Different Tarot Decks for Different Moons

Every two and a half days or so, the Moon moves into a different astrological sign. That’s why some days you may feel like crawling under a boulder while others might find you rarin’ to go. 

I follow the Moon closely. I know on days when the Moon is Gemini, I can write like a human ticker tape. But when the Moon slides into Pisces, I just want to nap. Honoring the Moon’s cycles allows me to move and groove with the energy rather than flop about like a salmon washed up at the top of the river. 

This got me thinking: what if you chose a different tarot deck for every Moon cycle? I have been playing around with this behind the scenes, and it’s been great fun. Although I am a Rider-Waite-Smith fan, some decks seemed to vibe better with different lunations. Interesting! (Plus, this experiment gave me an opportunity to dust off some tarot cards that should get more action.)

I compiled a list of newer decks to try for each Moon phase. I’ve tested these out, and they seem to fit the lunations I picked. Here are my recommendations:

Totem Tarot

Aries: Totem Tarot  – The Aries Moon is for new beginnings, risks, and boldness. This is the best lunation for taking chances and blazing trails. The Totem Tarot is a true original that jump-starts your intuition with stark black-and-white imagery. When you want to see things differently, try this one.

Weiser Tarot

Taurus: Weiser Tarot – Taurus Moons are your time to focus on comfort, security, and beautiful things. A classic Rider Waite Smith deck works well, but The Weiser Tarot is a fresh update with pretty watercolors and representation. A comforting deck for a chill Taurus vibe. 

Outsider Tarot

Gemini: The Outsider Tarot – When the Moon is in Gemini, it’s time to communicate, write, run errands, and learn. Geminis are also a bit offbeat, so a funky, colorful deck like the Outsider Tarot works well for this lunar phase. Use this deck when you need a bit of pizzazz and fun in your interpretations. 

Knight-Waite Tarot deck

Cancer: The Knight-Waite Tarot – The Moon is happy in Cancer. Here, it can connect to home, family, history, and the things that make us feel secure. The vintage imagery on the Knight-Waite Tarot recalls time gone by. It’s also excellent for intuitive readings, which thrive under the Cancer Moon.

Grimalkins Curious Cats Tarot

Leo: Grimalkin’s Curious Cats Tarot – Leo Moons are best for leisure, play, and creativity. It’s also fantastic for self-expression. The lush imagery in Grimalkin’s Curious Cats Tarot will get your creative juices flowing. Plus, cats are the perfect homage to the biggest feline of all.

Houseplant Tarot

Virgo: Houseplant Tarot – You’ll want to put your energy into daily routines, tasks, and well-being when the Moon sits in Virgo. This is a fussy placement for La Luna but perfect for creating order in the house. The Houseplant Tarot is simple, clean, and green – perfect for this perfectionist Moon phase.

Ephemere Tarot

Libra: Ephemere – Libra is all about beauty and elegance. During Libra Moons, you’ll want to focus on beautifying your surroundings and self. Fairness, balance, and justice are also themes now. The Ephemere is the eye treat you need during this refined lunation.

Goddess of Love Tarot

Scorpio: The Goddess of Love Tarot – Scorpio Moon gets a bad rap (so unfair!), but it is the spiciest, sexiest, most psychic Moon of all. Any tarot works well now. Heck, if you are plugged in, you don’t even need a deck! But if you want to honor the hotness of the Scorpio Moon, pull out the Goddess of Love Tarot. Readings are sure to be steamy AF!

Wanderers Tarot

Sagittarius: Wanderers Tarot – Once the Moon enters Sagittarius, it’s time to expand your horizons. Travel, study, take classes, and read all the books. In other words: give your mind time to roam and grow. The Wanderers Tarot offers a unique point of view. If you want to look at tarot with fresh eyes, this is the deck.

Black and White Rider-Waite Tarot

Capricorn: Black and White Rider Waite – Capricorn is known for structure and tradition. When the Moon is in the sign of the Goat, you can create divine order in any area of your world. This is your cue to organize and minimize. The Black and White Rider Waite is like a traditional RWS but with an elegant flair. The lack of color allows for clean, clear readings.

Abstract Futures Tarot

Aquarius: Abstract Futures Tarot – The Aquarian Moon is for rebellion, innovation, social activity, and technology updates. It’s also your best time to get logical. The Abstract Futures Tarot matches the far-out energy of this lunation. An absence of humans creates a funky backdrop for groovy future-tripping.

Guardian Angels Messages Tarot

Pisces: Guardian Angel Messages Tarot – A Pisces Moon is your cue to get mystical. Spiritual practices, meditation, and silent retreats will soothe your soul. The Guardian Angel Messages Tarot is ideal for connecting with your angelic guides. The pretty artwork will please your senses, too.

Test out these decks or whatever tarot cards you feel match up with the Moon’s energy. I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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