Astrology Bytes Episode 8: Venus, Love, and Compatibility with Emily Heather of The Voluptuous Witch


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Episode 8: Venus, Love, and Compatibility with Emily Heather 

Didya ever hear (or think) this: “Oh my god, I can’t date this person! I’m a <insert Sun Sign>  and they’re a <insert other person’s Sun Sign>. It can never work!”

Listen up: this is bogus. You can’t just look at your Sun Sign and determine how you’re going to fit with your boo. You must look beyond what Sun ‘scopes have to say and dig into your Venus (and beyond). Venus will give you clues as to what you and your partner need romantically. Once you understand that, you can begin speaking the language of love fluently.

In last week’s episode, I covered the Venus basics. This week, I’m going deeper into Venus, Love and Compatibility with a very special guest, Emily Heather of The Voluptuous Witch, and author of the You’re So Venus e-book. That e-book is a MUST-HAVE for lovers. Get on her email list and grab your copy.

Emily’s Bio:

Emily Heather of The Voluptuous Witch Emily Heather, aka The Voluptuous Witch, is a queer femme astrologer. Her favorite topics to work with are money, sex, and vocation. She offers readings for all life stages and events, as well as leading workshops on astrology and healing throughout the United States. You can follow her on Instagram for horoscopes and updates on other celestial happenings.

Get in her world here:

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