The Hit List - Awkward conversations. Sometimes, even the best intentioned parent can't make some conversations cool.

I was a nosy little girl. The type who listened around corners to hear what the adults were talking about? Guilty as charged.

In fact, I was always interested in the adult world and couldn’t wait to grow the heck up so that I could do whatever it was I assumed adults did all day. I just knew they were up to something…but what?

I would dig around through forbidden drawers, poke around in mom’s purse, and stalk her closet when she was busy doing other things…trying to find clues to the mysterious world of grown-ups. Especially females who seemed to enjoy whispering together over beers on lazy summer days. What could they be hiding?

One day, I found something that added more confusion to the already not-quite-sure-what-they-are-really-up-to vibe: I discovered the box of sanitary pads in the bathroom under the sink. They were called “napkins” back then and were about two inches thick. What were these “napkins” for?

The box didn’t say much so my imagination was on fire (I did consider swiping one to make a doll bed for my beloved bendable monkey toy). But I knew better to ask. Mom wasn’t one who liked my constant questioning. So I put them back in the cupboard and forgot about them…for a minute.

The next time I got a cut on my arm from whatever hijinks I was involved in, I remembered those pads and thought they might be perfect for dressing my wound. I sauntered into the bathroom, grabbed one and fashioned a little cast for myself. It fit perfectly around my skinny little arm and better yet – had adhesive tape so it stayed in place. Problem solved!

I walked proudly in the kitchen where mom was enjoying a beer with my aunt, swinging that arm like some jaunty sailor, my homemade sanitary pad cast in full view.

A moment of dead silence followed by my aunt’s guffaws and my mother, horrified and red-faced, shooing me out of the room and ripping off my cast while ignoring my demands to know what that mysterious napkin was for.

I had to wait a few more years for the revelation. Which might have been one of the most awkward conversations in my life. My mother did her best but she was a repressed sort and Catholic as can be – talking about this kind of stuff? Not her bag. My reaction didn’t help either (kicking at the wall and screaming that this was “never” going to happen to me!). So yeah. That.

I was outraged and horrified. As a girl who watched too many horror movies, the very notion was as sci-fi as it got. Even the movies they showed us at school didn’t make any of this better. It embarrassing, period. (Pun intended.)

But life goes on and we learn to deal with all that stuff. Then we have kids of our own.  And, if karma has it’s way with you, you get a daughter.


I was determined that my daughter would have a better experience than I did. Yes, I was going to make it ‘un-awkward’. I’d be that info-mom-mercial who made it all sound so natural and stuff. I’d take the sci-fi out of it. I was going to be the “cool mom.”

But…even with my attempt to be “cool ‘n natural” that conversation was as clumsy as could be.

I felt like a total phony and was as red-faced, sweaty and lame as my mother was when she sat me down for “the talk” so many years ago.

So yeah…so much for cool. I sucked at this stuff. Epic mom-fail.

Lesson learned: some conversations are just not ever going to be chill or natural, no matter how well-intentioned we may be. But you know what? Have those conversations anyways.


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Bummer: one of my favorite NY haunts, the Patricia Field store, is closing.  And one of the places I used to shop at all the time, Trash and Vaudeville, has moved out of the Lower East Side. (Remind me to tell the story of the hottest guy in the world who worked at the store across the street in the 80’s.  OMFG.)

Looking forward to this new stuff from Julia Cameron and Emma Lively: It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again: Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond.

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Courtney Weber has a fantastic new book coming in November –  Tarot for One: The Art of Reading for Yourself. It’s ready for pre-order!


What I’m Grateful For:

Being a mom, cool or not.

Hair clips

Kind checkout clerks

Gyros on a busy day

Love notes in the mail

A stack of good magazines

World Domination Summit (see you in a few months, Portland)

Reliable friends

Gel pens


Soundtrack for 4/2/16: Dear Mama by 2Pac



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