3 mindsets that can hurt your tarot reading

When you come in for a tarot reading, what kind of expectations are you carrying in the door?  For example, do you assume that your tarot reader will be able to pinpoint exact details down the underwear you’re wearing that day? (The reader who can do that is either mega-powerful or wearing Xray specs.)

Believe it or not, your mindset is every bit as important as the talent of the tarot reader because it can impact your experience.

I have found that there are three mindsets that can hurt your tarot reading.  All three have the word “happen” in them.

1. “I’ll just wait and see if it will happen.”  This passive mindset says: I have no role in my fate…I’ll just kick back and wait for the reading to “come true.”   When you approach your reading with that frame of reference, you’re not actively participating in your life. An example: a woman came in for a reading and asked if she would meet a man.  The cards showed a favorable outcome.  A year later she comes back and says she didn’t meet anyone.  When asked what she did to make a connection, she said “nothing”.  She just assumed the reading meant that it will happen without her having to do a thing.  Wrong-o.  If you are looking for a partner, they usually don’t come knocking on your door like one of those lusty plumbers in porn movies. Life requires you to make an effort, yo.  A reading shows potential but that doesn’t mean you get to lounge on the couch in your pjs and wait for it to arrive.

2. “I hope it happens….”  usually accompanied by a long sigh.  If the cards see it but you can’t, it’s probably not going to work out.  I have a client who has this bummer mindset.  She’s young, gorgeous, but completely cynical.  She never believes anything good can happen in her life so even when it does, she still finds a way to discount the experience and go back to wistful longing and woe-is-me nothing good ever happens to me.  Sigh.

3. “It can’t happen because all this stuff is bullshit.”  Skeptics are not open, period.  Doesn’t matter if you are actually talented enough to correctly guess the type of underwear they are wearing that day.  They won’t hear a darn thing you say because they assume there is trickery involved.  A few years ago, a young man reluctantly sat down at my tarot table.  He had been dragged in by a friend.  After I did the reading, he cocked an eyebrow and said “How do I know you didn’t google me before I came in?”  I looked him square in the eye and said “That would have been impossible seeing as I didn’t even take your last name when you booked the appointment.”  Jaw dropped.  Apology issued.  He’s been a great (and respectful) client ever since.

The best mindset: be open to the experience.  Be curious.  Ask empowering questions that put you squarely in the driver’s seat of your life. Take note of anything that feels significant and feel free to put anything that doesn’t seem to fit to the side (although I do recommend keeping an open mind to that too – often the stuff that doesn’t make sense does upon later reflection).  Let the reading be like a little roadmap that can help you be more aware and conscious of the choices you are making.  Because life doesn’t just “happen to you”, it’s a series of decisions that determine your outcome.  A tarot reading can show where you are, where you might go and what paths are available.  From there, it’s always up to you to take personal responsibility for your life.  As I always say, the cards tell a story…but you write the ending.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2015

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What mindsets do you feel hinder a tarot reading? Have you ever encountered someone who had one of the mindsets listed above?  If so, how did you handle it?  Share your thoughts with me on twitter @thetarotlady

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