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Episode 136 – Saturn Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

Saturn is the “ringed planet.”  In astrology, it is associated with lessons and limitations.

Where Saturn is placed in your natal chart shows the areas of your life where you may experience challenges and must shoulder responsibilities. If you lean into it, you can develop discipline and grow. 

1st: Saturn in the first house indicates a disciplined, serious personality. You may appear aloof or unfriendly. You’re hardworking, logical, and not afraid to take on heavy responsibilities. If afflicted, you may be selfish and materialistic – or overly concerned with your status.

2nd: Saturn in the second house means you’ll work hard for the money and are ambitious to acquire wealth. You have shrewd business instincts and might be frugal with your resources. If afflicted, you might be overly preoccupied with material objects – or anxious about your money and unable to enjoy it.

3rd: Saturn in the third house creates mental discipline and a fine, practical mind. You might work in publishing or education. If you have this placement, you’ll want to exercise caution with contracts. If afflicted, you may have difficult relationships with siblings – or you might be a Debbie Downer.

4th: Saturn in the fourth means you may be responsible for your family. For example, you may be a caretaker for your parents. This is a favorable placement for those who have home-based businesses or are involved in building or real estate. If afflicted, you may be the black sheep of your family – or may have trouble cutting ties with them.

5th: Saturn in the fifth house indicates challenges with parenting and romance. You might be too serious with children – or may have to take the lead in romantic relationships. This placement is good for artists, investors, or entertainers. If afflicted, romantic opportunities may be scarce or you may suffer creative blocks. An afflicted Saturn in the fifth could also indicate strained relationships with children.

6th: Saturn in the sixth house brings a great work ethic and a serious attitude toward health. You may be a health nut – or a workaholic. This is an excellent placement for careers in health care, science, or engineering. If afflicted, you might have trouble with employers. 

7th: Saturn in the seventh house creates a serious attitude around relationships. You enter into every partnership with a desire to make it last. You have a keen sense of justice and would make an excellent lawyer. If afflicted, you might experience loss through relationships or lawsuits. 

8th: Saturn in the eighth house indicates responsibilities with joint finances, inheritances, or taxes. For example, you may be in charge of an estate or could be the main breadwinner in your household. If afflicted, you might be denied an inheritance or could be subject to heavy taxation or loss through alimony. 

9th: Saturn in the ninth house could mean a serious interest in academia, religion, or philosophy. You may choose a career in one of these fields or become an expert. It’s also possible you may be interested in publishing or international law. If afflicted, you could become narrow-minded or a hypocrite.

10th: Saturn in the 10th house means your ambitions will lead to success and status. You could be a politician or public figure. In some way, you’re born to lead. If afflicted, you could experience many obstacles on the way. If you abuse your power, your fall from grace will be swift and fierce. 

11th: Saturn in the 11th could mean you take a serious approach to friendships. You might even take care of your friends in some way. If afflicted, your friends may use you – or vice versa. 

12th: Saturn in the 12th house indicates you may spend time in seclusion. For example, you may choose to live in an ashram or work behind the scenes in a large institution such as a hospital. If afflicted, you may struggle with loneliness or may have secret enemies who cause trouble at the worst possible times. 

Those are some mini thoughts about Mars in the natal chart houses. If you want to learn more, be sure to grab a copy of Astrology for Real Life – a No BS Guide for the Astro-Curious. I also recommend Planets in Houses: Experiencing Your Environment Planets by Robert Pelletier.

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