The Hit List - Eclipsing

This month, we’ve had two eclipses.

The first one hit me directly, activating a messy T-square in my astrology chart.  For those of you who don’t speak astrobabble, a T-Square is a hard angle that either pushes you off balance – or pushes you to achieve.

I’m a gal who prefers to take the latter route.  (PS I’m also a yogi so my balance is on fleek. You should see me do half moon – it’s my signature pose and one we worked on all week in yoga class in honor of the moon stuff.)

Eclipses are perfect for making change.  Big, epic changes.  And when it activates a T-square?  Woah.  Let’s burn, baby, BURN.

I decided it was time for me to begin amping up that eclipse vibe by burning more calories.  You see, I’ve been trying to take off this little middle-aged spare tire for a few months.  I’ve lost ten pounds, which may not sound like a lot but for a teeny-framed short stack like me, it’s a lot.

But the last ten pounds were hanging on like rubber cement. Extra gloopy rubber cement – the kind that turns into sticky little rubber balls. Why so hard to get this stuff to stop sticking? Truth: because I was hanging on too – to a nightly glass of wine habit.

I love that glass of wine like I love my husband when he steps outside and his long locks flow in the wind, Fabio-style.  Swoon! It’s my way to unwind and I convinced myself it was the only way to take the day down to chill-mode.

But it wasn’t doing any favors for that waistline.  It had to go.  Buh-bye wine club membership (that I never joined but wholly intended to)!

Instead of daily, wine o’clock has been relegated to the occasion.  Let those calories burn like a brilliant, blazing bonfire (PS I sleep really well when I don’t have that nightly glass of wine – bonus!).

I’ve also burned a few more things.  My digital shop has gotten pared down. I’ve thrown out some clutter in my world (still so, so much to go).

And then it was time to clear out some mental clutter.  Namely, my BFF, fear.

We’ve all got a relationship with ole fear and although I consider myself a pretty ballsy gal, fear started to shine around a bit lately – right as I’m about to do something awesome (get a book published!).

Suddenly, stupid anxieties were creeping into my consciousness.  Stuff like “who am I to write this?” and “what if” my two most-hated words, ever.  It didn’t matter that the people I showed it to loved it.  Instead, I started to read between the lines and wonder if they really meant it.  I knew I was in trouble.

I needed a shero.

Tanya Geisler to the rescue.  For those of you not-in-the-know, Tanya is an amazing coach who helps people that struggle with “The Imposter Complex” – that awful, icky mindset that affects many high-achievers like myself.  Instead of running with our accomplishments, we never enjoy them…instead, we worry that people might find out that we have somehow hoodwinked them.  That we don’t deserve our success. That we didn’t earn it. That somehow, it was just luck.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve been reading tarot for more than half my life.  It doesn’t matter that I’ve read for thousands of people over the years.  It didn’t matter that I’ve written a ton of ebooks, ecourses, a regular (and well-read) blog, or that I’ve taught tons of classes and been on main stages before.

That book deal freaked me the eff out.  Which meant I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I should.  I’ve been trying to work through that over the last few weeks but recently, that stupid inner critic in my brain became a real bully.

So on the lunar eclipse, I signed for Tanya’s new Step Into Your Starring Role Playbook course.  It’s brilliant.  Soulful. It’s reminding me that I can stand up + shine brightly like a super nova.  Total eclipse o’ my heart stuff.

Because eclipses remind us:  we don’t need to hide in the shadows just as much as we don’t need that nightly drink.

It’s time to step out of the dark night of the moon and be brave.  Because that feels a lot better + brighter than lugging around a big suitcase of fear…or an extra spare tire.

Check out Tanya’s incredible TedX appearance below:



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What I’m Grateful For:

Time to cook

Rainy days

A good massage therapist

Books…so many books

Hoisin sauce

Cute glasses

Classes, both online and off


Soundtrack for 3/26/16: Work by Rihanna ft. Drake


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