Astrology Bytes Episode 120 - Magickal Timing with Astrology with Madame Pamita


Bite-sized astrology lessons for total astrology newbies.
Created by Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady (psst…I am known for tarot but I’m also an astrology geek!).

Welcome to Astrology Bytes, the astrology podcast for people who want to learn astrology… but don’t have all day! Short, bite-sized astrology lessons.

Episode 120 – Magickal Timing with Astrology with Madame Pamita

If you love spells, magick, and all things witchy, you’ll love this episode of Astrology Bytes! Madame Pamita joins me to teach how to use astrology for effective magickal workings. We discuss lunar phases, eclipses, and retrogrades (yes, you can use retrogrades to your magickal advantage!).

I knew that Madame Pamita would have the straight truth about magickal timing with astrology! I’m such a fan of her work and I know that you, my listeners, will love her too! Be sure to join her Spell Squad for more magick and more!

About Madame Pamita:

Astrology Bytes Episode 120 - Magickal Timing with Astrology with Madame PamitaMadame Pamita is a Tarot Reader, Spellcaster, Teacher, Author, and a Maker of Magic, Music, and Mischief.  She is the host of a popular YouTube Channel, also the host of the “Magic and the Law of Attraction” podcast, and is the author of The Book of Candle Magic published by Llewellyn and also Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot published by Weiser Books.

She is also the proprietress of the online spiritual apothecary, the Parlour of Wonders, and lives in Santa Monica, California



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