Full Moon in Sagittarius 2024 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The Full Moon in Sagittarius 2024 is here on May 23rd at 9:53 AM EDT. This lunar event, with its big-time clarity, is a beacon of hope. Be prepared for truths to emerge, some of which could be unanticipated – or shocking. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as Sagittarius is known for its brutal honesty. But remember, no matter what comes out, it’s for your highest good. You’ll have the empowering information you need to make solid decisions. If you feel torn between your options, this Full Moon will guide you, and you won’t be in the dark any longer once this day comes and goes.

Also, consider the exciting possibility that this lunation could reveal an inner truth, rather than an external one. In a sudden moment of clarity, you might see yourself in a new, inspiring light. This could be the catalyst for rewriting the old story you’ve carried for too long, as it no longer aligns with your current path. If you experience an ‘aha’ moment, embrace it. It could mark the beginning of a transformative new chapter in your life, filled with growth and new opportunities.

Full Moons, particularly the one in Sagittarius, are synonymous with closure. This is an opportune moment to sever ties with anyone or anything that you’ve outgrown. Take a moment to reflect: what needs to be released? Is there something that’s been weighing you down? Remember, Sagittarius symbolizes freedom – this is your chance to summon the courage to liberate yourself from any burdens.

This lunation is surrounded by favorable aspects. Venus is conjunct with Jupiter and in sextile with Neptune shortly before the Full Moon’s arrival, which imbues the day with manifesting magic. A Jupiter-Neptune sextile at 5:44 PM ET paves the way for dreams to come true. What would you like to bring to fruition? Are you ready to welcome new love or prosperity? Put your most enormous vision out to the Universe, and let the magic begin! (Sagittarius is all about large-scale thinking.) So mote it be!

Venus moves into Gemini at 4:30 PM ET, a transit that loves romantic conversations, words of affirmation, and flirting. Could this be the beginning of a new chapter in love? Perhaps. Or maybe this whole day of astrological magic is the preview to believing in love – and yourself – again.

And here are some mini Full Moon in Sagittarius 2024 Tarot Readings with The Touchstone Tarot!

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2024 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Eight of Cups – It’s not easy to walk away, but this is a time when you must. Move on.

Taurus: Three of Cups – Celebrate your success! Grab your crew and dance under the moonlight!

Gemini: Ten of Swords – The worst is over. Put the past in the past and TRANSFORM from this experience.

Cancer: Knight of Swords – The battle has been won. Put your sword down and take your armor off. It’s done.

Leo: Queen of Wands – Collect the harvest for your creative work. The rewards are yours to enjoy.

Virgo: Four of Wands – Life is good, but not perfect. Focus on what’s going right.

Libra: The Fool – A fresh start is just up ahead. Pack your bags, and let’s GO!

Scorpio: Ten of Cups – The dream is realized at last. Everything you want is here – or on the way soon.

Sagittarius: The World – This marks a spiritual graduation. You learned the lesson – and aced it!

Capricorn: Page of Cups – Something is calling you. This could be a new love or a creative project. Follow the call.

Aquarius: Seven of Wands – A challenger emerges. Even if this takes you by surprise, you’re ready to prevail.

Pisces: Two of Wands – Your plans are coming together exactly as you wanted. The future is brighter than ever!



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