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I’ve been reading Glamour magazine for years.  (You wouldn’t know it because I’m not very glam.)  Although I love poring over the glossy fashion spreads, the first column I always turn to is “10 Women Who Changed My Life”, a monthly feature where the editors ask a famous woman “Who’s made you you?”

Rather than wait around for Glamour to hunt me down, I thought I’d share my list here.

Miriam Young – author.  My number one influence, hands down. Her book, Truth or Consequences (pictured above), told the story of a girl who learned how to be honest but tactful.  Those lessons of truthfulness and kindness are a thread in every thing I do to this day.

Oberon Leslie – my art teacher from kindergarten to seventh grade. This was the first person who ever made me feel special.  She always featured my work in the display case and encouraged my artsy ways.  She really believed in me and made me believe in myself. When she left, I cried.  I think about her often and wonder if she knows the impact she made on me and the other children who were lucky enough to have her as a teacher.

Debbie Harry – musician.  Her style and beauty intrigued me. I loved her unconventional punk rock aesthetic and it influenced my own style.  (PS I still think she’s the most gorgeous woman in the world.)

Emma Goldman – anarchist. I was interested in politics early on and Emma Goldman was the thinker who got me thinking.  She was a true rebel. Independent thought and freedom are important to me – and I have her to thank for inspiring that.

Mary Ellen Mark – photographer. I loved seeing the world through her eyes.  Mary Ellen Mark once said this: “I feel an affinity for people who haven’t had the best breaks in society. What I want to do more than anything is acknowledge their existence.”  YES. That.  Her unflinching portraits of people in desperate circumstances helped me to become more compassionate.

Gloria Steinem – author + feminist.  I came of age during the feminist movement and I loved Steinem.  She was the antidote for growing up in a sexist household where you’re told that “men were superior to women.”  Sorry boys, but that’s not true.

Briana Saussy – root worker + sacred artist.  Also my partner in crime.  Bri is whip smart, loyal to the core, and a savvy-ass business woman.  Which is why I love working with her so much. We’ve been doing our podcast, Talking Shop for three years now and I can’t wait for the fourth and many more….

Alexandra Franzen – writer and communications expert.  I’ve learned so much about writing from working with my friend Alex and attending her workshops.  I am ever so grateful for her wise tutelage on being a better communicator + human being (I still have a lot to learn).

Jacqueline Linder – my sister.  No one has taught me more about forgiveness and redemption than my little sis. Hard lessons but oh-so-important.  (She’s also an amazing mom.  Probably the best.)

Megan Lang – my daughter. Did you ever watch “Girls”?  The Hannah Horvath character played by Lena Dunham is my daughter’s television Doppelganger.  I don’t even need to watch that show because my daughter lives it. Seriously.  She’s currently traipsing around the world and writing her face off plus having adventures with hostile hostels and questionable foreign men.  Her independence, curiosity, and totally Hannah Horvath-like capers amuse me to no end.  A daughter will change your life in too many profound ways to list here.  My baby girl has provided incredible lessons and hours of entertainment that no television show can match.

Truth is, there are many, many women who have changed me so limiting to ten was tough.  Mom, Patti Smith, Grace Jones, Barbara Ehrenreich, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Naomi Wolf, Michelle Obama, Kate Moss, Chrissie Hynde, Mother Theresa, Nina Hagen, Betty Friedan, Charlotte Joko Beck, Missy Elliot, Louise Brooks, Tura Satana, Joanna Powell Colbert and on and on and on….this world of women I am privileged to live in offers endless inspiration.


Although this list was all about the gals, I will say that my son is one of my biggest influences.  He’s the funniest person I know, utterly charming, and a living Buddha.  I always have to up my game around this guy!

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What I’m Grateful For:


Silence buttons on phones


Air conditioners

Tweezerman tweezers




Soundtrack for 8/15/15: The Money Maker by Rilo Kiley – so addictive!


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