Astrology Bytes Episode 36: Saturn Return - What you need to know with Aliza Einhorn


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Episode 36: Saturn Return – what you need to know with Aliza Einhorn

The Saturn return is one of the most important – and challenging – transits in a person’s life. What does it mean? What can you expect? Most importantly: how the heck do you get through it? We’re getting those answers and more from Aliza Einhorn, author of The Little Book of Saturn.

Aliza’s Bio:

Astrology Bytes Episode 34: Saturn Return - What you need to know with Aliza EinhornAliza is a writer, astrologer, and Tarot reader, with clients all over the globe. She loves the deep questions and helping folks make sense of their dark nights of the soul.

Her first book, The Little Book of Saturn, comes out June 1st, published by Weiser Books. It’s available for pre-order now on Amazon.

While in her 20s, Aliza got her MFA in Creative Writing from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is a poet and playwright. Over 20 years later, her first book isn’t poetry, but about Saturn who rules, among other things, long-term goals!

Since 2011, she has blogged at MoonPluto Astrology, named after her beloved natal First House Moon-Pluto conjunction in Virgo (well aspected all around her chart!) and has a new blog forthcoming on Patheos Pagan called Aliza’s Stars & Cards. She has started writing her second book, which will chronicle her journey from Hasidic Jew to Jewish Witch.

Aliza teaches both astrology and Tarot online and in person, as well as Kabbalah. She’s a writing coach, Witch coach, and all around Moon Pluto mama bear for her peeps.

For information about Readings, classes, or consults, visit her blog or send an email to

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