Astrology Bytes - Episode 80: Venus Retrograde Transit


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Episode 80: Venus Retrograde Transit

You might be familiar with the Mercury retrograde transit (ugh). If you aren’t, I covered it in last week’s Astrology Bytes. This week I’m talking about Venus retrograde, another retrograde transit you might want to pay attention to.

Venus retrograde happens about once every other year. It generally lasts about six weeks. During this transit, relationships can become challenging. Not just romance – any partnership. Lots of folks end up squabbling more than usual. Or old partners show back up on the scene. A relationship started under a Venus retrograde can suddenly go bust without any warning. In business, clients can be demanding or unreliable.

This transit can also bring issues with money, legal affairs, and more. I’m giving you the basics you can be prepared, not scared!

Grab your astrology chart, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



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