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Episode 171 – Pluto Transits Through the Signs

In this next series of episodes, we will explore transits, beginning with transits through the signs. Today we will cover Pluto transits through the signs with brief descriptions of how each transit might impact the general public.

Pluto takes about 248 years to cycle through every sign in the zodiac, which means it spends anywhere from 14 to 30 years in a sign. Pluto transits show where transformation is taking place.  Keep in mind there is a destruction phase before the evolution happens. Pluto is never easy, but it always leaves things better than where it found it so to speak. Because Pluto spends so long in a sign, it represents generational shifts.

Let’s go through each sign:

Aries – When Pluto is in Aries, the focus shifts to individualism. It’s a time when the bold step forward to blaze new trails. It’s a fantastic period for exploring and experimenting. Because of the impulsive nature of Aries, it’s also possible mistakes can be made. Carelessness and selfish motives need to be avoided as much as possible under this transit.

Taurus – When Pluto is in Taurus, resources go through massive changes. It can be a time of great monetary gains and losses. The shadow side is exploiting others for gain. That includes pillaging the earth. During this transit, great care must be taken to protect the earth as well as oppressed people from the privileged few. 

Gemini – When Pluto is in Gemini, our way of communicating changes. We might see great advances in transportation as well. The last time Pluto was in Gemini, the telephone was developed, which changed the way we connect with each other. It’s possible teleportation, or new forms of technology may be developed that could end pollution the next time Pluto moves through this sign.

Cancer – When Pluto is in Cancer, security is the theme. Countries could go through periods of economic uncertainty, which could find people making major adjustments to how they handle their resources. The way we live is also up for review. Families and homes could look much different by the end of this transit. 

Leo – When Pluto is in Leo, the focus is on youth. There could be a lot of babies being born or a generation of young people who start making waves. How we do leisure may change too. Different forms of play or sports may emerge. This transit could also see bold new artists emerge. The shadow side is “me me me,” something that characterized the boomers who were born during the last Pluto in Leo transit.

Virgo – When Pluto is in Virgo, working conditions go through massive changes. The old way gets dismantled so new technological advances can be built. Virgo is associated with service, so how we take care of marginalized people can also change. Of course, that isn’t necessarily a good development, especially if the ones in charge have a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” philosophy.

Libra – When Pluto is in Libra, issues around law and fairness become center stage. New laws could be written, which could create better equity. This is a time for social justice, so there could also be unrest. Relationships may also undergo a complete transformation. The old way is over, and people may choose to be together in nontraditional ways. 

Scorpio – When Pluto is in Scorpio, our feelings about sex change. This could mean a sexual revolution or a time when people become more cautious. Either way, something happens that makes people question issues around consent, monogamy, and free love. The last time Pluto was in Scorpio brought the AIDS epidemic, which drastically shifted the way we behaved in casual encounters. 

Sagittarius – When Pluto is in Sagittarius, it can mean more travel. The world suddenly becomes smaller and global. We can see how the other half lives and learn from them. Education trends could shift too. For example, we saw the rise of more online learning the last time Pluto was in Sagittarius. Religion and spirituality can also become hot topics. We might see the collapse of some institutions and the rise of fanatical cults. 

Capricorn – When Pluto is in Capricorn, governments, and corporations undergo changes. For example, some governments could fall while other, newer leaders emerge. The battle between the old way and progress is fierce during this transit as the few try to cling to power, even if they have to resort to unfair tactics. Corporations can rise and fall as well. This is a tense transit, but when it comes to a close, some political parties could die off, which may end up being a good thing.

Aquarius – When Pluto is in Aquarius, technological advances are possible. Innovation can pave the way for new ways of living, working, and communicating. Communities are also undergoing changes. There could be gentrification or different ways of living in harmony with each other. Pluto in Aquarius can signal rebellion too. If society is unjust, revolution is possible. All for one and one for all!

Pisces – When Pluto is in Pisces, artists are going to influence the way we live. New artists could emerge at this time, inspiring us all to make necessary changes. Spirituality is also ready for new leaders. We might see the rise of different belief systems as the old ones begin to fade. It’s also possible the ocean could undergo a significant change, especially if we don’t adopt different habits. Water supplies could become contaminated or dry up. However, this could inspire people to finally start caring about climate change, sparking a new effort to heal Mother Earth. 

That completes our series on the transits through the signs.

Grab your astrology chart, put in your earbuds, and dive in!


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