Astrology Bytes Episode 115: Values and Astrology with Lauren Mercury


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Episode 115: Values and Astrology with Lauren Mercury

How might astrology impact your values? Lauren Mercury joins me to answer that question. In this episode of Astrology Bytes, we’ll discuss what values are, how they apply to different areas of your life, and how to discover them in your astrology chart! Lauren shares how the second house and Taurus influence your values – and does a mini reading on me! Yay!

About Lauren:

Astrology Bytes Episode 115: Values and Astrology with Lauren MercuryLauren Mercury is an astrological consultant and tarot card advisor from Miami, Florida. With these tools of divination and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she loved to assist individuals to answer the question, “Why am I here?” – a question that led her on her own journey to enlightenment over 10 years ago.

First, a modern astrology practitioner, she found a deep respect for the traditional while attending International Academy of Astrology.  She discovered the tarot cards soon after and has been sharing her healing gifts for hundreds of seekers ever since.

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