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What is a calling?

I don’t have all the answers but this is what I’ve found to be true.

It’s not necessarily your work or your life work although it often can be (and most of us think of it like that anyways). Your calling can be a mission that has zero money involved, it can be a project, a way of life, a creative endeavor, or a thing you do that you can’t really explain why you do it – you are just compelled to do it.

A calling isn’t something you chase…it chases you.

Which means it nags you, tugs at your sleeve, haunts your dreams at night and lingers in your thoughts, even if you don’t want it to. Even if you try to sabotage it, it keeps on coming and coming and coming…until you have to answer that call.

If you are chasing after it, especially because you assume it will lead to renown, glory, or big bucks, then it’s not a calling. It may be a passion but it’s not the same.

Because a calling rarely has a motive.

It just is.

Your calling may arrive early in life. Or it may come late.  But when it comes, there will be no denying it.

You’ll have to answer it.

You just have to.

To shun your calling is to deny who you are.  Because it’s going to chase you down no matter how hard you protest.  So answer it.  Give in. Dive in.  Move through the twists and turns and challenges (callings always come with a fair amount of tests).  Stay with it (you may not have a choice in the matter) and see where it leads you.

Answer the call.

I love this quote about callings:

“But beware of this about callings: they may not lead us where we intended to go or even where we want to go. If we choose to follow, we may have to be willing to let go of the life we already planned and accept whatever is waiting for us. And if the calling is true, though we may not have gone where we intended, we will surely end up where we need to be.” ~ Steve Goodier


Other stuff:

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What I’m Grateful For:

Finding my calling early in life

Knowing the difference between a calling and a whim


Healthy lungs – finally

A chair that doesn’t hurt my ass

Phone wipes



Soundtrack for 5/14/16: Bad Blood by Taylor Swift <-sums up the way I felt this week.



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