosom?  Um…not sure if these tips from 100 years ago would help but hey.  LOL 

More old fashioned fun from Theresa Oneill: 7 Tips for keeping your man (from the 50s).  Did women really believe this shite? I would not have been good 50’s marriage material with my big mouth ‘n independent streak.  Plus, I despise pink.  

Businesses such as Eat24 are leaving Facebook.  Has Facebook jumped the shark?

Apparently Black Death was not spread by rats.  It was airborne.  At least that is what these scientists are saying.  (PS I love science!)  I always thought those rats got a bum deal.  

 Mad truth from Krista Martin at Make Your Mark: Why Your Goal to Make $100K is B.S. 

OMG how I wish I was there live to see this news reporter get photobombed by a woman in a tutu and unicorn mask!  HILARIOUS!

I just got this sweet little Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Mini for iPad mini – Black.  It works GREAT and is much easier than finger typing on that screen.  I love the convenience of taking my iPad wherever I go.  

And now I just have to wait for my adorable Hello Kitty Themed Apple iPad Mini / 8″ Tablet Sleeve w/ Handles in Polka Dot Pink (Neoprene, Water Resistant, Branded YKK Zippers, Soft Plush Inner Lining) and I’m all set for high tech cuteness!  


What I’m Grateful For:

Game of Thrones weekend, baby!

My support system

My massage therapist now lives two minutes away

Rain vs snow

Lunch dates with my children

Companies with great customer service


Soundtrack for 4/5/14: “Ima Real 1” by YG – my latest obsession.  YES YES YES!

Catch ya on the flip side, ballas!


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014

rad images from stock photography and my personal collection 

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