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Tarotcitas! I’ve got tons of free swag for you to snag! Check out all this tarot astrology biz goodness!  Yippee for free!

Free forecasts & horoscopes. I post these every month like clockwork. Click here to find the personalized ‘scope for your star sign. Looking for a big overview of the entire year? I got you covered! Click here to see my super-fly astrology guide for 2017.

Free astrology class for beginners. What is a “Rising Sign”? What does it mean if you’ve got a “Virgo Moon”? And what the heck is a “Lunar Node”? Find all of these answers—and more—inside Star School, my free astrology class for total beginners. I post new lessons monthly. Catch up on any lessons that you missed right here.

Free food & cooking inspiration. My buddy Kyle and I partnered up to create Tarot by the Mouthful—an exploration of the entire Tarot deck, card by card, with food, cooking, cocktail mixology, and party planning ideas inspired by each card! Super fun and delish. Check out the whole series here.

Free chats. Every Tuesday night, I host a Twitter chat session called #TarotRap. I post a question. You respond. Everyone chimes in, discovers neat ideas, and it’s a seriously fun time. Whether you are Tarot-obsessed—or a curious Tarot newbie—swing by for the next chat and say “Hi!” Get all the details here.

Free podcasts. If you run a business—or want to start one—you’ll love my biz-focused podcast, Talking Shop, which I co-host with my brilliant friend Bri Saussy. If you’re a professional Tarot reader—and like me, you’re growing older and starting to think about retirement, health issues, and other big changes and challenges—check out my (other) podcast, What If? It’s a six-episode podcast series dedicated to exploring the big, uncomfortable questions that many of us don’t want to talk about—but need to discuss. And don’t forget to check out Tarot Bytes – bite-sized tarot lessons for people who don’t have all day.

Free Tarot tutorials. Want to learn the tarot basics? Get my super-duper Tarot Card by Card Manual and the Rookie To Reader E-course. Want to keep learning and go a bit deeper? Check out this new class—Breaking Down the Celtic Cross—where I explain what the popular “Celtic Cross” spread is all about and how to interpret cards using this layout. Wonder how to use the tarot cards for guidance? Check out my Tarot Advice – Guidance in Every Card series.

Free teaching materials. Wanna teach tarot? My free How To Teach Tarot e-book will give you some solid advice along with ideas on how to use The Tarot Coloring Book as a teaching aid.

Hooray! So many groovy things to check out. I love churning out new materials for you (it’s my Gemini brain—idea-explosions all over the place, haha!) so I hope you take some time to poke around and enjoy the goods.

Lastly, if you’re wondering, “All that free stuff is great, but I want to know… how can I book a 1-on-1 Tarot reading?”… well, thanks for asking! Click here to see all the different types of Tarot readings that I offer and how to buy a session. I’d love to work with you!

Thanks for reading—and enjoy the rest of your day!

I hope it’s more fun than a pool party at Snoop Dogg’s mansion.