Astrology Bytes - Episode 100: The Imum Coeli or Nadir


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Episode 100: The Imum Coeli or Nadir

The Imum Coeli which is Latin for “bottom of the sky or lowest point” is also known as the IC or Nadir. It’s where the Sun was at the lowest point at midnight. This is the point on the cusp of the fourth house in the astrological chart. (It’s reversed in the southern hemisphere.)

The IC represents your private self, and your root or home base. It symbolizes where you’re coming from while the Midheaven, which is opposite the IC, represents your public life, reputation, career, and where you’re going. If your Imum Coeli was Cancer, you may have a strong connection to your family and mother, while someone with Aquarius on the fourth house cusp may come from an eccentric background – and might be distant from their family. 

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